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Meg here and I have a great give away! If you live in California then you are so in luck! October 12th and 13th The Pasadena Convention Center is holding the premier consumer Beauty & Wellness Expo.

I love going these types of events where I get all of my info (and great perks! Look at the activities!) under one roof. It’s also great to mingle with all the rest of the SoCal beauty junkies in the area.

Aside from manicures, yoga, tanning, lash parties (etc. etc.) there are so many inspiring teachers speaking. Really cool topics from Ayurveda to Aromatherapy to Hollistic Wellness and that’s just on Saturday! I’m all in for Sunday’s “Messages from Beyond: Embracing Spirit in Our Daily Lives.” That’s just the first in a series of fascinating topics geared to help you get where you’re going. The tickets are $25 a day but we have a discount, achance to win a pair of them AND a $300 gift bag. If you weren’t well before, you will be after this experience!

What services will be there and what it exactly is…

BeWell Expo is designed to honor your inner and outer self. It is an exclusive beauty and wellness getaway where attendees can experience and indulge in the industry’s best kept secrets. As an attendee, empower yourself by embracing the tools your body, mind and spirit need to look and feel good.

 ·   Identify your skin type and understand the current condition of your skin…at the Skin Analysis Lounge 

Click on the link for more info


·      Find the best natural makeup to lock in your look… at the Eco–Beauty Makeup Bar

Click on the link for more info


·      Whole new look with a beautifully shaped eyebrow at the Brow Bar

Click on the link for more info


·      Treat yourself to the healthier gel polish manicure with trendy colors at the Eco–Nail Bar

Click on the link for more info


·      Feel like you had just spent a week on the beach…by stopping at the Tanning Bar 

Click on the link for more info


·      Enjoy a party Lash application at the Lash Bar

Click on the link for more info 


·      Emerge in a relaxation and healing sound bath with Tibetan bowls by Karma Moffett 

Click on the link for more info


·      Aura imaging (value $20.00)


·      Initiate, inspire and transform yourself at the Yoga Studio + receive free GAIAM mats on a first come, first serve basis (value $45.00)

Click on the link for more info


AttLectures/demo on energy healing, chakra balancing, relaxation techniques, color therapy, inner peace solutions, aromatherapy and much more…

Click on the link for more info


·      Shop from the beauty and wellness industry leaders.

Click on the link for more info


Tickets are $25 for one day pass and $50 for two day pass. Use code BW2013 for 20% off! Register at” Hurry! Tickets are limited.

What’s in the winner’s bag?

1.    Sheer translucent finishing powder from Plain Jane Beauty

2.    Oxygen mask from Lumavera

3.    Bio Absolute Eye Serum Gel from Bio France Lab

4.    Nightly and Daily Beauty Tea from BijaBody

5.    Vita B from Auspect Clinical

6.    Exfoliating Scalp Cleanser from Revivogen PRO

8.    Lace Highlighters from Chella


10. Love and Gratitude bracelets from The Infinite Love & Gratitude Wellness Center

How can you win? Just tell me why you would love to go! I’ll give you 2 tickets and you pick up your bag at the convention!


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Meg here! I just wanted you all to see my powder room. I love languishing in my deep soak tub as I eat grapes and sip champagne by my roaring fire. Sexy music is usually playing as I stare out the windows of my slice of Heaven. I have a great, big cashmere blend robe waiting for me and my towels are imported from Turkey. Jacques is just a bell ring away. He’s so amazing at scrubbing my lower middle back.Every bath time should be an experience so I just wanted to let you not only know, experience and really see mine. It’s fabulous…And then the alarm goes off and I wake up. It was all a dream!? What?! Nooo!

Cue Dolly Parton

Tumble outta bed 

And stumble to the kitchen 
Pour myself a cup of ambition 
Yawnin’ and stretchin’ and try to come to life 

Jump in the shower 
And the blood starts pumpin’ 
Out on the streets 
The traffic starts jumpin’ 
With folks like me on the job from 9 to 5″

Sorry if now that song is stuck in your head for the rest of the day. I love me some Dolly. But, 9-5? She’s a little lazy. I’ve been working all day and now I’m blogging at 10:30 pm. Jacques!?!?

I love my shower time. My shower, while not a strung up hose, is not much better. I live in an older house and once the water is hot and steamy I hop in. I get a good 2 minutes before I’m cursing NICK! LISA!! SHUT OFF THE SINK!! (the kitchen sink.)

To where I get the reply “Oh, sorry! Didn’t know you were in there!!”

After 30 seconds water pressure resumes and I’m not left shivering in my 1930’s shower. Jesus, if I took this shower on Antiques Roadshow I’d probably be a millionaire.

So no, my powerball ticket has yet to give me the bathroom pictured above. But once that damn lottery pays off, it’s on my top ten of purchases.


I’m going to take lemons and make lemonaide! Or make Thymes NAIA. It is a floral/citrus fabulous lemon/flower invigorating scent. I love Thymes. I have yet to be let down on any of their products. When I grab my loofah sponge and pour this on, if I shut my eyes for a minute , while it deliciously lathers and suds up-I am transported.

It makes my limbs not only sudsy but silky and even though my tile has probably had Mary Pickford as a guest at some point. I feel luxurious and new.

The clear bottle packaging looks very lush and the scent? Well, this baby gets 5 out of 5 stars from independant reviewers and this sums it up Think of a cool morning in a lush garden after a rainfall and the sun is just starting to kiss the flowers and evaporate the moisture into the air with all the crisp and delicate aromas…this is what this product conjures up in my mind. What a glorious way to start the day or wash away all the stress at night! LOVE IT!!!!”

Don’t  take my word for it (but your here, so might as well.) It’s a really great gift for under $20 for anyone that has a shower. Even if the plumbing is from the 19th Century.

While it will make your wet body and your entire powder room smell fantastic. I did the test. I asked Nick  to smell my arm after I had dried off, put my PJ’s on and 45 minutes went by. “You smell clean but I can’t smell anything else.” It will not compete with your perfume. If you want it to? You can go “all Naia” Thymes has the complete set!


From bath salts to soap bars to cologne to even a home fragrance, you can become a true Naia Girl! I just might. I’d rather my house smell like Naia than “dog pee.” Yup, I just rescued another one! His name is “Chopper” pics soon!

Your husband’s weird boss? Give her Naia. Your mother-in-law? Get her Naia. The dog walker? Stay with me here…Naia

You don’t have to win the powerball to be able to do this but you’ll make the gifted think they’re in a powder room…With Jacques.

So tell me who else is a Thymes fan and your most favorite bath product. There maybe some Naia in it for the BEST DREAM POWDER ROOM SCENARIO! Get creative! ONE WINNER!

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aeromineralegirlieMeg here, my head is spinning after the last conversation I had so I’m going to start with this product and end on a question. Feel free to just read the product description. I realize my soap box is on a continued melt.

Aero Minerale Hydrating Mineral Shimmer makes me happy. There, I said it. Wait? That’s not enough to get you to plunk down your hard earned cabbage? Let me explain. I love that after a few vigorous shakes I can spray an even, grown up, sexy contour to my legs, arms and cleave and leave a wonderful shimmer. It’s not a teenage glitter. It’s the perfect compliment to an exposed limb. It brings out a tan, it creates a glow, it highlights a strong point. It looks amaze on film. It’s under $15. It makes you look like a modern day sexy goddess yet spraying it makes you feel like a princess.

Speaking of princesses, did you know April 22nd kicks off the official National Princess Week? No, you didn’t know that? Well Google it because it is (here and kind of queer) but here none the less.

Me? I’m all for it. I can’t say this on my personal facebook because A. I live in Hollywood and B. Know people with the film, but can we take a second and discuss how a movie called “Think Like A Man” is NUMBER 1. 

Steve Harvey wrote this book and for all of you that ran out to buy it…Why? Beause he leads by example? Oh right, he’s happily married for years…To wife #3. One wife made Youtubes about all his mistresses and how being married to him “was Hell.” Let’s make that a bestseller.

Can I put on the record that I’m not a man-hater. I’m woman-hating these ridiculous man-obsessed fools looking for direction to the point where they actually buy this shit and perpetrate an ideal that “thinking like a man” is where we’re going to learn something.

As many of you know (I treat like a Dear Abby column.) I’m single. I’m smart. I’m attractive, on the second Monday of every other month, I have my shit together. I’m funny. I’m also extremely humble.

Maybe this is a detriment? Perhaps, I should not work on being a better “me.” Perhaps, I should not know when Princess Week is. Perhaps, I should shun my pink, girlie mist that makes me feel feminine.  Obviously, I’m doing it all wrong. I should be spraying Chanel Egoiste on my stems. What’s better than thinking like a man than smelling like one? It’s a man scent. You know there’s got to be “ego” in the title. I challenge any perfume house to bottle and sell the sweet scent called “self esteem.”

I have wonderful, fabulous guy friends. I don’t “do it” for them. They don’t “do it” for me. Here’s the truth. You’re giving it up too easy. You know what “up” is. I know there’s different men for different occassions. I play that game too. There are some guys that wont marry the cow when they’re getting the milk for free. Just know that. I also know on a quiet Friday night, there are some pigs that will give me the pork without me having to eat ham for the rest of my life. So, in all things, there’s a trade-off.

I’m very lucky. I got married and divorced (but after a decade, so I sort of know what I’m talking about.) I know the grass is no greener. My issue? Why isn’t the movie called “Think Like A WOMAN.” Take that to NUMBER 1. Here’s the top reasons why…

1. We live longer. You tell me that you’re going to learn all this useless bullshit and he’s just going to die? Take up bridge. It’s more handy. Among the world’s population 85% of women over 100 years old are women.

2. We’re Better Bosses. Women are better at listening, better at “connecting” and better at inspiring people to create change. So, can we please direct this towards World Peace (which we can solve) instead of being caught in the “toilet seat” argument.

3. I Could write “We Invest Better” which we do, but how about “We Foster Life?” I mean, that’s a strong point. That whole “future of humanity angle.”

I could write 10 pages on this, but I will not. I want you all to just think for a second on what this movie, “Think Like A Man” says about our female desperation. It’s 2012, maybe the Mayans had it right.

Back to the review, I may “Think Like A Woman” and I’m never changing that. At the end of the day, I’m not conforming to anyone else’s brain and neither should you.

There is a reason we were made different and special and wonderful. Own it.

In honor of National Princess Week, I’m spraying on some girlie. I wear it well…


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Meg here! Yes, yes we know “stay out of the sun!” Got it! That doesn’t mean I’m giving you a pass to show up to your evening cocktails poolside looking like an albino. I’m not. I’m giving you an easy peasy way to mimic a golden sun kissed tan without putting yourself at wrinkle risk.

Aero Minerale’s Hydrating Mineral Bronzer in Malibu gives you an even, natural spray tan that is not only simple to apply but brings instant results. That’s one of the genius attributes of this product. There’s no messy creams that go on clear and leave you wondering about the results after they dry. We all know what a P.I.A. it is to do damage control the day after a bad self tan application. Painstakingly trying to fill in streaks is just not fun and it rarely turns out the way that you want it to.

I love that with “Malibu” I see instant results. There’s no guess work. TIP-For Best Results Really Really Shake That Thang-(the can) but if you want to shake your thing as well by all means!) I was wearing Go With The Flow and I needed a little color. I threw on my little towel with straps (do you all have one of those? They look like this. I was easily able to spray my legs and arms and decolletage. I wanted to get my back though so a little Megsroomie action was needed. It took her 30 seconds. I was left with a great “tan” without any guesswork, dried in less than a minute and I was out the door with a healthy glow.

You can get several leg, arm, back, decolletage shots out of this perfect pink can and it’s $14.99. Not bad. Downright fabulous when I factor in that my one spray tan used to cost me $35.00. I also like that I can shake and spray on my sponge if I want to add to precise areas, it makes it fool proof.

Yolanda Halston, is the creator of Classified Cosmetics ERA Spray foundations, primers and fabulous body and face highlighters. This is Hollywood’s go-to brand that delivers an airbrush finish that stands up to the lights, camera and the fear inducing HD! Halston wanted to get her products into the masses so she entered the mass market with her Aero Minerale line which is in drugstores everywhere-for easy reference I’m linking CVS.COM. I am a huge fan of this line, I know I’m going to catch heat for this but I like this formula even better than their pricier counterpart. I can tell you that I’m not the only huge fan of this particular line. The makeup artist from Twilight ordered 1,000 bottles to use on the entire cast of the movie to get maximum coverage with zero streaking. Yolanda INVENTED AND HAS THE PATENT on spray makeup so you know she has the experience and wisdom on making sure you give yourself an even spray.

I’ve been helping Classified Cosmetics get the word out on their Aero Minerale line so I have sent quite a few of you the fantastic bronzer in “Malibu” that I’m raving over! Let me know! What do you think? Have we saved you from premature wrinkles?

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rosiejaneleilalouMeg here! I love meeting the creators of fabulous lines. Meeting Rosie from Rosie Jane Cosmetics was no exception. Usually, before I meet someone for the first time I use “the google” to see what they look like. Rosie and I were meeting for a morning coffee and I was in a mad dash to be on time. I called Rosie’s publicist to ask what she looked like. Her lovely publicist said “She’s your age, she has red hair. I’ll email you a link with her pic.” As luck would have it, it must have been “redhead day” at Urth Cafe. I swear, every woman in there was a shade of ginger, my phone was starting to die and I was table hopping “Rosie?!”

Soon after, I spotted an adorable redhead carrying a “Leila Lou” bag. Something told me I had found my lady! I know, I’m a regular Columbo.

The only other Rosie Jane product I was familiar with was her amazing cheek tints, we reviewed them here quite a while back. That was her lines staple, Rosie has a background as a top Hollywood makeup artist, and that little cheek tint was being scooped up left and right. “I didn’t want to make any other products I wasn’t passionate about, it took a little bit but I got together with my girlfriend who is a fragrance expert and we got to work.” Rosie continued “We came up with the Leila Lou fragrance and I just started wearing it personally. I was always being asked what scent I had on. From my makeup clients to waiter’s at restaurants, everyone wanted to know where they could get what I had on.”

Rosie knew she (literally) had a winner on her hands. “The first fragrance launch from Rosie Jane Cosmetics, this perfume oil is dripping with innocence and freshness. Truly irresistible, Leila Lou is made with 100% essential oils.

With top notes of nectarine & fresh cut grass, heart notes of pear blossom & jasmine and base notes of vanilla and cotton musk this scent will embrace and seduce you as an original and refreshing signature scent.”

I completely enjoyed my time with Rosie, she’s interesting, has fabulous style and a wonderful laugh. I knew that even if her creation was only a hint of her personality, I was going to love it. I couldn’t wait to try it!

Here’s the issue, my darn sinuses have been a hot mess lately and my sense of smell is GONE. Yup, so this experiment actually worked out better then I thought. It’s great when other people tell you how amazing you smell. I got 3 compliments when I was wearing the roll-on oil matched with the body lotion. I love that the roll-on oil is small and compact and when I go visit my boyfriend in NYC I don’t have to travel with a full, glass perfume bottle.

I had a dinner party, I’m having another one tonight. All I have been doing lately are dinner parties, anyhow, the Leila Lou candle is lit and set in the powder room because it has a great, clean fresh (a little soap kick, I’ve been told) scent to it.  Both my roommates and my guests have commented how good the loo smells! It is the perfect, clean fresh scent.

If you’re looking for a great fragrance, I’d encourage you to check out Leila Lou.

Don’t trust me, I have no sniffer. Trust the people raving about how great I smell!

What fragrance have you put on Santa’s list?

Buy it here!

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skinnislandbreezeMeg here! It’s funny how we think we know things. I was so off the mark with this one! I was consulting for a shampoo company and they wanted to know what I thought their new shampoo and conditioner line should smell like. I personalized it and thought about scents that I find pleasing. My initial thoughts were jasmine, freesia, gardenia, pretty much any white blossom. Was I wrong? Yes, I was SO WRONG! Scent is pretty much the most personal thing ever, I was lucky I didn’t turn in my floral favorites. I would have ended up alienating a huge part of the market.

How did I save the situation before it became a grave mistake? I asked the smartest consumers around! I asked you! Yes, the Megheads solved that dilemma (as you do with most of them.)

I asked 6 months back “What do you want to smell like in your shower?” (Marketing exec’s play close attention here, I did the homework for you.) The overwhelming answer? VACATION! The second runner-up? Subtle and clean.
I would like to introduce shower products that deliver both of those results. Famed make-up artist Dmitri Jame’s Skinn line has come out with an “Island Breeze Set.” We were sent the Island Breeze Body Wash to test out!

The answers that you ladies provided me with were a bit more in depth than “Vacation” although that is the overall feeling you’re looking to convey! The actual notes that have you all transported? Coconut and “the smell of suntan lotion.”

The description for Island Breeze body wash “This gentle, detergent-free body wash will pamper your skin with a blend of tropical moisturizers, emollients and fruit extracts including Coconut Milk and Tahitian Noni. This luscious formula will gently cleanse and condition, leaving skin feeling magnificently soft and craving your next shower.” Sounds up the alley of what a lot of you are looking for.

I pinked the pink bottle because we have pink accents in our bathroom. Don’t act like you never pick packaged products that match your powder room decor because I won’t believe you! There are a few pink tiles and my shower is a pale pink so yeah, I’m going with the pink body wash.

The wash suds up nicely, not big over-the-top suds but it more lathers. The pump bottle size is generous and while the scent is there and definitely lingers, it’s not all overpowering. Your skin feels baby soft after your shower and we’ve had (me and the roomies) the bottle for quite a while.

came home for her lunch break today while I was writing this post. I asked her if she had anything she wanted to contribute. She did. “I always use that wash, Ethan told me that it makes me smell like spring. He likes it.” So there you go! Apparently, smelling like vacation is pleasing to both sexes.

Dmitri Jame’s has a sale going on where you get 4 products from the island breeze collection for $44.

I’ve been traveling and on the go so much it’s nice to be able to take a tropical escape without actually having to leave my house!

How about you? What are you using in the shower? What makes you part with your dollars in a body wash and lastly, admit it! Do ever buy a product “just because” it looks pretty on your sink or in your shower?

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keithurbanMeg here! I’m very fortunate (depending who they are, some times unfortunate) in being able to meet and interview celebrities. When Roxy and I were invited to attend a Keith Urban concert and then meet and speak with Keith Urban I of course, said “yes!” Then I had to learn about Keith Urban. I knew who he was, I just didn’t know all that much about him. I knew he was a Grammy Award winning country singer and that he is married to Nicole Kidman, that’s really it…

“Oh, you know his music!” My friend Lisa said in disbelief. “Take your cat and leave my sweater? Everyone knows that line.” It did sound familiar and 45 minutes later I had come across a site that ranked “The Top 10 Keith Urban Songs.” Armed with that list and my itunes and I was ready to go.

A few days of listening to my new play list and I was a fan! That was before I met him. Now that I’ve met him, I’m a super fan.

Yes, I am happy to report to all you die hard Keith Urban fan’s. You can rest assured he’s a very nice guy. That always makes me happy to know. I’m always disappointed when I’ve spent money on a concert or a movie and then meet the star. Only to realize “what a total jack ass.”

Not only does he put on a fantastic concert, really great and he pulled his fans onstage to sing with him-who does that? He also has a fabulous sense of humor. Just to show that he enjoys a laugh, I’ve added a clip of the out takes of he and Ellen Degeneres had while making a commercial for his new, sexy fragrance-Phoenix.

There’s really nothing sexier than being able to laugh at yourself so I’m sold. This fall, Urban has released his signature fragrance, Phoenix. No, it’s not named for Arizona but because “I’ve always loved symbolism and mythology, the symbolism of the phoenix being something that succumbs to the challenges and burns in the fire, but then is resurrected from the ashes and rises up from the ashes even stronger than before. The ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ story of the phoenix is something else that I think fits really well with a man’s cologne.” Said Urban.
phoenixLittle inside info I got? He also didn’t want a man to have to answer “that he was wearing Keith Urban.” Kiss

The cologne is going to be available at mass retailers and starts at a reasonable $24.

When asked what were some of his favorite scents, Urban quoted to be drawn to “Fresh-cut grass, clothes drying in a dryer. I love wood-burning fireplaces. Jasmine, gardenia.” The cologne thus leans to more earthy tones, infused a variety of scents including black berries, cognac, dark chocolate, and gourmand amber.

After the concert, I was given a bottle of Phoenix. I didn’t open it, it went straight into my suitcase bound for NYC. My guy isn’t exactly a product junkie. I was curious if he would want to keep the bottle. “It’s musky, it’s good for a guy that doesn’t want a perfumey type of fruity smell.” He kept the bottle.

For those of you Keith Urban fans, I suggest you check out Phoenix. If you’re not a fan, I suggest you check out Keith Urban.

What celebrity fragrances are you a fan of?

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finalinchesMeg here! I’ve found some wifi and I’m still in South America, Cusco to be exact.
It’s really gorgeous. I love it here. I’m going to show pictures and tell you all about my Contiki Tour. I’m in the Cusco airport getting ready to fly to Iguazu Falls. Igazu Falls is 275 waterfalls that all coincide together. I added the links for you to check out. This has been awesome.

I’m very skinny, I’m like a spider. I have a this thin, spindly and long limbs. I have a round middle. I’m under-weight but still have a tummy pooch. It use to drive me crazy and it doesn’t really anymore. I guess it helps that we’re leaving swimsuit season. I’m lucky in the way that my pooch does disappear here and there. It loves to make appearances around my period or if I’ve over-indulged. I believe the correct medical term for this condition is “muffin top?” I also have come to accept it because if the alternative is eating well or working out then I’m just not willing to do that. I know…

However, I know a lot of you that do eat well and do work out (this is to my C-Section ladies) and their pooch never ever disappears. I would imagine this would be very annoying. I mean, there is always the option of just accepting it as a fact of life but if something really bother’s you them why? If you can fix something that drives you crazy then my motto is to just fix it and move on.

There is a new pooch removal on the market! It’s called Final Inches and women are loving the results. It’s not just for women, if you know a man that has lost a bunch of weight but can’t hide his man-boobs then sign him up! It’s not right that us woman are the only ones that get to obsess!

What is it? This next generation liposuction removes those stubborn Final Inches… This minimally invasive technique that forgoes the dreaded flaws of traditional liposuction using lasers to gently melt away fat, sculpt the body, and with just local anesthetic… most of us would — we the less than perfect who struggle with stubborn genetic fat pockets that require us to chose between the fat or an emaciated looking face — the result of extreme levels of dieting and exercise to take off those last final inches. Well, those days are finally over, and those final inches are finally within reason with the formal introduction of Final Inches and their Laser Sculpting Liposuction technique.
What makes it different from traditional liposuction?
Only local anesthetic – No general anesthesia so a dramatic reduction of risk
Minimally invasive laser through a tiny incision melts fat and removes it from body
Little to no bruising with minimal recovery time – most patients returning to work the next day
Sculpt the contour of the belly, love handles, thighs, muffin tops, back rolls, double chin, & arms
Costs 25% – 50% less than traditional liposuction

So this procedure is being touted as the “death to traditional liposuction.” The pictures look pretty convincing. If my pooch decides to make a repeat appearance and decide to try to permanently stay, I may have to give this a shot.

Just wanted to pass this along to the momma’s that were looking to get rid of C-Section fat (it’s almost impossible to get rid of!)

What do you think? Any of you suffer from fat pockets that, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get rid of your “final inches?”

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honeysucklebloodorangeHello ladies! It’s Jeanasina here and I’m up to no-good as usual!  Picture this…Me, a secluded room, a small wooden spoon, a drawstring bag made out of jute AND a mason jar, which is now…OPEN! You don’t even have to look inside the jar, to know that something delightful is inside! The fragrance inside the jar comes wafting out at you…  Welcome to the Jeanasina I-Know-How-To-Have-Fun-With-Skin-Creams-Hour!

Right now ladies, as you read this, HONEYSUCKLE BLOOD ORANGE CUSTARD is pulsating through my skin!  Here’s what’s been happening…Just moments before you got here, I took myself into a private room in my home and I sat down on a chair. I pulled out a rough looking little burlap looking bag and set it on the table. I looked to the left and then to the right and made sure I was alone with my private stash. It was still just me and my Farmhouse Fresh acquirement.

I opened up my rough little bag and pulled out a small, perfect sized little wooden spoon. Then…with total anticipation, I pulled out the old fashioned jelly-looking jar. At that point I turned on the music. I had to create a mood. I played “Tip Toe Through the Tulips” by Tiny Tim, and “E.T.” by Katy Perry … at the same time!  The two songs complimented each other nicely.

I opened up the jar and THERE, waiting patiently, was THE body cream that is loved by vixens and goody-two-shoes alike! I took my delightful little spoon and I did a little stirring! I scooped up a small amount of Farmhouse Fresh Blood Orange Honeysuckle Custard! I scooped on my arm to start! There goes another dollop on my leg! Scoop! Scoop! Scoop!

Like a crazed fool, I randomly took small spoonfuls of Farmhouse Fresh’s newest concoction and dolloped them everywhere I felt like it on my skin! Individual spoonfuls of creamy, dreamy, soft as fresh pudding, custard, head to toe! Then…oh then came the smoothing of it INTO my skin! How fun was that?  Melted right in! Every time you put the Honeysuckle custard onto the spoon you just REALLY want to bring that spoon right up to your lips and taste the stuff! It’s almost like a DARE!

If this company were to advertise by making a cult horror movie clip, it would look like this… GIANT SIZED, FARM HOUSE FRESH, HONEYSUCKLE, BLOOD ORANGE CREAM CUSTARD FILLED JARS, would be terrorizing the local town’s people yelling “EAT ME!” I’m just sayin’ – the smells…they totally kill you with their authentic -you-know-you-want-to-taste-me, smells! They are mouth-watering!

People have been known to buy things just for the scent you know! YOU on the other hand, are going to want to buy this product because everything about it is cool! The custard double moisturizer is a “2-part blend that includes 1/2 whipped shea butter and 1/2 live fruit cells suspended in a nourishing aloe gel that brings vitamin-packed softness.”, their words! I mean don’t you LOVE that? I smell like I AM delicious! Picture this… Sally Sunshine!  Sally…who baked desserts in a bakery all day! Sally who went to an orange grove and had them squeeze fresh squeezed orange juice all over her skin! Sally who danced in slow motion through an entire honeysuckle grove! Sally, who did all of those things back to back, and came home smelling like a delicious dream! That’s me right now!

The Honeysuckle Custard cream comes in a 7 oz. re-use-able glass jelly jar, they provide a little wooden mixing spoon so you can stir the stuff up or apply fun dollops to your skin like I did!  It all comes in a little bag that says “Mushed-up Stuff is Better For You!” I like that the product is 92% natural and is Paraben & Sulfate free!

I put some Blood Orange custard on my husband and then asked if I could smell it on him!  He smelled SO good! Suddenly I became like a bee on a flower! I think I tried to pollinate him! He’s holding a giant fly swatter over me as I write this. I’m not allowed to smell him anymore.

I hope you get a chance to try this delightful Farmhouse Fresh product – it sure puts you in a happy mood!

Have any of you tried Farmhouse Fresh? It is an Oprah favorite and I think they have some of the cutest packaging around. The products are always luxurious and yes, they smell delicious! TRY THIS BRAND! You will not be disappointed!

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laserMeg hair! Or should I say Meg less hair! After fearing a bikini wax for oh, 20 years and having conquered that fear (Remember Baby’s First Bikini Wax?)I have decided to conquer all of my fears! Well, the ones that have to do with different methods of hair removal.

Waxing was easy enough and I absolutely loved not having to grab for a bikini shave for weeks. Why ever have to shave a bikini area again? Or how about, Why ever do I have to shave again anywhere? No. I’m not talking about embracing my armpits, I’m talking about forever eradicating hair anywhere! Sign me up! It’s a good thing I’m not a drastic person. Kiss I want to be razor free forever! It’s not an outlandish statement. We put a man on the moon, we can make a woman get rid of her Venus!

As with all big decisions, I took a very long time to make my mind up about this one. I thought about it on a Friday and booked my appointment for today at The Epione Center (I go there a lot and they’re having a laser your pubes off sale.) I attached the offer if you’re interested.

I needed to take a xanax for my nerves before my foray into the world of wax. I didn’t have access to one before my laser appointment. Dr. Simon Ourian is someone that I will occasionally run into while I’m out having dinner. He’s not a gyno. Although he is completely professional and named best cosmetic Los Angeles dermatologist over and over again, I would be going with nurse Jaime at Epione for this one. *Generally, there really should only be one person per dinner that’s seen the goods.*

Dr. Ourian knows that I am a bit of a baby. I was upstairs at his practice when my phone rang.

Meg: Hi, listen I forgot a xanax. Do I need numbing creme or morphine or to be knocked out for this? Do you do general anesthesia?

Dr. Ourian: No. Even you will be fine with ice. You can just numb the area and you’ll be fine.

Meg: O.K., I just put the ice packs in my jeans? That’s fine. I’m the only one in here. Yes, thank-you. I’ll just do ice.

I think I can hear Dr. Ourian roll his eyes over the phone but nonetheless, a second nurse arrives with the ice packets that I insert into my underwear. While I sit in a waiting room. I know. I have no shame. I’m nervous!

Here’s what happens next. You sit in a chair. I want to say it’s like a comfortable, upscale dentist chair without the spit sink or drool hose or anything dental actually. Hmmm, maybe that’s not the best example.

You take off your pants and undies and put a little hospital drapey paper shield/gurney thing on. I’m not quite sure why we do that because it stays on for about 30 seconds. Maybe the nurse had me put it on so when she walked in it wasn’t all “Hello! Hello! Here I am!” Which is pretty understandable, I guess.

I explained I was a nervous wreck and to please be sure to leave an age appropriate strip. I actually left the age appropriate strip. There is a bit of prep work before you go into get lasered. You need to be bare where you want to eradicate the hair. The process works by destroying the hair follicle so the laser needs a clear shot, there can’t be hair.

Was it painful? No. I numbed the area really well with the ice. Was it uncomfortable? You’re having your lady bits sent hot waves from a laser to destroy hair follicles. Yes, it’s uncomfortable. Is it worth it? Too soon to tell but I’m smooth and bump free. If it lasts it’s really worth it as the entire process took about 7 minutes.

I spoke to the nurse and she said that people usually need to go every 5 weeks or so for 5 visits and then…It’s gone forever!

It’s not cheap but it is way cheaper then waxing every 5 weeks for the rest of your life. It’s also cheaper then buying a lifetime of razors and shaving cream. I don’t think you can put a price on freedom though. I mean especially out in LA, Miami- any warm climate really. The thought of never having to see a stray scraggle or unsightly bathing suit bump makes it a necessary luxury. I can’t wait to do the armpits.

I have been raving about it too my roommates because I don’t believe there is really anything that you can’t tell people that you love and live with. I mean, it’s not like I’m shouting it from the rooftops or anything? Kiss

Any other laser lovers out there? I’m sold!

Check out Epione’s Sale

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mannypacquiaoMeg here! Today we are going to be talking about boxing. Well, competition just in general. You all know the love affair I have with my bestie roomies? They put up with my daily insanity and the insanity that is my love life. I don’t work in an office and I’m not really about to go pick up men in bars. I am at home writing and then in my evening’s I am covering Red Carpet events. There is no time to talk up the cute guy in business development when you are the head of business development. There is also no time to talk up the cute VP, Pres. or Merger’s guy. Guess what? I’m all those positions as well. The “hottie” in the office is my 65-year-old mailman that stops by once a day.

How do I find men to date? Well, much to the chagrin and amusement of my roomies I find them off television or out of magazine interviews. Is this stalkerish? I’m sure. But if you’re off selling it and I’m watching it then I’m sort of the consumer so yes, if I like what I see there’s a good chance we’re having dinner. There are two types of people at a dinner. The quick and the hungry.  I’m not hungry much. I also live in a town where the people on make-believe are schlubbing it in their sweats at my deli or one phone call away from a mutual friend. That’s what 15 years in Hollywood provides…TV order dates.

I had picked the last few dates off of TV and then I had a disaster of a romance with another also in the entertainment biz when my friend Jo offered up this advice, “I don’t know. I think these entertainment guys just are not working out for you. I think we need to completely change type. Black rapper? NFL Player? Fireman? Carnival barker?” She had a point. I did always seems to be with those damn creatives. She continued “You should try someone completely different. We all know the definition of “insanity.” (This is where I picture the definition of “insanity” and see my smiling face as the photo that describes the word.)

Fine. Different. No worries, I could do this. But first I needed to get in the shower for my date with the hot director (Damn! Did it again!)

Back and focused. The date was fine but I could see where it was going. It was going down this street I’d been down before. The crossroads of “Nowhere” and “Too Much Trouble.” My GPS has this direction on auto-pilot.

I was with my roomie when I told her my new game plan. Then it happened. Just like that. There was an email inviting me to the launch of a man named Manny Pacquiao’s fragrance event.  
Meg  Oh great. I just got invited to a man named Manny Pacquaio’s fragrance event. He’s some sort of boxer or something. I’m going to date him. He’s different.

Kristen: Are you out of your mind? He’s not some sort of boxer. He’s a huge, big celebrity. Like world known. Huge Megan, huge.

Meg: Um. I read US Weekly like every week and I have never heard of him and he’s not that huge. He looks about 5’6.

Kristen: You’re crazy. He’s one of the most famous athletes in the world. You’re not dating him. You’re never getting him over here. He has like 80 bodyguards. It’s never going to happen! They wont let you near him!

I hate to be challenged. I hate to be doubted. I am used to being underestimated so I just shoot Kristen a “Really?” eyebrow raise. I’m nothing if not determined.

Kristen: If you get Manny Pacquiao in this living room I will shave my head!

Meg:That does nothing for me. If I get Manny Pacquiao in this living room, you will have Pacquiao shave your head so I can put it on YouTube and have the link go back to It will probably go viral and I could use the multi-million hits.

Fine. It’s on.

Was I obviously misguided about who Manny Pacquaio is? Yes. Of course I am. I’m a border-line life moron but I went to the event. I went to the launch of his new fragrance “MP8 Scent of The Champion” at Ron Robinson’s Fred Segal. I went with every other Pacquaio fan that bore Pacquio’s face on their T-Shirt that mobbed the entire parking lot. It was like waiting for a Beatle to arrive. There were ton’s of fans and I realized “Ugh. Kristen maybe right on this one.”

Much like Pacquaio, I’m always up for a good fight and while I was beginning to realize the living room visit was far out of reach…So was Kristen. She had left town for the weekend and I could still hatch some sort of plan.

“Even though it took a year to develop this fragrance from concept to launch, the effort was worth it. It is my hope that hardworking and determined men who wear MP8 will feel confident in their own skin and share that positive attitude with everyone else…diligence breeds confidence.”-
Manny Pacquaio.

“Dilligence breeds confidence?” I hear you all too loud Mr. Manny. Preaching to the choir. I would be dilligent in letting Kristen know I would get near him.

The fragrance has top notes of bergamont and lemon, middle notes of lavender, vetiver, nutmeg and sage. The base notes are sweet musk, vanilla, amber and cedar.

Pacquiao added one more quote that stuck with me “We have a definite direction and the end result is a scent that we are betting men from around the world will embrace.” I bet so too. Now how about these betting women?

Long story long. Manny has quite a fight coming up and wasn’t really taking pictures with people or having face-to-face conversations. If you are going to be ballsy enough to literally push your way into a meeting you first have to use hand sanitizer as a body lotion (fun boxer fact.) NO GERMS BEFORE A BIG FIGHT ALLOWED. I used the hand sanitizer like it was my shower body soap.

He was nice, he was lovely. This is good. He has Eight World Boxing Titles in Eight Different Weight Divisions. If he were an ass it’s not like I could “take him outside.”

My roommate? Kristen? Well, I had to mess with her. I texted her the picture of us together and wrote “Manny wants to know if you want electric or a straight edge razor. He’ll be over tomorrow.”

She texted back “Oh no, OMG. Are you serious?”

I waited 30 minutes before I texted her back “No. I’m kidding. I got you though.”

I put the Manny & Me picture up as my profile picture and if I didn’t know before I get it now. The man is a big time MARRIED Champion. He’s one that excels in everything he does. He has this fabulous fragrance. He’s a Congressman from the Philippines, he’s a philanthropist and he’s pound for pound the best fighter in the world. He can also turn two non-betting roommates into world-class gamblers. Now that’s power. If I can harness that type of influence into a bottle then I am buying it.

May 7th, GO MANNY!

Father’s Day is coming up. I think this would be a great gift. I usually can’t watch violence of any kind. I can’t usually watch boxing but I will be cheering Manny on. Will you be watching? Any Manny fans going to score his fragrance for their guy?

Buy it here!

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bottleshealingGood morning from Jeanasina headquarters! I’m having my morning cup of coffee and feeling content because I just took a shower using new Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Deep Moisture Body Wash with Aloe!

Lately I have been noticing that my current body wash isn’t cutting it – my skin has been feeling extra dry so it was time to do my research and see what is out there that I haven’t tried! I needed a body wash that would add moisture to my ‘write-your-name-with-your-fingernail-on-my-skin-and-be-able-to-read-it’ state of skin dryness! I was at the grocery store (CUB) in the body wash section, when I noticed they had a product with the words ‘NEW!’ on it! It was Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Deep Moisture Body Wash… “for skin that looks and feels noticeably healthier’” with Aloe! I picked it up and I opened the lid and gave the tube a gentle squeeze and did the ‘Jeanasina HAS GOT TO SMELL STUFF FIRST BEFORE SHE BUYS ANYTHING sniff’! Once long ago I did this with body wash and I accidentally squeezed the container SO hard that the stuff shot up my nose and then fell back out and dripped all over my wool winter coat! I didn’t have a tissue or anything to wipe it up at the time, so it was a mess and I was sure it was caught on the store camera somewhere! Still…I continue to do this behavior…this necessary sniffing of products before I buy, in the store. It’s gotta meet my smell criteria standards or it’s just NOT coming home with me!

The Gold Bond Ultimate Deep Moisture Body Wash claims to moisturize your skin DEEP DOWN! That’s what I wanted! Here are some of the attributes that lured me into trying this particular body wash!

-Aloe – Natural, healing botanical helps soothe minor skin irritations.
-7 Intensive Moisturizers:
Restore and help maintain skin’s ideal moisture levels.
-Fresh Clean Scent:
Provides skin with a fresh clean fragrance.
-Easy Squeeze Tube:
New lightweight and flexible tube is easier to grip and use.
-Vitamin A:
Improves elasticity and reduces appearance of wrinkles.
-Vitamin C:
Promotes skin development and collagen formation.
-Vitamin E:
Enhances protective function of skin and minimizes lipid loss.

Unlike most body washes, it comes in a soft large toothpaste tube type container that is super easy to hold on it while you squeeze out the product onto your bath sponge! I have arthritis in my hands so to have a soft tube I can easily squeeze is a bonus round for me! It lathered just enough to bathe my body and well enough to shave with too! I felt pretty hydrated after I used it and to make sure my body was in moisturization bliss, I topped my skin off with the matching Gold Bond Aloe Ultimate healing skin therapy lotion! I love to have my body wash match my skin lotion! The Gold Bond healing body wash in Aloe has a fresh clean scent that doesn’t cling like some overpowering fragrances do! It’s just enough to feel feminine and clean! It also doesn’t seem to interfere with my perfume! The lotion is especially rich and when you put it on, you feel like it’s sinking down into every layer of your skin right to the bone! I love how intensive it is!
I have always associated Gold Bond with men and foot problems! My husband has used Gold Bond products for years! I had never given Gold Bond brand any consideration for MY needs! Lucky for me that I saw the Gold Bond body healing aloe wash and brought it home! I really like it and topped with the healing aloe skin therapy lotion – my skin really feels happily hydrated!

Right now you can go here and print out a $1.00 off coupon to use if you’d like to try one of their body-washes or one of their other products! The Gold Bond line also has a body wash for sensitive skin (with oat extract to soothe and calm skin irritation; one with shea butter (to enhance moisturization and elasticity and texture) and… an exfoliating wash with micro-beads (For Clean and Brighter Skin That Looks and Feels Noticeably Younger and Healthier)! You have 4 options according to your skins pressing needs!

The advertising says…”It’s the body wash that performs like a lotion for noticeably softer skin!” A lovely layer of moisture has made it’s way down into MY skin seemingly from the Gold Bond products! I no longer wake up in the middle of the night scratching like an old man with my fingernails trying to relieve the itchy dry areas of my skin that insist on being scratched until they get even dryer! I am endorsing this product as worth the $5.98 price and as a body wash that really DOES add moisture to bone dry skin! If the product is putting 7 intensive moisturizers to work within my dry skin, I’m totally on board with that! I say “Bring it on!”

Any of you use a fab body wash you’d like to let us know about?

Buy it here!

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