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Is It True You Are What You Eat? Is this why Meg is a hot pocket and glass of wine?


yogi skin detox teaHey ladies – it’s Jeanasina here with another riveting episode of Body Beautiful Wednesday! So here’s the deal… I am always investigating things and products and recently I was exploring the Yogi Tea website and I discovered that they have come out with a NEW tea called Skin DeTox Herbal Tea! Yogi teas in general cover a monumental selection of flavors and malady solutions to help you but this is the first time I have seen one of their tea that is supposed to help your skin! Are you excited? Well I am here to give you some of the facts I learned and I am hoping you’ll take these facts and with some help, find the tea for yourselves and see if it might just clear up any skin issues you lament about! That’s right people, it’s tea bag story time! Ok, so first, I have a tea bag story of my own for you.

When I was in high school I was a ‘dud’ big time. I was a total loner and my family was poor and I took the bus back and forth to my Catholic high school every day and pretty much kept to myself. Well one day on the city bus to school, a woman sat beside me and she gave me a pamphlet which was about “Jehovah Witnesses”. I smiled at the woman and tucked the pamphlet in the pocket of my uniform and went to school. I had ONE friend in high school who was also a loner so we got along and we both had the same whacked out sense of humor. Well that day,I was in my algebra class and I absolutely hated math. I remembered the little pamphlet in my pocket and took it out. I proceeded to cross out the word “God” in the pamphlet and substituted the words “Lonely Teabag” in “God’s place throughout the 4 page pamphlet. Well I thought it was hysterical to read it after I made the substitutions so I passed it to my ONE friend and she busted out laughing too because we were both odd ducks. At that moment THE TEACHER who was a nun, saw us and said… ”Jean, would you please come up to the front of the room with your paper?” I nearly died and brought the brochure to the teacher I had and of course she looked it over and made her usual severe face. She then said “Perhaps you’d like to read this out loud to the class!” I did of course, FLAME FACED, I read the entire thing (all four sides) with my teabag words and of course you could have heard a pin drop that day and not one person dared laugh.  MORTIFICATION was complete that day for me. I had to stay after school in detention of course. To this day tea bags remind me of that long ago story. I still have a bizarre sense of humor even after that embarrassing day which had again proved that I must be a freak of nature or something to think of the bizarre things that I do!
Anyway dear ladies, just read this write up from Yogi and see if you are not completely interested and intrigued…

“Our skin reflects our diet and lifestyle choices; it’s the mirror to internal health.  It’s just as essential to cleanse from the inside by reducing internal impurities. You can have clearer, glowing skin. Yogi Skin DeTox was formulated to support a healthy skin care regimen by shedding impurities. Fragrant rose petal and hibiscus used in Ayurveda to cool and sooth the skin, entice the senses with a fresh floral scent. Traditional liver cleansers burdock and yellow dock combined with ancient ‘blood cleansing’ red clover help purify the skin and organic green tea rejuvenates with an antioxidant boost.”

Check out the Yogi Tea Website and you can read the reviews for yourself of some of the people who have tried it, liked it and… felt it cleared up their skin! I thought that was pretty astonishing!  I haven’t been able to find the tea yet at the stores I usually shop at but you can go on the website and plug in your zip code and find out what stores in your area carry it. Of course you can order it from the website and I found it on where you can buy a six pack of the product!  The Yogi Tea website is such a lovely way to spend time! They have yoga poses to see, all kinds of advice on well-being, some great inspirational sayings to live life by as well as so much more, not to mention how interesting it is to read about ALL the teas they make!  One of my favorites inspirational saying on their website is “Let your heart guide you.” That is SO me and how I operate!

So ladies, my heart was telling me that maybe this is something that could help some of you! Check it out and please come back and share with us your thoughts and experiences with this new Skin Detox Tea. Also, if you have another favorite of the Yogi Teas please tell us all about it! I’m a fan of their regular DeTox tea myself.

Just so you know, as I wrote this, I had headphones strapped to my head and was listening to the Black Eyed Peas singing the song “Rock that Body” and you know how it starts out with “I wanna rock right now” and they sing that verse over and over again? Well I was thinking if they were to change the words to apply to skin issues it would be more like “I wanna clear skin now!” “I wanna, I wanna clear skin now!”  I’m just sayin’… maybe drinking the Yogi tea will have YOU singing your own new words to some song!  Talk to you again soon!

You can buy the Yogi Skin Detox herbal tea here!

Isn’t it great when something that you like drinking happens to be good for you as well? Vodka, please forgive me for saying this.
What’s your favorite detox ritual ladies?

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weight lossBaby Love here! A few weeks back I wrote a blog about my personal struggles with my weight loss. I’m so very appreciative of all of the comments and stories that you shared.

I don’t need to tell all of you that being overweight can do a number on your self esteem. I also probably don’t need to tell you that along with being overweight come a whole slew of health problems. My blood pressure used to be in the range of 105/70. I know this is low, but as I see the pounds creep on, I also see my blood pressure slowly rising to the highest it has ever been. We’ve established that even before I had my babies my boobs were large, but now they are slowing moving to GIGANTIC. I have back pain that I never had before, and I’m finding my old attractive boobs aren’t so attractive anymore. On my vacation in Florida, my husband’s cousin asked me if I was pregnant. I was humiliated, and hurt, and just wanted to die! I never in my life would have imagined that I would be overweight, and now with 20 extra lbs. here I am. In all honesty though, the worst part about all of this is that my children are 3 and 1, and I don’t have any pictures of us together. I will never get this time back with them, and I can’t get past how fat my face looks in pictures. Is being overweight the worst thing in the world? No, of course not, but for some reason it just happens to be the worst thing in the world for me.
I’m taking a moment to introduce you to “The Biggest Loser” style.

The only major difference between this diet and theirs is that;
1.      Jillian Michaels will not be living in my home, kicking my ass,
2.      There is no monetary grand prize, and
3.      As of right now, I’m the only contestant and probable winner.

As of Monday, I become a lucky client of The Fresh Diet. Following the teachings of “The Zone diet,” I receive 3 freshly prepared meals and 2 snacks on my doorstep by 6am. I’ve only been on the diet for 3 days, so I’m not going to get on the scale, BUT I have to tell you that this food is absolutely delicious.

Now wait, I know there are a few of you getting ready to chastise and criticize me for signing up for a diet delivery service. I want to ask all of you to take a moment and listen to the reasons, aside from weight loss, that I’m doing this. I have never been overweight. Controlling my food portions, and making healthy choices is something I never learned to do, nonetheless cared very much about. My mother never cooked for us, and most of my meals were spent at a restaurant down the street with my best friend Amy. I would eat chicken parm at 8pm while she ripped cigarettes.  So, even though I’m active and run a lot, I won’t be able to lose this weight with just exercise, I need education. I look at this diet as weight watchers on wheels and without points.

So along with my weekly baby blogs, I’ll be keeping all of you up to date with my progress on the diet. If you want to join me on my journey to slim, The Fresh Diet is offering their 31 day premium program at a discounted rate of $34.99 a day. If you’re interested, please use code MAKEUP at checkout. Some of you subscribers will be able to afford this service, and some of you won’t. Some of us drive BMWs and some of us drive KIAs, it’s just the way things go.

So wish me luck and tune in next week to find out more about the diet, how it started my menu, and HOPEFULLY how great I’m doing on it.

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Hello ladies, Eleni here!

How many times have you heard that beauty comes from within? Was it usually coming from your mother’s mouth after you just complained to her about your acne/weight/bad luck with guys? The timing when that phrase comes up is always kind of fishy, right? I mean, if beauty really came from within, how come your mom never tells you so on the days you look your best? How come you’ve never heard “oh my gosh, you look fabulous today! It must really be coming from within!”? You know the answer. It’s because “beauty comes from within” is code for “don’t worry that you look like crap, maybe someone will be able to see beyond that”.

Here at we say that beauty comes from within bottles, jars, compacts and tubes. Recently – and even though we love remaining highly cynical when it comes to the “beauty comes from within” motto – we have come to realize that sometimes beauty acytually does come from within. And I’m not talking about seeing your ugly friends as pretty ones just because you love them. I’m talking about seeing your hair shine more after you start taking vitamin E, or noticing a difference on how much your skin shines when you put some lemon in the water you drink every day.

We’ve been experimenting a lot lately. We’ve been trying different kinds of vitamins, we’ve been giving the raw food diet a chance and we’ve been doing research on dietary supplements that promise to enhance the way you look – from within. Beauty companies focus more and more on what you choose to put inside your body in addition to what you choose to put on your skin. We’ve been so impressed by the results that we are considering including such reviews on but only if you want us to. You see, it has to come from within.

Are you ladies interested in finding out what the deal is with all these products that work inside out?
Is there any specific product you have already tried and was impressed with or that you’d like to try?
Let us know and we’ll make it happen for you!

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