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I was going to be so productive today! Let me just go with that. I have a very big week coming up Rachael (Beautyzilla) is coming to stay with me for over a week on Friday! It’s very hard when your best friends live on the East Coast and Rachael and I spend about 90% of our time when on the phone together plotting. How can we get her to LA? Maybe I can do this out in NY?

Rachael and I have a mutual friend in New York. When I told Mark that Rach was coming to LA Friday he just said “Be careful, I know how you kids are when you get together, don’t end up in jail”. We have some friends with their foot strongly grounded in reality. Unfortunately, Mark is one of them.

The only other friend I have like this is Greenie and since she’s had two kids she’s a little bit too tired to still be climbing through windows at 31. I had to do this last week-long story.

So, it is probably a good thing that we don’t live down the street from each other because these are actual things we will say to each other.

Me: Oh, you know what we should do? Insert something risque (at best) here

Rach: You think, Naah, no we should so not do that Meg.

Me: I’m going to anyway!! Will you drive?

Rach: Fine, but only if you’ll go do this with me…Insert something risque at best that benefits her.

Me: Deal!

Cut to ensuing chaos. This is why HOM hides out of town most of the time. He seems to be able to extend his out of town work once visitation takes place. This is fine. When Rachael arrives we install a disco ball in my livingroom.

So it is easily the hottest day of the summer in my neighborhood, 105 outside, thank god for A/C or I would be in big trouble. I go to the fridge to get a cold glass of water and then I see it. No fridge light. No power, no A/C.

Hottest damn day of the year and DWP decides since everyone is using their A/C at full blast to just give us all one of those rolling black-outs.

I also was waiting for the Humane Society to come pick up a car I was donating so I couldn’t leave the house. They gave me a convenient pick-up window between 8am -5pm. They rolled by at 4:45.

So no chores have been done today. I have just been dreaming up all sorts of trouble to get into for next week while fanning myself with my US Magazine. Please send me your email address if you live in the LA area and can quickly come up with bail.

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