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If you need to get famous see your therapist!

If you need to get famous see your therapist!

I have a confession to make. Before HOM I dated very high-profile men. The type of men that could arrange to have a private plane waiting for me on the tarmac in a few hours. God, typing that makes me sad I use to choose fabulous travel over fabulous men. Love you HOM. The best (I feel, glamorous) feeling is having a private car whisk you along the airport to your waiting plane. I’ve discussed this with others and they don’t feel the same way. “I enjoy my alone time in the airport” they say. I enjoy my alone time in a hot, steaming shower. I think. Who am I to judge?

That’s all I want (I know I’m very reasonable. I just want a plane). There’s so much freedom in that. The ability to leave at any moment, go anywhere you desire and quickly-with-out any hassle. That to me is Utopia, the bird has its wings!

Fame? Never! Not one single bit. A close friend and I were at a dinner with many a billionaire. They asked us what would you two rather? Fame or fortune? My friend shouted fame and I looked horrified (I’m from New England). I always think to Bill Murray when he says regarding money and fame,”To people who want to be rich and famous, I’d say, “Get rich first and see if that doesn’t cover it.”

I agree, the money covers it.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Celebrity is now Currency.

Every lady in the picture above is a nice, beautiful girl. They have this forum and they play to it. That’s not what they’re made of.

Be happy you don’t have freaks running your every picture. Be happy (God knows I am) they’re not following your every move.

Get rich!! If you need to get famous see your therapist!

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