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Glass Ceiling Boys Club

Glass Ceiling Boys Club

I am so flipping sick of women that complain of the GLASS CEILING BOYS CLUB

They are too dumb to create a barrier that keeps women out, who keeps us out? We do! I would like to relay two stories that are very current and support this theory. Story #1, A make-up publicist that Meg’s has been extremely generous too. Really flipping good to her and her brand. I guess I think too much like a man because I thought “I scratch your back….

Cut to the chase, not only does this woman refuse to help me but then has the nerve to complain that I asked her for a favor (while I have done plenty for her.)

The worst betrayal? The one that comes from a “friend”.

This is a pro-women’s site and I love sisterhood but I am alarmed at how far and few it has become. We’re just never, ever going to win. There is a boy’s club. They’re hiding from us. They should.

Until we can support each other, until we can look to the size 2 girl and sway our jealousy and understand she has issues with her breasts or lack of curves and relate and try to empower we will never grow.

We need to wake the fuck up. You know as women we are classified as a “Minority Group” We’re half the flipping speices and the only gender that can continue to populate this earth and we are categorized as a “Minority Group.”

We’re so busy looking in the mirror, feeding our own insecurities, always trying to be thinner, hotter, younger that we don’t see how we keep on perpetrating the cycle.

Stop the competition, we’re all women. We’re all trying to make our own way. We are the ones that stop us from being a “minority to the Majority.

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