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I’m not going to be so broad as to say “We all do this!” because I do believe there are some women out there that are able to graciously accept a compliment. I am not one of those women.I have tried so hard to restrain but then I always do it. I always undercut the compliment. It’s like I have compliment phobia or some strange self-esteem issue. I like to think I’m together but then, if I am, why when someone pays me a compliment do I always feel the need to explain why I really wasn’t worthy of it? I’m sure it’s as annoying to hear as it is annoying to come up with the reasons “Oh, it was so not a big deal.”

Meanwhile if someone had asked me to scale Everest for them and then thank me I’d say “It’s really not that much of a hike. Don’t worry about it.”

Men compliments are the hardest. They really are, especially if you’re naked and vulnerable. I remember the first time I had a guy say “you have the perfect body” I lectured him. What? Was he blind? My tummy is fat, then I demanded “No, really, look here. See this is cellulite” I then proceeded to point out everything that I felt could be improved. I pointed my faults all out at great length. For some strange reason he never told me I was “perfect” again. Bastard. Clearly this was all his fault. Maybe I shouldn’t have drawn the diagram and used a pointer to show him where I felt I was sagging. Again, a simple “thank-you” could have covered it.

Women? Yeah, I’m no better there either. If a women or even for that matter, a close friend tells me she likes my a. shirt, b. shoes, c. anything I’m wearing, I tell her how I got it on clearance, or downtown or it’s a knock-off or “Oh no, I paid $15 at a cheapie place on Melrose. It’s nothing. They have tons of them. It was 90% off” Again, the thank-you would surmise.

Because this is a Meg Post, I am allowed to drop names. I drop so many names someone should follow me around with a broom. The Queen of England once told me not to drop names (joke).

When I was modelling you were suppose to wear clothes that showed off your figure for go-sees. It was NYC, it was flipping freezing. Instead of doing a short skirt and heels I went down to the Danskin store and bought myself a turtlenecked, one piece, black catsuit. That way I could be warm and wear a heavy coat over it and my stick legs would not turn pink.

This was 1995 and I loved Kate Moss. I was at The Bowery Bar and she and Naomi Campbell were sitting at a table next to me. I saw them both get up to go to the ladies room. I decided I would go into (stalk Kate Moss) the bathroom and tell Kate I loved her.

I got to the bathroom and waited for a stall. Naomi came out of a stall and Kate was still in hers. So I didn’t look like a total stalker I had to go into the open stall Naomi just left. As I went in Naomi looked at me and said in her Brit accent “Love your outfit.” I was stunned and had verbal diarrhea ” Oh this? Oh no. It’s just a dancesuit, just a catsuit I got at Danskin. I think it was on sale. Yeah, it was on sale, I paid $80 for it, it’s not that great.”

She looked horrified at me and just said “Next time, say “thank-you”. Washed her hands and walked out.

So 13 years later and I still haven’t quite learned how to digest a compliment. I really appreciate all of you ladies that write and say you love Megsmakeup. I love that you think the site is fun and informative and a bonding experience. I would like to say that it is more fun for me then it is for you. No, no, no it’s not that hard. I learn as much as you do. I take so much away from the entire experience.

Instead, I would just like to say “THANK-YOU!”

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