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Celebrities Anonymous

Fine. I was a little drunk. I was happy and drunk and in a very hot, hot celebrities Porsche. I was living the life, fine champagne, gorgeous trips, impecable dinners. Then he grew tired of me and it stopped. No really, it completely stopped.

I wanted to stop caring but like a rubber-necker at an accident scene I couldn’t. When most people break-up there is a period to heal. There is a period to stop obsessing, to stop wondering “Why” it didn’t work out. You get a break, you get a breather, you get a chance to start completely anew. If you need these simple things then do yourself a favor Do not date a celebrity

You don’t need to stalk the new girl on MySpace or Facebook, the tabs will do it for you.Want to get away? OK, then move to a cave because every glossy has his arm around a new girl.

It’s Los Angeles, every girl I know has been in a relationship with some sort of “star”.

I’ve known Lindsay Zir since high school and I can tell you she is a force of nature!

She was thrown into the lion’s den of celebrity. Then she was thrown out. Then she was thrown in-then out. She knows the pain, the raw and the true.

She has always kept her dignity in tough times and has always looked at every experiance as a growth opportunity. Instead of hiding out, she’s letting us in on her break-up reality. That is why, with extreme pleasure I welcome you to the world of Celebrities Anonymous. Enjoy!

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