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Better Skin, Hair and Nails and…Sex? Happy Valentine’s Day!


Meg here! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so today I’ll be telling you about a natural product that boosts energy, makes nails and hair stronger, increases metabolism and IS GREAT FOR YOUR SEX LIFE!

True story, I was dating someone that was older (not that I don’t do that now. I like them better older, they can’t run as fast.) Anyhow, youthH2O approached him to do a “testimonial” for them. He said he that he would but first he had to try the product. I totally forgot about Maca being one of the main ingredients. I thought he was just going to use it and see about his skin and nails and the beauty angles. I forgot he was even taking the daily shots. About 2 weeks later, I couldn’t get him to stop touching me. It was like I was hanging around a 15 year old, not a senior. I of course thought it must be me. I thought it ws my new perfume or lipstick or that I had finally got my greys covered. Nope. It was exactly 2 weeks later, the same timeline youthH2o had for seeing a difference in your body. I guess they couldn’t write “See a difference in your sex life!” on the bottle. I think they should though, it is true and more people would buy it.

Why is it turning men all sexy like? What makes women more fertile? Why have my girfriends been sneaking Youthh2o into their husbands shakes? Maca. That’s why. Google it if you don’t believe me and you’ll be shocked by all of the medical journals telling you the same thing (but all medical like and not with a story about sneaking it in shakes.)

Here is are the, ahem, hard facts of the history of the miracle of Maca.

WHO: Maca Root is an herb that is now emerging from obscurity and near-extinction to take its place among the most valuable herbs known to mankind. It has many health benefits but it’s increasing sexual libido in both men and women.

WHAT: farmers in Peru noticed that when their animals grazed in areas where the Maca grew, they became much healthier, hardier, stronger, tended to copulate more, and had a much higher fertility rate. They decided to try Maca themselves both as a food and a medicine, and found that it made them much more energetic and stronger. It also made them much more sexually active and fertile.

Inca warriors knew maca could increase their stamina, and they ate the root before going into battle. Maca also increased their sexual health and virility. Legend has it that maca was kept from the warriors when they returned from battle to protect the women (They would rape the women.)

WHEN? Thousands of years ago, pre-Inca times, 8000 B.C. the power of Maca Root was discovered. It only recently has been rediscovered as one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet.

WHERE? Native to the Andean mountains of Peru. It has grown wild for thousands of years at altitudes of 11,000 to 15, 000 feet above sea level in extreme weather conditions such as freezing cold, snow, hail, intense sunlight and very strong winds, probably the worst weather in the world for growing anything. Despite these seemingly unfavorable weather conditions, the volcanic soil is rich in minerals and is free of chemicals, and the plant also benefits from the purest air, sunlight and rain in the world. Apparently, the tougher the environment, the more resilient the plant and the greater its medicinal value. Maca has the distinction and honor of being the highest growing food plant in the world.

WHY? With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may like to know that in MEN-Maca NATURALLY increases sperm count, shrinks enlarged prostates, increases libido, aids in sexual functioning, and reduces anxiety according to recent research findings. Maybe the best thing about maca is that it does not work like synthetic ED drugs that produce hormonal changes that may lead to unwanted side effects. Maca has been shown not to change testosterone levels. (Phytomedicine, August, 2007)
In WOMENSimilar studies show that females given Maca respond with increased regularity in cycles and easier ovulation. It also increases sexual libido and stamina.

I even went the whole nine yards and asked Manuel Villacorta (National expert on Superfoods and famous nutritionist if he has found this true. Here is what he told me- “As the author of two Peruvian superfoods books, Peruvian Power Foods and Whole Body Reboot: The Peruvian Superfoods Diet,  I have studied the health effects of maca extensively and have found solid consensus that maca is shown to increase libido in both men and women and has been regarded as a potent sexual stimulant for centuries, so it’s no surprise that today it’s known as nature’s Viagra.

 No maca supplement is created equal. And for that, I recommend youthH2O not only because it contains pure maca extract, but because it is a highly absorbable source of maca- optimizing the benefits of the root. I personally use it and I recommend youthH2O to my clients. And yes, their testimonials are resonating with maca research claims!”

You can buy a big bottle of this and add it into your daily shake or smoothy. I like the individual shot bottles so I know I’m getting the correct amount. Before, the taste was a little hard to take (all healthy stuff is, right?) They just came out with a new flavor “Blooming Apple” and it tastes as good as it is for you!
So if you’re looking to amp up the lovin’ give this a try for two weeks and be sure to report back to me. I swear to God, everytime I talk to the founder of this product-she’s pregnant again! SO BEWARE!!

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Summer Soiree! A Night of Beauty With Top Tier Media & Manfolk PR!


Meg here! As you can see from this photo I was not alone! From left to right Dawn McCoy , Jennifer Mathews, Moi and Christina Farrell.

Top Tier Media  joined forces with the fabulous Dorothy Manfolk of Manfolk PR. An evening was had by top makeup artists, bloggers and traditional media (I snuck in through the freight elevator.)

These two companies did an amazing job at getting an L.A. flakey crowd to come out on a sweltering, summer week night. This is not easy feat. In L.A. People think they are being polite if they wait to tell you that they’re not showing up to meet you AFTER you get to the restaurant but BEFORE you valet your car.

That’s the type of mindset that you just deal with here. It’s a trade off. Sunny days for shady manners.

Before I delve more into becoming “Miss Manners” or should I type #MissManners (#everything #you #do #you #now #need #Hashtags) that’s what’s going on with those signs we are holding. Apparently, I not only need to get back to my blog but also to learn Pinterest and Instagram and YouTube. I’m going to try to do a weekly YouTube on here #GODHELPUS.


Everyone commented how lovely everyone looked and enjoyed the party. I want to tell Jen and Dorothy that everyone made the drive in LA traffic (the event started at 6pm) because they’re just really nice people. I wanted to tell them everyone was there even though it was 95 degrees out because everyone really cared about them. I wanted to tell them it was about empowering and support and love. I mean, I was there for that reason. That and because if I were a “no show” Jen would never talk to me again. The majority of the people came out in droves and they came out for two little words that can get most grown women to do anything…GIFT BAGS.

Yes, while the rest of the world stopped getting gift bags at the age of 6, women in Los Angeles feel almost insulted if they go somewhere and are not handed a bag full of something when they leave. 

Jen and Dorothy are veterens and they know the best way to get a great audience is the old fashioned way-bribery. You know these aren’t going to be schlocky bags when these ladies work with great clients! I was very happy to get my Gift Bag, my sciatica and back was not. They were chock full and while brimming to the top with all sorts of goodies. Here were my top picks! Jen was gracious enough to be my hand model as I am in deep need of a mani.

Onsen –Onsen Skincare is getting a bunch of buzz, especially their facial peels. This summer I’ve been an oil slick and I have been in dire need of a good exfoliator. I’m excited to give this a try and I’ll let you know what I think. I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat but humor me.

100% pure -I did not need any introduction to this company. Everything I’ve tried from them is fantastic! I especially adore the body washes and if you have children, this kid line is also wonderful. Really great products and really good for you too. I can’t say enough great things about the brand.

Dermorganic – Already a fan of this Argan based hair care line. Their leave-in conditioner is heavenly! I have yet to use a product from them that I didn’t love. I did not know that they had branched into skincare. I was pleasantly surprised to find both a toner and a moisture renewal in my bag. Will let you know how those fare!

Chella I also have used a Chella item in the past and was very happy with their eyelash heater. Worked greart and really curled up the peepers. I am excited to try their brow products as I have been resembling Joan Crawford (my hero) as of late. While she was an excellent parent, her eyebrows were a bit sparse so I looking forward to try to emulate more Brooke Shields this time around.

Thursday Friday-If you don’t have an extra $5,000 laying around for a Chanel bag, you can still have one-sort of. These tote bags and clutches mimic the highest designers and trends at prices that wont leave you homeless. Really cute and practical. Check them out! Great for the beach. Have the most stylish blanket ensemble on the sand!

Thanks for a great Summer Soiree! What do you ladies think about this “Gift Bag” deal? Does it go on where you live?







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Meg here and I have a great give away! If you live in California then you are so in luck! October 12th and 13th The Pasadena Convention Center is holding the premier consumer Beauty & Wellness Expo.

I love going these types of events where I get all of my info (and great perks! Look at the activities!) under one roof. It’s also great to mingle with all the rest of the SoCal beauty junkies in the area.

Aside from manicures, yoga, tanning, lash parties (etc. etc.) there are so many inspiring teachers speaking. Really cool topics from Ayurveda to Aromatherapy to Hollistic Wellness and that’s just on Saturday! I’m all in for Sunday’s “Messages from Beyond: Embracing Spirit in Our Daily Lives.” That’s just the first in a series of fascinating topics geared to help you get where you’re going. The tickets are $25 a day but we have a discount, achance to win a pair of them AND a $300 gift bag. If you weren’t well before, you will be after this experience!

What services will be there and what it exactly is…

BeWell Expo is designed to honor your inner and outer self. It is an exclusive beauty and wellness getaway where attendees can experience and indulge in the industry’s best kept secrets. As an attendee, empower yourself by embracing the tools your body, mind and spirit need to look and feel good.

 ·   Identify your skin type and understand the current condition of your skin…at the Skin Analysis Lounge 

Click on the link for more info


·      Find the best natural makeup to lock in your look… at the Eco–Beauty Makeup Bar

Click on the link for more info


·      Whole new look with a beautifully shaped eyebrow at the Brow Bar

Click on the link for more info


·      Treat yourself to the healthier gel polish manicure with trendy colors at the Eco–Nail Bar

Click on the link for more info


·      Feel like you had just spent a week on the beach…by stopping at the Tanning Bar 

Click on the link for more info


·      Enjoy a party Lash application at the Lash Bar

Click on the link for more info 


·      Emerge in a relaxation and healing sound bath with Tibetan bowls by Karma Moffett 

Click on the link for more info


·      Aura imaging (value $20.00)


·      Initiate, inspire and transform yourself at the Yoga Studio + receive free GAIAM mats on a first come, first serve basis (value $45.00)

Click on the link for more info


AttLectures/demo on energy healing, chakra balancing, relaxation techniques, color therapy, inner peace solutions, aromatherapy and much more…

Click on the link for more info


·      Shop from the beauty and wellness industry leaders.

Click on the link for more info


Tickets are $25 for one day pass and $50 for two day pass. Use code BW2013 for 20% off! Register at” Hurry! Tickets are limited.

What’s in the winner’s bag?

1.    Sheer translucent finishing powder from Plain Jane Beauty

2.    Oxygen mask from Lumavera

3.    Bio Absolute Eye Serum Gel from Bio France Lab

4.    Nightly and Daily Beauty Tea from BijaBody

5.    Vita B from Auspect Clinical

6.    Exfoliating Scalp Cleanser from Revivogen PRO

8.    Lace Highlighters from Chella


10. Love and Gratitude bracelets from The Infinite Love & Gratitude Wellness Center

How can you win? Just tell me why you would love to go! I’ll give you 2 tickets and you pick up your bag at the convention!


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Meg here! I’m trying to be better. I’m not a walking dump of toxins (well, atleast not Wednesday-Sunday.) I know I can use the very best products on the market but if my diet consists of hot pockets, vino and marlboro’s I’m not going to look like a beauty expert. I may look like one of thoses warning advisory photo’s on the peril of poor nutrition. I’m starting to think there maybe such a thing as “bad publicity” GASP. I may have to clean up my act.

Fortunately, I have found It is an age defying system made with all of those hot sueprfoods you’re reading about everywhere. All from South America and a lot from Peru! Funny enough, when I was in Peru, the last think I spent time doing was searching for purple corn so I’m lucky has that covered.

You know those people that spend all that money on those fancy shake makers? The blenders are like $500! I know because I just bought one. True, it is a Margarita Maker but I see how being one of those healthy smoothie people can get pricey! Not only is it expensive but it’s time consumig, and it’s a Gdamn mess to clean up afterwards! I know a lot of you have real lives with children and real jobs and things and the last thing you want to be doing is chopping apples and ginger in the morning. Not to mention scrubbing the blender. Also, it’s not that easy to get purple corn out of Peru…

Try adding this to your shopping cart, I mean just for giggles….

Organic Maca (what it does) This miracle superfood is an adaptagen that works by supporting the endocine system through the pituitary gland which is responsible for the aging process.

Organic Camu Camu (what it does) It contains extraordinarily high Vitamin C content is the most important property of the fruit, higher than any other naturally found berry, fruit, or vegetable, giving way to the many benefits it provides your body including skin and hair health, mental stability, immunity support and more! 

Organic Purple Corn Extract (what it does) Purple Corn is the superfood that has shown the most promise in our opinion for not just weight loss, but obesity prevention. Known for helping to boost metabolism and help up lose body fat, numerous studies by American universities and global universities alike support these conclusions making it a critical component in our fountain of youth. The big buzzword in health right now is antioxidant and by now we all know how important they are in our diet; look for yourself at purple corn compared to the famous acai berry and blueberries. This chart shows over 5 times more anthocyanins! Making it a SUPER antioxidant compared to other commonly known superfoods.

I’m sure not getting my passport out to go find these things! Now I don’t have to. gets you healthy really easy. It’s just a drink, just a quick shot! (You all know how I love my shots!) It takes 30 seconds down the hatch and go. They have it all in these easy pre-measured bottles and after two weeks YOU WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE!

Tonight at 5:30 Pacific, 8:30 Eastern TIme, I along with my beauty guru friends, will be hosting a #youthfulliving Twitter party! I’m @megsmakeup on twitter and we’re giving tons of away!! Join us!

Live in NYC? Then lucky you! Youthh2o’s brand ambassador, Evelyn Lozada from BASKETBALL WIVES will be on hand tomorrow, September 24th at Duane Reade, Union Square for two whole hours giving away the youthH20 and telling you how it helps her stay gorgeous!

Come join the fun, put your blender away and prepared to get healthy. If you’re at all like me, “healthy” may be a stretch. I basically shoot my youthH2o to help balance out all of my naughty! I think it is working!!

What supplements do you ladies take? Any juicer’s out there? Fill me in!


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Meg here! I know it is “Hump day Hair Day” and we are only sort of deviating off topic. I really, really want you to get humped! (Gram log off now-wait, what am I saying? Gram had SIX KIDS, I think she has her “hump” down pat.)

I’m sure you have your hump down pat too! Some of you are so fit and do yoga and pilates and all that exercise! I bet some of you are the Cirque du Soleil of humps! Yet, it still isn’t working. All that amazing acrobotics and no one worth experiencing your double, upside down plie squat with. I mean, what? You’re doing this for your health? HA! Pour that second pinot babe because we’ve all been there.

I’m really lucky. I am. I have a super inflated self worth and I think I’m pretty great. Before you get all Mrs. Judge Face, you have to understand it’s not ego. It is survival. It’s a tough world out there and if you don’t value yourself than no one else is going to. Value yourself. 

Everyone is looking for a “free ride” and I make it quite clear. This ride ain’t free. I think I am pretty top shelf and you know what happens when you think you’re top shelf? You get top shelf treatment. You get respect and great guys and no I am not immune, every once in a while a house drink will get by but I can tell you this. It’s happened maybe 3 times in 23 years of dating. So I sort of know what I’m talking about here. Plus, you should see my jewelry and handbags. 

Have I ever lost my mind and become the crazy bitch worthy of one of those prison inmate shows? Yup. I own it. Behind every crazy woman is there a man that made her that way? Here! Here!

You are allowed to go insane when pushed and “have your moment.” You’re allowed to cry and freak out and have a meltdown. You’re not allowed to keep it going. Get it together. One night I was home here in Hollywood and I swear to God, I’m just the neighbor. I heard this crying chick howl and cry and smash against my neighbor’s door. It was just awful. She was screaming about him and what he had done. She was a mess. Not one you wanted to help. It had gone beyond. After 30 minutes, I had it. I went to my door and yelled “OMG. I’m nice and even I would break up with you! Get some respect. Go home! You’re proving him right. I’m only the neighbor and I hate you right now!”

Don’t be that girl.

Jo Piazza is one of my bestfriends. I love her. We have zero bullshit between us and while we will help each other, we don’t lie to each other.

These are common phrases “Oh boy, how did that go over?” “I’m sure everyone was drunk and you’re fine.” “Fair. I mean, that’s fair.” “Oh no, not good, you sure you hit the send button on that? Oh shit.” My favorites “You have your lawyer’s cell number, right?” And “I mean, no. Technically, I don’t think that’s illegal.”

So no judgement coming from this vaginal court. We’ve all danced the crazy samba.

The difference between Jo and I is that Jo is crazy successful. I really only look impressive on Google and only if you don’t go past page 2. Jo has done more fantastic things in her young years then most people do in 5 lifetimes. She is strong. She is funny, she is beautiful and smart and so accomplished and she can unknowingly make you feel like a loser in five minutes. She is is no way trying to. It’s just hard to measure yourself up against someone that is enormously great at everything. She’s written books. She’s on TV. She is a big deal. My penis just shrank and I don’t even have one. As a woman with a healthy self esteem-I look up to Jo. I aspire to be more like her. I am a lot like her (we’re both natural brunettes.) We also are use to making things happen for ourselves and getting our way and working hard and controlling our futures. We are the new men. 

So what happens when you’re not waiting for Prince Charming to ride in on a white horse to save you? I’ll tell you. The power shifts.

Like a lot of us, you’re capable and smart and you just need LOVE REHAB. Jo has again successfully done everything right. She found a great guy whose penis only rises at her greatness (you’re welcome B.)  B, is her man and he knows he’s got a keeper. And I’m just glad Jo never “dumbed herself down.” She found someone that could keep up with her. And if something were to ever change, if Jo were ever not happy. I know everything would be O.K. because ultimately, Jo is her own white horse.

You need to be your own white horse.

I get my nails done. I pay for hair extensions, I spend a poor countries GNP on my appearance. That’s OK. I’m a girl. I like to. I also like to read the business journal and know what’s going on in the world and make up my own mind. Pretty outside is only as pretty on the inside. People love “crazy” they’re bored with “stupid.”

That said, when I’ve lost my mind and been really upset and rationalized “Well, you only have a problem if you’re having a cocktail before 10am if you’ve slept the night before.” Yeah, I’ve made huge mistakes with a broken heart. Because I’m human.

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banner amanda foundation

Meg here and let’s think of this quote “You can judge the morality of a nation by the way society treats it’s animals”-Mahatma Gandhi

Instead of being our best friends protector’s we fail them constantly. My heart is broken as I type this. I wish I were the type that could not be effected. I’m not. I’m tough on the outside but a gdamn softie inside and yes, I shouldn’t type this, but if you were to message me that you were “in trouble” I will definitely help you. 

I don’t understand how people are cruel to animals. I like animals better than people. They love us. Their commodity is love. That’s it. They don’t care “who you know” or “what you do.” They just want to love you. The only ulterior motive is to get a tummy scratch.

L.A. is absolutely in dire straits with the overcrowding of pounds and of morons that insist on buying dogs. 50% of the animals in the pounds are pure breed designer dogs that have been “surrendered.” by their owners. Guess what? Due to L.A.’s budget some have 5 days to find a home or else they’re “euthanized.” I have to imagine many of the owners think that “euthanize” means vacation and not murder because why would these people do this? They did it because they’re fucking awful (sorry Gram.)

I went down to San Pedro Harbor shelter today. It is the same place I rescued Chopper from back in November, I couldn’t believe how many gorgeous, adorable pupies were there. I didn’t want a gorgeous puppy. I wanted an old, sick and extremely unattractive dog. I wanted the dog that life spat out. I wanted the dog that everyone said “No Chance” to. I wanted to show that dog that there still is humanity in this world and EVERYONE HAS A CHANCE.

Living in L.A. is a funny thing, sometimes you get so sick of everyone placing value on the outer-you have to remind yourself that the “outer” is just that. It’s nothing. Rescuing the “under dog” speaks more to my soul than the pretty. 

So I rescued “Banner.” He’s old and the shelter wrapped him in a blanket so I wouldn’t see how bad off he was. The shelter also told me “no returns.” Like I would return him to death? Once I pulled back the blanket I saw a terrified creature, one life gave up on. Banner was covered in sores and a huge tumor and still looked at me with hope. HOPE!

And I’m going to fight for Banner because he represents so much, he’s like the Ellis Island of dogs. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” At the end of the day, don’t we all want someone in our corner that will stand up for us?

Banner has his tumor removal surgery tomorrow morning. If you have $5 it will help. If everyone that read this site gave $5 we could help a lot of Banner’s It costs $1,200 to make Banner whole and THANK YOU AMANDA FOUNDATION for not turning your back on him!

I’m going to get Banner healthy and whole and great! Guess what? It’s going to do more for me to help him. Because “I get it.” Our sole purpose here is to help other’s reach their purpose. Whether it comes in an abused 3 pound dog or a grown adult person, helping others is the only reason we are on this crazy journey called life. I fucking mean that (sorry Gram.)

Back to Makeup on Friday. Banner and I have a busy day ahead.

How much do you love your pets?

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MEG here! A ton has been going on since we last spoke but first I want to deeply and truly apologize. I will update tomorrow with actual pics of me putting the products into envelopes. I swear, I finally have amazing and great stuff for each pack! I will be going as far back as A YEAR! so you a lot of you will be re-gifted. FOR FREE!

I’m sorry it has taken so long. There were a lot of factors, however the worst one is me. I do this really stupid thing that when I get overwhelmed, I hide and that is totally wrong and quite frankly, I’m an asshole for doing it. I have someone to help me now and I swear on everything that you will be rewarded for sticking with me when I sucked. I am going to try really hard to suck less. You may actually be happy, like when my parents were really bad parents I would get $50 for “lunch money” and then I was much more likely to forgive them. I’m doing the same bribery mentality here and I hope you like your lunch.

If you think you’re mad at me then you should talk to the I.R.S. They’re like, beyond at me.

WTF HAPPENED? LIFE. Honestly, life happened. I got really busy with work and life drama and at the end of the day I was tired. I know, it seems ridiculous but that’s the plain truth. After writing to pay my bills (for other publications) and talking on the phone all day pushing cosmetic companies, I was exhausted and I wasn’t fun. I didn’t want to write more. I wanted a xanax and to go to bed. So there it is. I am a lazy mofo.

YOU’RE BETTER NOW? I think so. A lot of stuff has happened over the last 6 months and I’m happy to say, it’s for the better. I have a great new addition, a fantastic right hand “main gay.” that is going to be able to make sure I don’t screw stuff up on the site. Financially, I’m in a decent spot and can now afford someone to help me.

Please know that I’m going to totally make more than right and the comments will show that as soon as the packs start coming in!

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It’s my site. I’m Megsmakeup and it’s after midnight and I can write. So be cool.

Marathon Monday. It was amazing. I was a naughty child and I was always grounded over April vacation. Same violations. A boy I was “caught with.” My sentence was always up on Patriot’s Day. Maybe in the rest of the country “Patriots Day” didn’t mean much. It was always a “freedom day” for me. The first day off of a groundation, I managed to get trapped in the house for “bad behavior” for all of April. I never worked the concealer just right to hide the April Vacation hickey. And I did it in a “cah! (for those not familiar with Boston a “car.”)

Slut shaming is the new thang and I wasn’t “Slut Shamed” I just liked to get down in a cah because the 16 year olds I knew were not yet property owners.

Freedom from my groundation was a spring day. People were out and cheering and happy and I felt free from my parents. The real revolution.

Because I am so socially networked, I had on my twitter “A blast just went off” from a high school runner I was following. This is Boston, it’s not Baghdad. The follow up tweet I expected was for her to say she farted in her pants. Because I’m from Boston, we laugh and say that shit. Pun intended.

How on earth could it be something else? This is Boston.

Limbs blown off? Blood everywhere? No, I watched glued to the news. This is BOSTON.

I despised this city growing up, It’s a terrible city to grow up in. I hated it because it was a city that cared about “who your parents are” and “where did you go to school?” Fuck that. Who cares?

I fled far and fast to get away from it. I was never going to win here.

It sucked me back in.

I give money to the homeless. I rescue my dogs. I cook dinner every night and if you need a place to crash for a year, I wil take you in. I am Boston.

It is very important, your pedigree in Boston. I prefer mutts.

I can’t watch “Good Will Hunting” without crying. I sob. I know what it is like to leave everything behind to try to become “better.”

But do we know really?

I think back on the days of innocence, the days of fun! The days when I was so happy to sneak a “bee-ah” and just relax. You should have that day. They’re great days.

My friends in Boston, they’re the best people you’ll ever meet. This attack sickened all of us. “Wherever you go, there you are.”

And here I am. In Los Angeles 3,000 miles away. I’m safe. I had a wonderful dinner out. I just wish I were back in Boston. I wish I were home.



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Meg here! Have you ever had a “wish list?” I mean it’s a “wish list” so you don’t ever expect it to be fufilled. The people that have their “wish list” fufilled usually can’t deal with the amazing results so they end up in rehab (no judgement, in fact, how the heck do people NOT self medicate. I mean really.)

I have had a couple of water tumbler glasses of wine and need to not only give a “Shout out” but also introduce a new member of family to our Meg Head bunch!

You all know Prudence. Well, right now she is drinking tequila straight from the bottle and planning how to piss on my head. She’s not in a good mood. The Queen has been getting a bit big for her britches and while I love Pru more than anything in the entire world. She needed to be reminded that she was, MY DOG And that I was not hers (I’m bad with delegating.)

 How could I make Prudence better?

At the same time, the battle of Prudence was taking over as lead supremacy leader of the house (she had a good run.) We needed a new roommate. Nick moved in.

I didn’t know Nick at all. He moved in, I had to go to New York (as I do.)

God bless him. I’m not easy to “know” nevermind live with (true, you would never have to pay for another beauty product for the rest of your life.) I come with some perks.

I’m on these email lists of “dogs at the shelter about to be killed.” They call it “Eauthanized.” Whatever you want to call it. It’s meaning is “death.” I’m remembering David Sedaris who got the call about his cat. He pictured Chinese children hiding under desks when the vet called and said “have you thought about youth in Asia?’

The pounds of LA are the worst in the country. Once a dog is turned in they have 5 DAYS TO FIND A HOME or THEY ARE KILLED. I have breast implants and weigh 115 pounds, I was a Ford Model. I can’t get a date in 5 days. This seems unfair.

I see the listing that my future dog is on the chopping block. This is the conversation…

Meg: (I’ve probably had a taste of wine)  RESCUE MISSION! RESCUE “CHOPPER!”

Nick : Shrugs shoulders. O.K. We’ll get him.

We go to sleep. Separately by the way. I call the shelter. They wont even do a “hold.” It’s a race against time to save Chopper.

End of story? We saved him and he’s fantastic. End of story? Nick came with me, drove and he’s amazing. Even though we got lost a bunch on the way to Harbor Shelter.

WHAT IS YOUR POINT MEG? It’s just this, we all need saving. Everyone of us. Sometimes the very best thing we can do to help ourselves is help someone or something else.

WHO IS NICK? He’s my new roommate that write’s “Manly Mondays.” (he’s hysterical.) Most importantly, he’s good and kind and will wake up early to drive 3 hours to help you save a dog. He’s a wonderful person and now we have “Chopper!”

Who is Chopper? We don’t know much about me. Someone probably hurt me at some point. I get scared. I’m very, very good. I like to drive Prudence nuts. Just happy to be alive!

The Amanda Foundation  is who I donate to. They have L.A.’s premiere spay and neuter vans.

The very end of story? Sometimes life shows up and the puzzle pieces come together and work. Without you having to be the puzzle expert. Things will just naturally fit. Tonight, I’m going to bed and I’m going to bed content. I have two new great friends. They’re loyal, kind, smart and funny. And only one of them can read this.

What do you think of my new rescue “Chopper?”


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Hi! My name is Meg and I decided that I wanted to show as much love to my readers as they show to me. I wanted to use my “power and influence” (take that stuff with a grain of salt…Or 5) 

I am a bit at the mercy of the makeup companies and I don’t want you to think I’m over here cashing in my Paypal and then eating bon bons. The hard truth is, makeup blogging doesn’t pay all that well (shocker.) So I have other jobs I have to do to, you know, survive.

I really love my life. I’m totally not bitching. It’s a great existence. However, shit piles up (I’m so not calling or referring to you as shit-by the way.) Then it gets over-whelming and I wait for boxes of lipgloss and when they don’t show up have melt downs. Which is beyond ridiculous when I could replace FEMA with “Lip Gloss” and I’m still freaking out.

Times are a’ changing. You don’t know, between “flash sales” and “membership samples” (hi Birchbox) It’s harder for me to get great full size product to you. But I will. Because I am Meg and I will weild my “power and influence” (try not to giggle when you read that.) To my faithful readers and I will reward you. I will reward you as you are fit to be rewarded! I WILL NEVER SEND YOU A STUPID PACKET YOU HAVE TO CUT WITH SCISSORS. I would hate that. I imagine, you would as well.

I spent the last two days cleaning my cabinets and alternating between reading member profiles, writing and packing. I did both with love and here is where I get emotional and stupid (maybe from all the manual labor, maybe from packing envelopes. Maybe from 4 glasses of wine.)

Ladies, Seriously. THANK YOU, I mean it so much! Some of you have been reading me since 2009! THANK YOU! You’re comments are hysterical. I appreciate them so much. Sometimes, we can feel very “alone” in this crazy world but I have never felt judged or negative from you. Thank you for that. You know how rare that is when you open yourself up on the internet? I have the most fantastic women supporter’s that exist.

But this is not A ONE WAY STREET! You all know how to reach me and if I can help YOU in any way…Send a message!

What I love the most about is that, yes, we rate products. But everyone does that. We can just be us. That’s all I ever wanted from this site. A place to go where we could use “products” as an initial bond but a place where we can share thoughts and ideas to propel ourselves with a like-minded support system.

So, yes Virginia there is a Santa. Her name is Meg, and I’m doing all I can to keep you on board! The packs are great! Please let me know why you read!




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AAAARGH! I’m really sorry ladies. I was going to be back Monday AM and my flight was canceled. I had no power or anything. I was trapped in NYC. I just walked in the door. I have boxes to open and packs to mail. I apologize for the weeks hold up on mailings. Just when I thought I was ahead of the game with everyone I emailed.

I’m totally stressing out over this but my roomates said they will help me sort this week!!

I know this is annoying but I swear I am doing my very best and the packs will be great!!

I liked SANDY better when she was wearing a catsuit and becoming naughty at Rydell High.

Please stick with me here.

I’ve been trying to get home all week.

Hope you and yours weren’t too affected by the storm!! Products on the way!!

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Breaking up is hard to do. Let’s face it, only the rarest among us, handle ourselves well in the midst of a breakup. For the majority of us the days and weeks post-split become a haze of vodka-sponsored trips to the shores of Blackout Island, social media stalking and staged encounters in Trader Joes.

 That’s why we deserve a pick me up.

Meghead and longtime friend of Meg’s Makeup Jo Piazza has penned her very first novel, “Love Rehab: A Novel in 12 Steps.” It will be released at the end of January just in time for every single gal’s favorite holiday—President’s Day.

But before the novel comes out, Jo wants to hear from you. She wants us to free ourselves from the bad feelings about our breakups by admitting some of the nutty things things they have done in the heartbreak haze of a breakup (drunken serenades, elaborate cyber stalking schemes that could rival Carrie Mathison, hand-stitching his name over and over again on a giant quilt that you send to his mom……that may have just been me). 

The winner will have her story included in the final version of Love Rehab (all names changed of course). Except for mine, I begged Jo to make a “Megan O’Brien” charater (duh.)

There are some pretty great prizes too ($250 Juicy Couture Gift card, Rent the Runway Gift Card, Leonor Greyl hair products, Koret handbags, a bottle of Courvosier Gold and practically a year’s supply of makeup from yours truly).

Why? Because you deserve something real, tangible and expensive when you go through a breakup. You’re beautiful and you’re worth it and if he won’t put a ring on it, then we will put some mascara on it.


GIRL POWER Enter here!

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