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keithurbanMeg here! I’m very fortunate (depending who they are, some times unfortunate) in being able to meet and interview celebrities. When Roxy and I were invited to attend a Keith Urban concert and then meet and speak with Keith Urban I of course, said “yes!” Then I had to learn about Keith Urban. I knew who he was, I just didn’t know all that much about him. I knew he was a Grammy Award winning country singer and that he is married to Nicole Kidman, that’s really it…

“Oh, you know his music!” My friend Lisa said in disbelief. “Take your cat and leave my sweater? Everyone knows that line.” It did sound familiar and 45 minutes later I had come across a site that ranked “The Top 10 Keith Urban Songs.” Armed with that list and my itunes and I was ready to go.

A few days of listening to my new play list and I was a fan! That was before I met him. Now that I’ve met him, I’m a super fan.

Yes, I am happy to report to all you die hard Keith Urban fan’s. You can rest assured he’s a very nice guy. That always makes me happy to know. I’m always disappointed when I’ve spent money on a concert or a movie and then meet the star. Only to realize “what a total jack ass.”

Not only does he put on a fantastic concert, really great and he pulled his fans onstage to sing with him-who does that? He also has a fabulous sense of humor. Just to show that he enjoys a laugh, I’ve added a clip of the out takes of he and Ellen Degeneres had while making a commercial for his new, sexy fragrance-Phoenix.

There’s really nothing sexier than being able to laugh at yourself so I’m sold. This fall, Urban has released his signature fragrance, Phoenix. No, it’s not named for Arizona but because “I’ve always loved symbolism and mythology, the symbolism of the phoenix being something that succumbs to the challenges and burns in the fire, but then is resurrected from the ashes and rises up from the ashes even stronger than before. The ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ story of the phoenix is something else that I think fits really well with a man’s cologne.” Said Urban.
phoenixLittle inside info I got? He also didn’t want a man to have to answer “that he was wearing Keith Urban.” Kiss

The cologne is going to be available at mass retailers and starts at a reasonable $24.

When asked what were some of his favorite scents, Urban quoted to be drawn to “Fresh-cut grass, clothes drying in a dryer. I love wood-burning fireplaces. Jasmine, gardenia.” The cologne thus leans to more earthy tones, infused a variety of scents including black berries, cognac, dark chocolate, and gourmand amber.

After the concert, I was given a bottle of Phoenix. I didn’t open it, it went straight into my suitcase bound for NYC. My guy isn’t exactly a product junkie. I was curious if he would want to keep the bottle. “It’s musky, it’s good for a guy that doesn’t want a perfumey type of fruity smell.” He kept the bottle.

For those of you Keith Urban fans, I suggest you check out Phoenix. If you’re not a fan, I suggest you check out Keith Urban.

What celebrity fragrances are you a fan of?

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