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Meg here! It is THE BEST, the crown jewel of BB’s and I have more friends asking me if I have “samples” of this more than any current item. The price is luxury and the product is as well.

Have you ever tried a BB? They go on light as silk, provide coverage to even out your complexion and the finest include SPF.

If you’re like me (the laziest person ever) you welcome ONE product that acts as a concealer, a moisturizer and has protection from the sun. 3LAB Perfect BB is the finest product on the market to remedy all of your facial inperfections and protect you from getting new ones.

This BB is the HOLY GRAIL for everyone that’s “in the know.” 

I am lucky enough to use 3LAB (see VERY USED BOTTLE.) I treat it like Seinfeld’s Elaine using her “birth control sponge.” Instead of asking “Is he sponge worthy?” (A lot of you are too young to remember but Elaine’s favorite birth control was being pulled off the market.) I ask myself “Is today 3LAB BB Worthy?” IT’S THAT GREAT!

I was reminded how wonderful it actually works (coverage is remarkable!) When a friend told me how much she loves the product and regularly gets it. I believe she said “I can’t live without it!” That reminded me that I had been saving my tube for so many rainy days, and then I remembered it doesn’t rain in Southern California and I just should throw caution to the wind and use it!

So I used it, and then I remembered why I save it like a US Savings Bond or the diamond ring from my first marriage. They’re all emergency funds-All items (like the guest hand towels) that we have to look at. Too pretty or precious or valuable.

My face is worth $95 a month! i have to stop thinking I grew up in The Depression. This is a 3-in-1. You’re getting a moisturizer, foundation, concealer AND SPF (So it is a 4-in-1.) Downright cheap when you do the math!

We really shouldn’t need a special occassion to treat ourselves to the best products out on the market! It’s your face! People see that everyday and they deserve to see the best one you’ll got! You deserve to have the best product to make that mug of yours flawless!

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Meg here! Kimberly Parry Organics is a new brand…To me. It’s not a new brand to the most exclusive spa’s in the world! Yes, Terranea. Spa Montage. Canyon Ranch. Four Seasons. I’ve heard of them, you’ve heard of them-most importantly, they’ve all heard of Kimberly Parry Organics.


They’re a number of items people are gaga for in this line but I have two I am using religiously. I know, I know, we are told we have to wash our face every night before bed. I’m sure you do this. I don’t. I never remember to. Actualy, that’s a lie. I remember to, I’m just tired and lazy so I rarely do. 

Kimberly Parry Organics Cleansing Oil  lives in my shower and is part of my morning wash routine (you know, the one I was ordered to do the night before but instead fell asleep full makeup face on.) With all the primer I use, my daily makeup is painted on like war paint. I’ve gotten all of the staying factor down to an art and it is not moving. A refreshing cleanser for all skin types which also makes an excellent makeup remover.The oil cleansing method is a wonderful way to replenish and balance the skin.This wonderful product cleanses your pores of dirt and bacteria while replacing the dirty oil with nutritious oils that heal and protect your skin.When used consistently, Cleansing Oil  will leave your skin healthy and balanced. “

I am completely bare faced by the time I step out of my morning shower. Not only that but my skin is feeling F.I.N.E.!  The essential oils repair the stripping my dermis just took so not only was it a step in removing my makeup, it was like a mini spa treatment to heal my skin. Who knew being such a night time slacker was actually beneficial!

HOT TIP! My very famous celebrity dermatologist told me the following… Your face serum is most effective one minute after you get out of your hot, steamy shower. That’s when you’re pores are still open and the serum can seep in and be the most effective.

Step 2 that’s making my skin look better than ever!


Kimberly Parry Organics Recovery Serum! Love this potion! LOVE. I have actually gone out WITHOUT makeup and had people comment how amazing my complexion is. My face doesn’t look dull or grey or old. The serum seeps into my skin and it makes my face feel so soft. It is hydrating, soothing and I see a major difference from before I started this duo. It was like my face was a dried out dehydrated plant that needed wanter (if you will.) Here’s the 411 on my miracle jar A results oriented serum that absorbs quickly and delivers deep hydration and healing properties to the skin.This powerful combination of nourishing pure plant oils provides your skin with essential amino acids, and essential fatty acids necessary for healthy and glowing skin. RECOVERY SERUM will promote new tissue formation, accelerate healing and give your skin a healthy glow. This is the perfect serum to use when your skin needs to recover from environmental stress, illness or natural aging process.”

Since my skin has become um, “mature” I definitely notice when I skip my Recovery Serum. I guess it’s like flossing. You’re supposed to do it. You don’t but then once you get in the swing of it you’re committed.

Kimberly Parry Organics is obviously ORGANIC. Kimberly is an actual person. A very cool woman. She was in the corporate world and fley around the globe. Hotel to hotel. To unwind, Kimberly would visit each of her hotel’s spa. Thus becoming a “spa junkie.” These were some of the most expensive, prestigious spas in the world. Kimberly would purchase all of the products only to be left very disappointed. Kimberly left the corporate world and entered the world of organics. She learned the benefits of every plant and every oil. She became the ideal person to create a brand that high end spas needed. They need natural products that sctually worked. I can attest, they are working for me.

What spas have you visited and what products have you loved? Give Kimberly Parry Organics a try!


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Meg here! Breaking up is hard to do, it sucks. Death, putting your dog to sleep, broken heart. I think it might go in that order? I’m getting better and after a tough 3 weeks I’m getting back on the horse and forcing myself back out on the town. It’s so hard when you think you’ve found the “one” but it turns out it wasn’t the “one”.

Life doesn’t stop just because you want to stay in your bed for oh, a week or two. You have to get up and face the music and move out of Belvedere Lane. You have to dry your eyes and…Oh no, what about these dark circles? These dark circles are not looking good.

Upon closer inspection, the bags were dark and the face was splotchy. Just because I was feeling like Hell didn’t mean that I needed to look like it.

Thankfully, I have a new find and I LOVE this! Click around on the site and take a look at the packaging. It is truly cutting edge and everything that I’ve tried has a new, inventive and cool twist on the tried and true (I can’t wait to review the Click Click Lipstick.)

But Houston, we had a problem and I had a face save. Enter the fantastic 2-in-1 from Ducce Cosmetics (pronounced Doe-Say.) Ducce is a new kid on the block, just now doing a push into the US. They’re launching in Henri Bendel next month and I’m predicting the’re not going to have any problem moving into other high-end markets.

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Meg here! Happy New Year! I know, we’re well into 2014 but better late than never? Before the madness of the hoidays, I was invited by my friend Jennifer Chan from E! Online to try a new line going into Sephora. The line is called Radical Skincare and it is fabulous! The founders of the line, Liz and Rachel are a strong endorsement that it really works. I can personally attest that these sisters give some great face! Their skin is flawless. It might help that their father is a well respected plastic surgeon and they grew up working in their father’s lab. When Rachel developed terrible rosacea and Liz was not seeing results with the current products on the market, they decided to take matters into their own hands.


The duo never had the intention to take their potion to market. They made it for their own personal use but something happened… Rachel’s rosacea, an ailment that had her on THREE different medications-completely cleared up. Liz wasn’t the only one that noticed that her skin was looking younger. People were stopping her on the street wanting to know her secret. 

I know these sisters are fabulous and beautiful and somehow they managed to get the prototype of their product off to Melanie Griffith. Yes, that Melanie Griffith. Working Girl, Tess McGill herself. You know how many free things celebrities get sent? Let me fill you in-A LOT. 

Cut to my invitation to Radical Skincare’s launch. Some time passed and Griffith became a huge fan of the line. Enough of a fan that she offered to have a party IN HER HOUSE. To celebrate the launch of Radical skincare’s arrival at Sephora, Liz and Rachel held a party with Melanie. The party had aestheticians on hand providing facials and encouraging the guests to really get to know the line. I have to agree that it’s a winner!


I will get more in depth with each product but I have to start with my absolute favorite. I am really in love with Radical Skincare’s Revitalizing Mask.

This mask applies like a serum and soaks in to where your skin really needs it but here’s the kicker. It foams and gets all sudsy. The technology that delivers the nutrients is a new sensation. I felt like I had pop rocks on my face, but in a fun way. Ok, let me edit that. It felt like I had a fine glass of champers bubbling away, turning my dry and tired skin fresh and glowing.

I absolutely LOVE this mask and grab for it constantly. It’s no mess, no drip and the results are really beautiful. It only takes 10 minutes and you’ve got a new, clean-fresh canvass. My skin really felt tons smoother and looked a lot healthier after the first application. I am a huge devotee!

I hope the video gives the mask justice and you can see how great it foams! Check this line out. Radical Skincare delivers Radical Results! What’s your favorite mask application?


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Stacy B here! I am one traveling Mama. This summer we did many long weekends, a bunch of overnights, a trip to Disney World and another one to San Diego and LA. Hello frequent flyer mles!! I miss summer already, but I’m looking forward to a low key fall!

You’d think I’d be a good packer by this point. Actually, I am a great packer, for my kids. They had everything they needed and more. They had enough toys to last a 12 hour flight, enough clothes for 2 weeks and enough random other crap that I’m shocked our luggage was under the weight limit. I did forget a few things for myself. But, we were visiting the in-laws so we had no problem jumping in their car and heading to the nearest drug store.

While digging through stuffed animals, puzzles, books, water-wings, diapers, bathing suits and too much more to write, I realized I forgot my soap for my face. No big deal, like I said, we were minutes from a drug store and it gave us a chance to get out of the house for a few minutes. And samples sizes are a guilty pleasure of mine. I love them, they are so cute! And such a good way to try new products. I wish more products offered trial/travel size.

I decided to try something different for my face, even though my normal brand had a trial size. I do my best but my face is really tan, even with daily sunblock. I just have skin that browns easily. So I felt like I was in need of a good exfoliating product to clean away some dead skin. I went deep into my high school roots and grabbed a St. Ives exfoliating facial scrub.  

I feel like this apricot scrub was every girl’s first scrub. Maybe this or Clean & Clear….The little particles of almond in there really smoothed out my face. Luckily, I have no issues with breakouts or blackheads, even after traveling, but my skin really felt much smoother and healthier. It had a nice little glow to it, too. And not because of the sun!

It smelled fresh and clean, washed away very quickly and easily and a little bit went a long way. Traveling can be stressful and we know how stress can hurt our skin. Add a trip to the in-laws, two 6-hour flights with a 4-year-old and a 15-month old, a 3-hour time change and the stress potential for this trip was really, REALLY high. But, the boys were unbelievably well-behaved on both flights. Strangers were complimenting us, it was great. I got a high five and a ‘congratulations’ from a nice old man who was about 3 rows behind us. My boys did not make a peep! They also both survived the time change surprisingly well and had a great time with their grandparents and cousins.

I really lucked out, I found a great product that kept me looking fresh, young and glowing and we had a successful trip in all ways possible. Plus, thanks to a convenient trial size for $1, I have a new product that I really like and will probably always use as my travel go-to. It washed away airplane oils and residue so fast, it was totally worth it. I would have paid $2 for it! 




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Meg here! Guess what? I didn’t graduate from medical school while I went missing. You know I am a contributor for other publications right? Well, because the police may be reading this I will only say that this may or may not have happened. If you really need to know whether this happened then I am happy to report I have a fantastic attorney and you can forward all inquiries to him.

Boss lady: We have a tip that Kim Kardashian has checked into Cedar’s Sinai and is about to give birth. Can you get in?

I may do some undercover work from time to time.

Me: Well, I have a lab coat and my eyeglasses. I can put my hair in a bun and try to work my way in. I’ll give it a shot.

Boss lady: Great! Get in there and see what’s going on.

The entire time I’m in the car in my undercover garb I am praying that I don’t get into the hospital and someone has a heart attack. Someone spots “Dr. O’Brien” and yells out “Don’t worry! There’s Dr. in the house. She’ll know what to do!” I am well versed on how much botox I put into my face. The only medical emergency I feel I am able to consult on is “crows feet” filler.

I actually have a decent track record on getting some celeb scoop but TMZ had me more than beat on this story. Did I get in? Hell yeah!  Perhaps.

My point being that in life, a lot of us have to play “double duty.” We have to play different roles and wear different hats, to succeed in life you have to be more than a one trick pony. If I have to do that as a person just to thrive, than you can bet I expect the same from my products.

airelle berrimatrix eye lip

Airelle Berrimatrix Eye & Lip Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid is not only my new secret weapon. It’s also Jenna Elfman’s, Denise Richards and the cast of “The Voice” their “must have.” It’s being used by all the top Hollywood makeup artists. This gem is dual duty. It reduces the puff under your eyes with one swipe. We all know I have a battle with cigarettes and swipes around the delicate mouth area fill in “smoker lines.”

Airelle’s founder is a dermatology expert. Kasey is from Maine. Everyone knows that blueberries are the highest in anti-aging anti-oxidents and Maine harvests world famous blueberries. Realizing the natural benefits, Kasey began painstakingly researching the most natural concoction to give women fantastic results.

I absolutely love that I have this in my purse for on the go, easy fixes and it’s packaged so it will last me a long time. The bottle is compact with a screw off lid and a roller ball applicator. No mess. No fuss. No drip. Swipe and go!

Powerful target treatment for trouble areas. Designed to firm and smooth the delicate skin around  the eyes and lips. Fine lines and puffy eyes are improved with roller ball applicator. Hyaluronic Acid helps texture appear noticeably tighter, softer and smoother after applying. Use twice daily for best results.”


While not playing Doctor (so much more fun as a kid or naughty adult by the way.) I was playing another fantasy role. I call this role “responsible.” I’m trying to get really great at it and I have proof here of me doing exactly what I promised. My main gay and I spent hours pouring over make up point redemptions. We got a ton done and I hope you ladies love your goodies. A sincere “THANK YOU” for being so cool with me and my apology.

We have really great items going out and I do appreciate you all cutting me slack!

I did have the lab coat in my closet so when Boss Lady called I was ready to maybe go undercover. To be fair, I have more costumes than Liberace in my closet. You never know what the I.R.S is going to do these days and I see how much publicity Amanda Bynes has been getting for her wigs. A smart girl is always stocked, ready to go incognito. “On the run” is the new black.

Thanks ladies and what dual use item is your “must have?”

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Meg here! I am running all over the place today. It’s going to be a very busy Friday but I wanted to leave you something to kick off your weekend right! Tarte is having a 50% off sale! 

I know you already know how amazing Tarte! Is. We have been raving over them for years. I am so obseesed with their new Aqualillies line (review to come soon!) Park Avenue Princess Bronze and Cheek Tint is my latest “must have obsession.” It may be the most perfect summer item. A glowy 2-in-one that that goes on smooth as silk, looks incrediblely natural and the pink on the tip brings the perfect flush to the apples of your cheeks. It is so awesome, I have been reaching for it daily!

Check out the sale and have a wonderful weekend! xox Meg

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Nick Stern here! Men are creatures of habit. Once we get accustomed to a routine, we are committed to it. This shouldn’t be mistaken for loyalty or integrity but simply laziness. We exert just enough energy to find our comfort zone and as soon as we discover it…Good luck trying to lure us out. No! Really, men don’t like to leave their “comfort zone?” This is why many of you struggle to get the men in your lives to upgrade their skin care routine. You might be laughing right now because the closest thing to a skin care routine for your man is probably a bar of soap and a washcloth. I would stop laughing though because their failure is really your failure. I can’t wait to hear how this is our fault.

Let’s face the facts, without women forcing this whole hygiene agenda down our throats in the first place, most men would probably stop showering altogether. However, women can command (nag) a man to do anything when it comes to maintaining a respectable appearance. I mean Meg (yes, Meg nags me not to start sentences with “I mean”) in passing told me that my toe nails needed to be clipped. Now at the time I totally downplayed my concern as it was the weekend. All I wanted to do was watch basketball with my beer and my primal toe nails. But it was useless, the seed was planted in my head and an hour later I was in my bedroom clipping those suckers listening to The Cranberries like a brainwashed Stepford wife. I’m sorry you felt brainwashed Nick, I now see that I took away 10 great self defense weapons.

Please understand that I’m in extreme circumstances living with a beauty expert and all. I’ve learned about exfoliation, eye creams, eye gels, the difference between eye creams and eye gels, lip balms, hand balms, cuticle balms, balms with more balms…I even know that the oils on your face have low PH and when you use bar soap, which has high PH, you can actually damage the natural balance of your face by leaving a salt residue and sucking the moisture from your face. Still laughing….because I just dropped some knowledge on everyone. Meg, did you even know that? I am all knowing. AP Chemistry (fist pump)! Where was I?

Ah yes…so ladies you have an obligation to improve your man’s skin care, if not for his appearance at least for the health of his skin. What exactly is your job here?

I know changing your man’s routine is a daunting task….he probably already has his standard soap, his shaving cream, his deodorant, his shampoo (hopefully he has a conditioner in a separate bottle., Pert Plus was great when we were 13), and you are not going to change his comfort zone overnight. Asking him to try a daily facial cleanser or an eye cream might overwhelm him with too much commitment right out of the gate. We don’t want to push him back into the arms of the bar soap by being too aggressive.  Thus, the easiest way to improve his routine is to add something that isn’t a daily commitment but a weekly one. My advice is to start with a weekly facial mask like the Lava Masque by Kyoku for Men to his regimen giving  him what everyone wants a product that has a big payoff for little effort. You only have to convince your guy to use the lava mask for 10 minutes a week to see great results. Honestly, his skin looks really, really great!

There are plenty of facial masks out there but only the Lava Masque by Kyoku has a natural volcanic mud/ash base that extracts excess oils and removes dead skin cells while the 73 essential sea minerals increase blood circulation improving cellular renewal and revealing a healthier, younger looking skin. The best part is that this product screams masculinity. Having volcanic ash on your face…I mean how can you get more manly than that. Seriously! Volcanoes have wiped out entire civilizations and you’re now wearing part of it on your face. I usually spend the 10 minutes staring at myself in the mirror and reenacting scenes from Braveheart or sometimes I turn off the lights in the bathroom and pretend to be a Navy Seal. And this is where he loses me…

Ladies stop laughing at your man’s juvenile skin care routine and go get him a volcano! Meg, prepare the Lava Masque, it’s time to go to war! Nick’s skin looks amazing! If you ladies want to check out a masque for your man (and don’t want to share yours) Kyoku has great products that wont break the bank!  How many of you share products with your guy?

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Meg here! I am happy to report that I am still smoke free! That’s great, however the pack a day for twenty years bit may have done some damage. Those are “naughty lines.” Lines my bad behavior caused. Smile lines? how is that fair? Isn’t smiling good? I love to laugh, I really do. If you have any doubt you can see my “laughing lines” aka “crow’s feet.” Had a good life? Lots of joy and giggles. The joke’s on you lady! We will see your laughter and raise you a tear once you see the wrinkles we’ve got in store for you. What’s a girl to do? Walk around expressionless (that is an option but hardly seems fun.)

I have a new magic wand (Fine. I have another magic wand but this is for your eyes!) Michael Todd True Organics Eye-O-Sonic Infusion System is my new secret weapon. How much do I love this? I’m taking it with me on Extra! This Wednesday, I’m going to be vibrating away any lines Mario Lopez might have (I’ve never seen any on him but you never know if there are some lurking. He seems to smile a bunch.)

“Meg, is this a gimmick? Seriously, a vibrating wand for your eyes? What does it do and how exactly is it any different then using my own hands?” There are a million off color jokes I could make about the benefits of a vibrating wand over your own hands but since my grandmother insists on reading this site. I will refrain.

The answer is in the ions! This is the quickest way to sum up what’s going on. The explanation of Ion Technology: The outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) is covered by a tough layer of dead skin cells that functions like a wall to keep foreign substances out such as heat, light, dirt, microorganisms and pollutants, which is a good thing when it comes to protecting us. Unfortunately, it is a bad thing when we want to nourish and moisturize our skin because this protective layer prevents the penetration of biologically effective ingredients meant for repairing the skin. You see, the “wall” is not selective. It does not differentiate between what is good for the skin and what is not.

The eyeosonic is beneficial because it can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your topical renewing products. It is a uniquely effective therapy that uses ions to penetrate the skin’s natural barrier and carry skin care products more deeply into the skin where they can work effectively to rejuvenate cells at a molecular level.

Hundreds of ions pulsate into the skin and deliver your eye cream more effectively, it really gets it in there. Whats the point of having pricey eye creams if it’s not being applied effectively? Oh yeah, I don’t know if any of you have ever smoked. I’m guessing that you’re too smart to do that and have never had a puff. If you have maybe had a lapse, the Michael Todd True Organic Eye-O-Sonic Infusion is also great for those pesky “old lady smoker lines” that can appear above the lips.

Also, it’s relaxing and it feels good. The eye wand. Sheesh people!

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The other day someone questioned me how manly a Manly Monday could really be since I write for a beauty blog. And though my user name is WordsofWhimsy (Meg refuses to allow me to change this somewhat regrettable and whimsical choice of words) I believe I have a responsibility to champion the best products for men because men only want the best. We want the best lover, the best car (car probably goes first), the best job, the best sports team, so why would men want to settle for second rate hygienic products. Now I get it that some men are never going to try fancy body wash or eye creams but I’m going to discuss something that all men need…that all men secretly want (even if they don’t know it.)  Shaving is a daily necessity and unless your man is a cowboy, a civil war veteran, or a porn star it’s time for a shave…seriously. I had a mustache for a year in college and the only things I got out of it were a lot of fist pumps and girls always asking me for drugs. 

Shaving is a billion dollar industry and both Gillette and Schick have spent years of research ingraining their brands into the minds of your men. In fact you might not have known this but Gillette actually sends every 18 year old a free razor for his birthday. What’s the point I’m trying to make you’re asking…well the point is that if we’re going to get your men to try a better shaving product, we have our work cut out for us. This won’t happen overnight but with baby steps we can definitely enhance your man’s shaving experience. So without further ado, let me introduce you to  Billy Jealousy’s Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment. If your man has ever had a real manly shave at a barbershop (and if he hasn’t you just got yourself a last minute gift idea…wink) then he knows the warm and comforting feel of a hot towel wrapped around his face. Billy Jealousy bottles that experience in their Hot Towel formula. It’s simple to use heating up in seconds after applying to a moistened face and then using a traditional shave lather for a cleaner, closer shave.  

It says to avoid using this product if you have sensitive skin but actually my “man child” holds up very nicely when using  Now do you need this product to shave no…but do you really need a Ferrari to drive or a private jet to fly…the answer is no, but this product isn’t for the man who adheres to the norm. It’s for the man who wants “to bring a little heat” to his mundane routine…the man who wants a little luxury. So bring the barbershop to your man and have him looking and feeling like James Bond.           

Who buys cosmetic shaves for their guy? Would you?

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Meg here! There is some Beyonce concert going on and the streets are empty, if you’ve ever driven in LA traffic you realize I am indebted to Beyonce. Traveling anywhere, whether on the 405 or across the Atlantic, is a chore. Trying to pick which cosetics go with you can be as traumatic as Sophie’s Choice. There’s always limited space and the fear of the TSA. When I am forced to scale back I go into panic mode. I am back on a cross country flight in two weeks and I’m already trying to figure out what cosmetics are going to make the cut.

Imagine my relief when the most gorgeous designer travel, cosmetics bag showed up to my door! The intricate, colorful stitching screamed expensive “Missoni!” But wait, it was not from a Haute Couture high fashion house? What could it be? upon further inspection I noticed a gold plated “tarte” label! Ooh! Tarte’s such a favorite at we’ve have some many favorites from the line! It was so nice of tarte to include their hottest selling (and some of holy grails) in an exclusive Journey To Natural Beauty 6-Piece Collection for $59.94! That’s it, so for about the price of 3 tarte items you get 6? A fabulous travel bag and the cutest/chicest matching powder brush? Has tarte lost their marbles? This is a $165 value!! 

Want one? (You do, trust me) then mark your calenders for Tuesday, Feb 5th! Or you can PRE ORDER HERE!

What’s inside? How about a bunch of their best sellers and perennial favorites! If these are some of your “must haves” then you’re not going to want to miss out, if you’re new to the brand then this is a fantastic way to sample the wares, get to know this beloved brand and at a steal! This set has (1) Amazonian butter lipstick in plummy rose(deep rose) 0.1oz, (1) Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage Broad Spectrum SPF 15 foundation 1.7 fl oz choice of shades:Fair, Light, Medium, Tan or Deep (1) lights, camera, flashes! statement mascara- black 0.31 fl oz, (1) brow architect brow shaper, liner (.007oz), and definer (.014 oz), (1) Amazonian clay 12-hour blush-fearless(warm pink) 0.2 oz, (1)limited- edition airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush!

And congrats to Karen726 on winning the Billy Jealousy Salad Days Body Scrub!

What’s your favorite tarte item? I can’t wait to try this new lights! camera! flashes! Statement mascara!

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Meg here! 13 days and smoke free!! Woohoo! It’s definitely getting easier everyday and I’m getting more and more compliments on how great my skin has been looking.

Stopping smoling has made my face look clearer and brighter within just a couple weeks but there is one thing it hasn’t stopped…My hormones. With PMS kicked into high gear and both my mood and my skin out of balance, my monthly pimple emerged.

I could feel my frightful visitor about to arrive at my doorstep (If the doorstep was on my forehead, right between my eyes.) Luckily, it was the same day as Relogy arrived at my door!

Relogy was touting itself as a “Natural Acne Treatment.” I quickly opened up the box, broken down into an easy 3 step process labeled Step 1 and Step 2 and then topped off with an easy spot targeted pen-I couldn’t wait to get started and nip this third eye in the bud.

That night, I hopped in the shower and started my Relogy journey. Step 1 is a face wash. With a few pumps from the dispenser, a foamy mousse was dispensed. It spread light and evenly across my face and washed off clean. No tight or sticky feeling, no residue left. What exactly is in thisStep 1: Relogy’s Rinse-Free Foam penetrates deep into the skin’s surface to start clearing acne immediately, while soothing naturals promote a healing, redness reducing, anti-inflammatory effects. Tough on acne bacteria, this product is still gentle, smells great, and feels silky on your skin.  And, it’s 100% benzoyl-peroxide free!” 

OK, that was easy enough, now how about Step 2? The bottle says to use a pea size amount and that it’s Natural Skin Balancing Lotion is the ultimate side-effect preventer, keeping your skin soft, with just the right level of hydration for smooth, healthy, glowing skin.”  I used a pea sized amount but I did add another pea to the soup. This lotion went on very light and spreadable. It wasn’t a heavy moisturizer but felt more like a serum on application. I really liked it.


The third step? The stainless steel roller ball spot control is for specific care targeting (that third eye I speak about.) I have been using this routine for the past 6 days and I am happy to report that there was nothing to have to conceal or (Yes, I admit it. Squeeze and pop.) Period due tomorrow and I have no zingers!

I love that Relogy is animal cruelty free and vegan (you know how I’m a stickler on animal friendly products.) Its gentle formula is safe for skin that usually is prone to irritation or redness since so many acne fighting products use such harsh chemicals.

So now, with my Relogy Acne Fighting Routine, my nightly Apple Cider Vinegar shots and my kicking cigarettes, I’m going to be like Benjamin Buttons. Everyday I may not be getting younger but I am definitely looking better and healthier.

I’m really loving how easy it is to have such great skin. I have this amazing app on my Iphone. It’s called “Period Tracker” and it tracks when your ovulating, when you’re the most fertile and WHEN YOUR PERIOD IS ON IT’S WAY! It gives you the exact date. This makes my planning business trips a God send! Nothing worse than flying on Day 1 of dear friend Flo. Now, one week before I am due (and my most oily) I will be breaking out my Relogy, by doing this, I’m guaranteeing these will be the only “break outs” that I see!

Sometimes, you have to change up your skin routine depending on what your hormones are putting you through. I’m glad I have found this gentle yet effective acne blaster. Go check out the free shipping and 2 extra gifts with purchase that Relogy is offering!!

How about you? do you ever change up your routine depending on what time of the month it is? Do you use a natural acne treatment?

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