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Meg here! I am a picker and a plucker. I can’t leave that zit alone and I obsess over random hairs. I buy tweezers the way other people buy laundry detergent. I’ve always been like this. I’m sure it’s a sign of some sort of compulsion or OCD behavior. 

I guess it was maybe Sophmore year when I decided my eyebrows were too bushy (*they weren’t.) I just plucked and plucked and the inevitable happened. I plucked too aggresively and some were not growing back. Not growing back ever.

Sidenote-I have never had this problem with my armpits, bikini line or legs (go figure.)

I have done all of the tricks and have found great eyebrow fillers (favorites from Anastasia and Senna.) The deal with powders is that you have to fill in what you’re missing everday and it’s hard to draw on extra and make it look “natural.”

I had heard about tattoo permanent makeup but I didn’t want to look like Tammy Faye Baker and I mean, I LOVE TAMMY FAYE BAKER. 

Everyone knows that I guinea pig myself so that you don’t have to! I was more than a little intrigued when I heard about a new, permanent technique. It’s called 3D Feathering. It’s where the permanent makeup artist draws feather strokes to make the eyebrow ink mimic hairs. 

permalinecosmeticsbrowsFew people are experts at this. I want to stress this BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU SEE TO DO THIS PROCEDURE. Get before and after pictures, check yelp and speak to people that have had this done. Depending on your skin care regimen this procedure lasts between 2-3 YEARS. That’s a long time to be unhappy about something on your face.

It’s my job to know who the BEST of the BEST are, and that is why it was without hesitation that I booked my eyebrow 3d feathering with Emilia from PermalineCosmetics. Emilia came highly recommended and her artistry is natural and beautiful. I had no doubt scheduling my appointment with her. She is located in South Hampton, NY and Upper East Side, NY. Lucky for me, she also has a place in Huntington, NY. I was in the city but she was with her family in The Hamptons. We agreed to meet halfway. That is how bad I wanted Emilia to do this procedure-I took over an hour cab out to Long Island! That’s dedication. I also had a fancy Beverly Johnson hosted New York Fashion Week party that night so I was really putting my eggs in the basket!

By now you’ve seen my before and after pictures so i’m going to just take you step by step.

beverlybookpartyFirst Step-Emilia will discuss with you what you want (shape and color-fullness.) I trust professionals and was so in love with her before and afters I said “Just show me what you think will look best on me.” Emilia then took a pencil and drew the shape and fullness she thought would best frame my face and open up my eyes. When I looked in the mirror I was so happy and knew I was in the right place! It did give my face a lift and I instantly looked better. Dare I say, younger? It was a quick me up and I could not wait to get started!

Second Steps- NUMBING CREAM & Pick Color-I write “numbing cream” because this is very important in the steps. People commented to me the pain they were in when they had this done in other places by other people. If Emilia ever wanted to be an anesthesiologist, she could be. She was fantastic is keeping me numb during the entire process. She showed me 3 of her top color choices for my skin tone and we picked one out together.

Third Step-SIT STILL and Relax-the process is now starting. She does the entire procedure in about an hour. Does it hurt? If you can handle botox or the dentist, you can handle this. It doesn’t hurt, it was only uncomfortable when she would get a sensitive spot. The numbing cream really blocked everything and it was a 2 on a scale of 1-10 for uncomfortable.

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here! 10 years ago I started and I am lucky enough to be recognized as one of the (if not first) very first makeup blogs. Let me put this into perspective, when I started this blog, many people (most people) had never heard of “a blog.”

Urban Decay and their amazing PR extraordinaire Tammy  has been a supporter since before the time of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. My blog and Urban Decay have had a relationship lasting longer than most of my marriages.

I think that’s because we’re both able to recognize the awesomeness in each other and don’t take each other for granted and don’t bitch and whine constantly. But that’s just my take.

potionLike all good marriages, Urban Decay and have supported each other and supported amazing women! This is one reason why it doesn’t surprise me one bit that Gwen Stefani and UD have joined forces on The Ultra Violet Edge.

100% percent. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. ALL OF IT. All of the sales of Urban Decays Eye Shadow Primer Potion Enigma is going towards helping various women’s charities to the tune of THREE MILLION DOLLARS!

If you have never tried an eyeshadow primer then there is no better place to start with the Original Holy Grail Urban Decay One! I used to think my disappearing eyeshadow was the 8th wonder of the world. I’d put it on, only to be absorbed into my oily eyelids seconds later. That was until I found this primer, they could call it “glue.”

I took a trans-atlantic flight, my hair looked like I went through a wind tunnel. My clothes were a wrinkled mess. Fourteen hours later and I was tired enough to sleep at the baggage carousel. My eye makeup? It looked like I had just stepped away from a photoshoot. It’s that good.

Go do something great for yourself and go do something amazing for other women in need! It’s so often that Hollywood only gives back when they need to for Community Service. Last time I checked, Gwen Stefani had managed to keep herself off TMZ so she actually means it. HOLLA BACK GIRL!

Have you tried Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer? Tell the ladies why they need to buy this! You know, because it’s awesome and because it’s awesome to help other ladies!

Buy It Here!


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mark. Eye Dream of Glam Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette-AND HOW I SPENT AN HOUR CLICKING THROUGH THEIR SITE!


Meg here! I have a fantastic deal for you that is going to make you swoon! Swoon, I say! First off, I saw a Facebook Meme thing that said “Good News! Only 10 more Fridays until Christmas!” Seriously. We’re Still breaking 85 degrees over here and they’re already pushing holiday.

That said, I have a fantastic find. You know about mark.? mark is avon’s younger, hipper line. I’ve tried a few things from them in the past and liked what I’ve tried but this mark. Eye Dream of Glam Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette is AMAZING!

First of all, I’ve been using it everyday and I’ve hardly made a dent in it. It’s massively huge. You could use it everyday and still pass it on to your daughter. (Side note-I don’t recommend that as it’s probably a health hazard but you could.) 

The colors are marbleized so you can get a million different looks from each individual shadow. The colors also go on wet or dry! I’ve been able to also create some nice liner looks with this.

The quality is fantastic and the colors really stay put! The price is a very inexpensive $40. Really, for $40 you have about every color combination you would need ALL YEAR.  This product lasts as well as some designer eye shadow duo’s (read-two colors for the 2 of you that don’t know what a duo is) that I’ve shelled out for in the past. In closing. You need this…

Off topic, I am friends with all the original Beauty Bloggers (and a bunch of the newbies but I can’t be friends with all of the newbies since there is like a million of them.) I was one of the originals that started this whole “Beauty Blogging” deal and how I’m not rich or famous I’ll never know. Anyhow, do you know the fabulous Amber Katz? She has a fantastic site called Rouge18. I’m sure you’ve heard of it! It is fantastic. Anyhow, Amber and I are facebook friends and I saw this picture of her and supermodel Cara Delevingne. You would think I would be into what Delevingne was wearing. I wasn’t. I was immediately drawn to the jacket that Katz was wearing. I had to have it! I knew it was probably a “dream item” it was clearly a Chanel. 

I immediately messaged Amber “Where did you get that quilted jacket?”

Imagine my surprise when she wrote back “I got it at mark!

From the same mark. that I was planning on writing this eye palette review on. In a span of 24 hours I can now say I am OBSESSED with at least two “must have” items from their site!The price on that Chanel inspired jacket? $56 (or less than two Chanel lipsticks.)

As soon as I was turned on to that find, I spent the next hour clicking through the site and filling up my shopping cart. I am so happy with the quality of my mark. cosmetics, I’m sure I’ll be just as happy with the quality of the new jacket I have coming! I mean, Amber knows her stuff!

Check out the mark. site and have great time perusing. I dare you not to start filling a cart. When you do! Make sure that mark. Eye Dream of Glam Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette is in it! You will not be sorry! Any other mark. fans?

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Stacy B here! What a week. I don’t even know where to start. It’s Halloween, I started a fantastic new job for a smaller company that allows me to work from home for 25-30 hours a week so I can see my kids more, my older son turns 5 in a few more days, my husband was named Rep of the Year for his company and they gave him a 5-day vacation anywhere we want to go up to $5,000!! Anywhere! I’m thinking hot and sunny during the dead of this upcoming New England winter! Or maybe Vegas!! We’ll see, but I’m very proud of him! Hard work really pays off!

Oh, and a little thing called the WORLD SERIES just happened and we won!!! Yes, I love make up and fashion and yes, I’m a huge sports fan. I stayed awake for every second of the game last night, I was so excited, I didn’t even sit down until the 5th inning! What a great thing for my beloved city of Boston. No matter what you think of us Bostonians, or our scrappy little city, you can’t deny that after what happened at the Boston Marathon earlier this year, this city needed something to hold on to. Thank you Red Sox, for giving us hope, reminding us that good people who work together can produce more happiness and good will than two a-holes with a homemade bomb.

Wow, I really feel like I’ve been walking around with a smile on my face for days! Even though I’ve started working from home and don’t need to get dressed up every day, I still have errands to run, occasional meetings to attend, and pick up/drop off for the boys so I don’t want to look like a mess every day. 

I have a double whammy for you today, two great Covergirl products that I’ve been using lately. One is great for every day (when I’m home, or out) and one is a perfect “get me from day to night quickly and easily”. My husband and I go out to dinner once a week while my kids torture the grandparents so I like to have something to transform me from work-from-home Mommy, to fun, sexy dinner date.

I am not a red lipstick person, so I look for eye products to glam me up and make me feel put together. Covergirl’s “Clump Crusher by LashBlast” mascara has been great this week. It has one of those newer style flexible plastic wands that’s sturdier than the traditional bristle wand. I like both and think they are good for different things. This is a great everyday mascara. It truly separates each lash and there are no clumps whatsoever. I do feel it lacks volume, and only moderately lengthens, but for being at home, running errands, or even slow days at the office, this is great. It’s subtle, defines each lash, separates them all and opens up your eyes. I have noticed no clumps or bits and pieces on my face at the end of the day. And it washes off really easily so I’m not killing my delicate eye skin by scrubbing. 

My next item is my ‘you have 10 minutes to get ready for your date’ item: Covergirl’s “Gel Eyeliner: Ink It! By Perfect Point Plus” eye liner in black. This is by far the blackest black liner I’ve ever had. It’s sharp and precise. And it sticks around! I was shocked at how perfectly black it is, how versatile it is, and what a difference it made in just a few seconds. I can use it lightly for a subtle line on my lashes, or press down a little harder and thicken it up for a more dramatic look. It’s so easy to use, it’s a twist up tube, so no sharpeners needed, and it’s thin so you can be creative and create a serious cat eye. Even if you decide to give it a smudge for a more smokey eye, it still maintains its pigment. It really is like lining your eyes with black ink without the messiness of a liquid. Which is perfect for Halloween!! Glam it up! It’s so bold, I would love to check it out in other colors.

Two great items, both in your budget. I don’t have a Halloween costumer for tonight (which has thoroughly offended my older son) but maybe I can find some cat ears somewhere and take my new favorite liner and add some wings and maybe even some whiskers! 

Happy Halloween everyone, and Go Sox!! 


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Meg here! I promised Jon I would stop swearing in my posts because much like my grandmother, it offends him. I’m going to try to stop swearing which is coming at a very inopportune time since I want to say how F$^#ing Amazing Dedra Beauty is. 

Dedra Whitt has been a top makeup artist in Hollywood for 17 years. While she isn’t applying the faces to Jessica Biel, Julia Ormand or Mila Kunis you can catch her making up The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (and sometimes being drawn into the drama. Poor Dedra, she was just trying to apply a smoky eye!) 

More than the toast of the town for her talented ways of making famous faces fresh again, Dedra is a wife and a mom and a wonderful friend! She is super cool and I enjoy her completely. I also enjoy her philosophy behind her new line. In a nutshell, she wants you to look like the very best you and EASILY. Her makeup is designed for the everyday woman. “It’s so easy you can put it on in your car.”

I love everything in her line and will be telling you about each piece individually and why it is so special. I have to start with Smudge Pencil. Dedra Beauty Smudge Pencil is my new go to. I have it in my purse cosmetic bag because I feel panic start to set it in when I’m without it.

It’s chubby and it glides on smooth as silk. I don’t know how Dedra managed to formulate both a pencil that’s so blendable with such great staying power. It wears beautifully all night long. I am in love with the “Baroque” shade. It is such a deep, coppery brown. It’s the best universally flattering color and it wears day to night.


Personally, I know Dedra Whitt and have met with her several times over the process while she worked on her products. The lady is a total perfectionist. I can’t tell you how many times she sent back samples because everything wasn’t 100 percent up to her very high standards. She waited until this line was completely right, a line she herself would use on her very famous clients. That’s commitment to your brand and Dedra wasn’t willing to put her name on something until she got it right. She really got it right!

There are already so many different cosmetic lines on the market, I’m always slow to advise anyone to jump into the arena. If you’re going to take the plunge you have to be bringing something new to the table since we’re all inundated all of the time.

Dedra has taken her years of experience to pare down a line to the pieces that you just really need. Her colors will work on anyone and she got the formulas down perfectly!  is a fantastic site! I’ve spoken to Dedra and we need to get the word out! Please comment and tweet to @Megsmakeup your favorite Dedra item and 5 lucky winners will get to try! What would be your pick? Oh and of course, who is your favorite Real Housewife?


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Meg here! We have a gorgeous palette from Urban Decay to discuss! A tin that we stocked with a “starter” color and then one you can fill with your chosen Urban colors and carry with you just like a makeup artists. One with their favorite picks.


Before we delve into Urban Decay, I just want to say “THANK YOU!!” If you were able to donate to AMANDA FOUNDATION or prayed for Banner (we renamed him Grimmy-he’s a gremlin.) or prayed for us, or sent your positive energy and thoughts or hugged your own pets harder that night-IT WORKED! What looked like a serious surgery, became a miracle. I believe it was all of you and your love. Once Grimmy went down on the operating table the tumor just came right off! Like it was a zit and not a tumor! How did that happen? That wasn’t suppose to happen. It was suppose to be a major surgery. Instead it was like a giant blackhead removal. You know what happened? I do. You guys happened. Your heart sent out love and we got it! THANK YOU! Not to get weird (but to get weird) all of the positive energy hit the universe and it got sent to someone in The Universe’s Executive team and it went like this.

Universe Management: Hi! Sorry to bother you but it seems like we have a situation on our hands.

Universe: Egypt? Kabul? Oh, let me guess? It’s that damn Al Qaeda again? What have they done now? How much time is this one going to take? I have lunch in 15. Can we make this quick?

Universe Management: We got this whole “positive energy of hope and love surge.” I wouldn’t normally bring this to your attention, but it’s out of Los Angeles and that usually never happens unless Ryan Gosling is in town. He’s not. It’s about this hairless, tumor ridden dog. So strange, I know. Can we make his surgery work out? The natives are getting restless and we don’t have a Gosling movie slated until 2014 so we need to do something?

Universe: I need a Subway 6 inch. I’m starving. Shut them up. Cure the damn dog.

The next thing the surgical team knew, the tumor almost fell off Grimmy’s ear. You can say I’m crazy (you wouldn’t be unique) but that wasn’t suppose to happen-I thank you. I thank The Universe’s Management and I thank The Universe. I also give huge thanks to The Amanda Foundation.

More than that, Grimmy thanks you most. The donations poured in to save him and I am humbled. THANKS MEGHEADS! (also, thank you Ryan Gosling for not being in Los Angeles this week.)


Urban Decay I also thank! Not only does Tammy bring us awesome products but PLEASE REMEMBER THIS WHEN YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO BUY- URBAN DECAY IN 10 YEARS HAS NEVER REFUSED TO DONATE TO AN ANIMAL CAUSE THAT I HAVE ASKED FOR THEIR SUPPORT FOR. NEVER. That’s ridiculously generous and insane and they ALWAYS HELP.

Our dollars decide who succeeds and this company has heart. When you love what you do you give love back. Urban Decay has always been at the cutting edge of beauty and they are beautiful inside and out.

A lot of you got a build your own palette from Urban Decay! Their shadows are heavily pigmented, colors to die for and blend like a dream! They’re featured in every top make up artist’s kit and their letting you build your own with a palette and UNIVERSALLY FLATTERING SHADE!

So again, we reach out to the universe. I’m sure he enjoyed his Subway and this was a no brainer for him.

Let me know how you like this palette and how you speak to the universe? Because I’m telling you this, ask exactly what you need (universe is busy) and you will get it.


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Meg here! I’ve been very sick. I’m 88% better but it has been a rough week. Running around NYC (in what is COLD to me 40ish degrees) gave me a terrible flu once I returned home.

After being isolated and asleep and sick for three straight days, I needed to get out of my house. There was a danger of me turning into Howard Hughes and starting to pee into bottles. I needed to visit the outside world. I had taken my meds and while I was not feeling even 70 percent better, I was no longer a contagious threat. A shower and easy night out was what I was needing.

Our Manly Monday leader, Nick Stern was kind enough to be my escort. I booked our tickets online and we were set for the 6:30pm showing of OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL!

This was just what I was needing, during my illness I was too sick to open up my recent packages. Fresh from a (much needed) shower, I took my new strength and open a fedex marked from Urban Decay. What was inside transported me to a land filled with bright technicolor! I was only in black and white before I opened what may be, the most beautiful palette to ever exist!

Well, there were two of them looking up at me. The Glinda Palette (I confess, I have not opened it yet.) Is packaged white and pearlized and looks almost angelic. The EIGHTcolors inside were pinks and peaches and golds. Flanked with a plum eye pencil and sheer beige lip color. It is so pretty. I hate when they package things so gorgeous that you almost feel guilty when you open them! It’s like people that only put out the good hand towels when guests come over. USE IT ON YOURSELF is hard for me. I mean, it’s normally hard for me. It WAS hard for me. I couldn’t  tear into the Theodora Palette quick enough.

The Theodora Palette is chock full of sexy, smoldering style. The warmer hues in sables and minks, the EIGHT shades were also rounded out with greens and golds. A black eye pencil and creamy red lip are included. I am IN LOVE! This is definitely the NIGHT palette.

Between Glinda for Day and Theodora for night, you have every eye look you will ever need. FOR A LONG TIME! Are you a good witch or a bad witch? (I don’t know why I threw that last sentence in there, I must still be a bit feverish.

These palettes are so gorgeous you are never going to want to be without them. You can even customize them once you go through the shadows (but trust me, it will be a LONG time before then!) You can actually just pop in any UD shadow pots-how great is that?

The colors went on beautifully and I actually felt like I was among the living once I put my face on. I can’t wait to open Glinda palette for my day time looks. I have an event (a fancy luncheon ooh la la!) to attend on Friday and I will be breaking that bad girl out. Once I get over the heart palpitations and stress of opening such a beautiful presentation.

Run, don’t walk. These babies are going to sell out and you know they’re going to be hundreds of dollars on Ebay shortly. Maybe buy a few as an investment? You know, like you do with other fine art.

I give these palettes 5 champagne glasses only because the option to give them 10 is not around! I also enjoyed the movie. No, it’s not going to change your life but it will entertain you and make you forget about anything that may be ailing you for 2.5 hours. That’s good enough for me.

And, if my makeup looked half as good as Mila Kunis as Theodora, it was a complete win-win! GO GET THIS!!

WHO ELSE HAS ENJOYED An Urban Decay Limited Edition set?

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Nick Here! I actually just woke up from my Derma nap only a moment ago which inspired me to write.

This is a lie, he was woken up from his beauty sleep by by my shrill yell “Nick Stern! OMG get up! I’ve walked the dogs and done the dishes and you need to get me my Manly Monday!” By the way? What’s a Derma nap?

Meg, you don’t know what that is? That’s okay but don’t act surprised if you start hearing that term more often…it’s literally the new thing. Taking a nap has many benefits and it literally takes no effort. It helps your metabolism, eliminates stress by literally bathing your brain in the neurotransmitter serotonin, and most importantly regenerates skin cells for younger looking skin.

Wait? A nap regenerates your skin cells. Nick Stern, I thought you were just being lazy. All this time you were just doing research? I’m going to need to eat some humble pie. You have my full attention, go on…

I wish we lived in a world where a nap could cure everything: Too fat? Take a nap! Too stressed? Take a nap! Having bad sex? Take a nap! Have bad skin? Take a nap!

But wait, you’re losing me here. You just said if you have “bad skin” to take a nap. 

Meg, a nap, only takes you so far. You have to compliment a nap with a well balanced routine  to make it a true Derma nap. My favorite skin products are the ones that you put on right before a rejuvenating slumber.  My go to overnight product right now is the Kyoku Eye Fuel which combines two repairing formulas conveniently in separate pumps. The first is the Uplifting Eye Gel  which removes under eye puffiness and the Eye Radiance Cream which prevents dark circles and early-onset wrinkles. With cane sugar extract and anti-aging micro-particles working deeply to brighten and lift up the eye area, you can feel proactive without actually being active. This is literally what every man strives for so ladies while your man slumbers  just pat gently under his eye and turn that nap into a derma nap. Now for that six pack overnight gel. 

“So ladies, while your man slumbers just gently pat under his eye and turn that nap into a derma nap.” I think Nick Stern is still dreaming if he thinks on top of cooking his dinners and providing witty companionship, I’m going to start patting cream under eyes during his siestas. I also, would not recommend any women doing this. We have to draw a line somewhere. I AM intrigued in two different products with two different pumps in one bottle though. That’s pretty cool. It takes up less counter space, did you like one formula better than the other?

Meg, you want me to choose!? I love both formulas equally so I can’t possibly pick a favorite child. The eye radiance cream is great for removing my dark circles after nights of burning the candle at both ends. While the uplifting eye gel is my go to after a long night of drinking for an instantly awake, fresh look. 

Ladies, this really does work nicely for Nick Stern. He went to get a facial and has enjoyed telling me over and over again how “the facialist kept saying I have immaculate skin with clear to minimal blockage.” I mean, if I had a dollar for every time he has repeated that to me. I don’t like to compliment him too much on his appearance because he gets a big head and speaks about himself in the third person. However, his eye area is looking great so if any of you need a good rec for your guy. Check out Kyoku Eye Fuel.

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 GRAPESEEDEYECREAMStacy B here! I missed you all last week! My house was under quarantine, every one of us got the 24-hour stomach bug…and each on different days. I missed 3 days of work, partially for my own healing and partially because I couldn’t leave my 4-year-old home with a husband who was just as sick, too!
It was gross. Luckily, it was a fast moving bug, so we really were better after a day or so, but that one day was not fun. My kids bounced back fast, they are so resilient. My husband and I took a little longer but I think we didn’t heal as fast because we were focused on making the little guys feel OK. I spent $40 at CVS on Pedialyte, Gatorade, crackers, soup and Tums over the course of the sickness. Even the cashier commented that I must have been having a rough weekend. Thanks lady.
At least I lost 3 pounds…it was worth it, right? (Sure, until I’m rehydrated and back to normal…what a fad diet sickness is.)
Needless to say, there were lots of hot showers, hand washing, face washing, anti-bacterial use and teeth brushing. We were trying so hard to stay clean!
Normally during winter I need a stronger, thicker lotion for around my eyes and face and when I’m sick, or taking care of a sick person, my skin gets even worse. I’m dehydrated, taking hot showers, doing lots of washing and generally stripping my skin of all moisture. It’s tough. I’d been using Nature’s Gate Grape Seed Eye Cream  off and on over the last few months with mixed results. This was a true test of this product and I’d give it a passing grade. Not an A+, but a pass.
This product is all natural, full of antioxidents and plant based ingredients. The ingredent list is totally readable, and full of things I’ve heard of, like White Tea, Aloe and Flaxseed. It has a very, very light, clean scent that doesn’t linger. Which is good, I hate heavily scented creams or serums that go on your face and you smell nothing but them for the next hour. It’s even worse when they dirty up your pillow.
It goes on really smooth but feels a little oily. It takes a minute to soak in and dry, too. I usually use a pea sized amount around my eyes and use the leftover to try and attack those fine lines on my forehead. It’s not a great moisturizer but does leave the skin around my eyes feeling pretty smooth once it dries. I do need to use another moisturizer for the rest of my face.
I don’t get a ton of sleep, and have noticed that the bags under my eyes are a bit less offensive. But, I can’t use only this. I need something else in the morning to keep the skin around my eyes from getting red and cracked throughout the day, but it’s good for overnight. If it can do OK for me in the dry, harsh, New England winter, and after an illness that left my skin totally washed out and dehydrated, this might be a better choice for me in the spring.
The lack of chemicals really draws me to this product, so I’m going to continue to use this most nights. I’m looking forward to using it more in the spring…if it ever comes.

Have you ever tried Nature’s Gate?

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Meg here! How do you build a better mousetrap? That’s been an age old question. The more popular question? How do you build a better mascara?

When I first opened up the cult fave “Mesmer Eyes Mascara” from the genius that is Napoleon Perdis I was more than a little nervous. I was perplexed by the brush, it wasn’t the usual bristle application that I was used to. I was a stiff wand, with one end completely flat. Hmm, it says its a “trip threat mascara that lengthens, adds volume and curl.”

Ok, I’m game. The trick is to to keep applying the color while your lashes are still wet and to curl with the flat end of the wand.

I’m hooked and I know I’ve gotten this out to more than a few Megheads in their makeup packages. The wand does take a little bit of effort to get used to and you do have to spend a minute longer while applying compared to the usual types of wands but it is so worth it. If you get too much on the wand a little blot with a kleenex with bring you back to business. Once you learn the flat end handle trick you can cut out curling your lashes all together.

Its another Napoleon win but what else can you expect from this perfectionist? How about a fantastic beauty event February 20th? Napoleon and W Magazine’s Beauty Director Jane Larkworthy are coming together for what is sure to be the beauty event of a lifetime. A master class, tips and trends from Jane Larkworthy herself and each attendee will get a gift from Napoleon himself!

How could this be even better? THe $75 enrollment fee can be used to spend on Napoleon Perdis products! What even better? WINNING 2 VIP Tickets to attend for FREE


Wednesday, February 20th 2013 6-9pm Napoleon Perdis Make Up Academy 6615 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood CA 90028


Give this sweepstakes a shot! Give this mascara a shot! Have you had a chance to try Napoleon’s Mesmer Eyes Marcara? What did you think? What’s your favorite Napoleon Perdis product?

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Stacy B here! I wish I had a cute lead in story to this post that linked my fabulous life with a great product all with clever anecdotes and witty comments that will keep you coming back for more.

I don’t. It’s been a fairly boring week.

Everyone is finally healthy (mostly) so you’d think we’d be getting good sleep, feeling better and living life to the fullest. Nope. Enter night terrors. My poor kid. And poor us. No one sleeps when your baby is screaming at the top of his lungs, thrashing around like someone is killing him and there’s NOTHING you can do. Nothing. You aren’t even supposed to pick them up, wake them up or anything. You just have to let it happen. Last night was 30 minutes between 12:15 am and 12:45 am. The night before was midnight to 12:25 am and I’m praying tonight doesn’t happen. It’s been 3 of the last 5 nights. Poor kid.

My only relief is that our doctor says that even though there’s nothing we can do, we should be comforted by the fact that he doesn’t remember anything when he wakes up. I know this is true because once he finally stopped screaming last night, he quietly sighed, opened his eyes, blew a giant raspberry at me, giggled, and rolled over to sleep the rest of the night peacefully. Thanks kid.

Ugh, I just want us all to sleep!

My creative juices are just not flowing this week so I’m going to jump right in. Buy a makeup brush from EcoTools. No, it will not cure night terrors, croup, sinus infections or world hunger but it’s an awesome tool to get some makeup on those tired eyes and get you through the day looking good and feeling good about an environmentally friendly tool.

I used the Bamboo Eye Shading Brush this week and loved it. It was so soft, smooth and easy to use. I told a coworker about it and she said she bought these expensive brushes from Sephora and they were terrible. Stiff, didn’t pick up the shadow and were too prickly to spread what little shadow was on the bristles evenly. She was so mad she wasted money on them. I just gushed about this brush, and I think I may have convinced her to buy one! And why not? It’s only $4!

The whole line in cruelty free and made with resuable materials. The bamboo handle is light and easy to grip. I really like bamboo, I’ve been using it in my kitchen mostly, for cutting boards, cheese servers, etc. It’s a great looking, good for you, easy to take care of wood. I was pretty excited to use it in my bathroom, too!

Poke around on their website, there’s a ton of great products and lots of information about who they are, why they support the environment and their mission. I love it. Good for you, good for me and good for my looks! 🙂 I mean, good for the earth. That should be first. Good for the earth, us and then looks. Superficial stuff goes last.

These products are inexpensive and even come in resuable zip top bags. Perfect for traveling and keeping them fresh. I’ve made this a permanent home in my tools basket for the earth-friendly, good-for-my-conscious reasons, and for the please-make-me-look-normal-after-a-bad-night-with-the-baby reasons. I have a few more products from this line and can’t wait to try them out in the next few weeks.

Another winner in my book! Now, please, think good thoughts for me and the little guy! We need some sleep! What drugstore brushes have you tried and liked?





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Stacy B here! Rough week ladies. Nothing bad happened, thankfully, but it’s just another crazy week around here, with more coming. I guess I should remember that my family is healthy, I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge and heat in my vents but still. Hectic weeks are hectic, no matter how fortunate you are.

I’ve been overloaded with Christmas shopping, and having relatives in LA really puts the pressure on because those gifts need to be either bought, wrapped and shipped by next week, or shipped directly with hopes that the right person opens the box and can wrap everything before the wrong person sees! Every day I have boxes outside my door and my list is not close to being done. Throw in a teething 7-month old, a very smart 4-year-old who asks about 10 times a day “how many days until Christmas?! And can we make MORE Christmas cookies today?!?“, a sick husband and 3 full days of required corporate in-house training (fun, I know) and this week was over before it started.

Oh, and tomorrow’s our team Secret Santa at work because my manager is on maternity leave starting next week. Which means two things. 1. I will be shopping for my $10 or less gift at lunch tomorrow before the 3 pm party and 2. I can’t answer her emails fast enough about what is done and what must be done before she is out. Crazy.

Did I mention I’m in charge of refreshments for the party? Thankfully it’s on the company dime but I still have to order food and go pick it up! Is it 2013 yet??? I’m sure no one will notice if I get a mojito at the bar while waiting for our team appetizers, right? They don’t itemize the receipts do they? 

Guess what usually suffers when I get busy. Make-up and fashion. So sad. Well, that and sleep, but let’s be honest, I have two kids, sleep is a luxury at this point. Now, I never give up entirely on my outward appearance but I am in ‘multi-use product’ mode. Soaps that moisturize, hair serums that dry straight and frizz-free so I don’t have to use a flat iron, eye products that brighten and stay put for the entire whirlwind of a day so I don’t have to reapply. Give me quality products that save me time and money and I can focus on what really matters: having enough red and green sprinkles for the Christmas cookies I seem to be making at an astonishing rate.

NYX to my rescue! Again! They have a great little shimmery eye shadow stick called the Slide On Eye Pencil. It’s like a little sister to their jumbo eye shadow stick which I already love. These are much thinner and more precise though. It is so smooth and glides on so fast. I love their color selection, too, way beyond the typical eye liner colors.

This is great for a rushed morning, I can sweep on a neutral shade over my whole eye lid and then line with a fun color for a bit of excitement. Two steps plus some mascara and I’m out the door. No worrying about multiple shades of shadow over different parts of your lids, or liquid liners that are hard to apply and have to dry. If you notice in the link above, SELF magazine has voted these for one of their health and beauty awards. I agree!

Today I’m loving their gold shimmer, yesterday I rocked the purple shade. They have a light shimmer to them but aren’t glittery. I also found them surprisingly hard to remove. Not in a bad way, they just really stayed put. I had to use some eye makeup remover when I realized just soap and water didn’t cut it. That’s actually a plus in my book.I don’t mind using the eye make up remover at all, it proves to me that these have staying power.

And so cheap! Less than $8 (depending on your local store). I’m a coupon champ so I found that if I can get a store coupon for 25% off my entire order, that’s $2 less EACH. If you buy 4, you’re actually buying 3 and getting one free! Go ahead, experiment! And then love the fact that you can change up your whole look with something as simple as a rich, bold, smooth eye pencil.

Hopefully the next few weeks will be a bit less hectic for me but if not, I’m keeping with my multi-use product trend for a while! What’s your favorite multi-use?


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