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greenie1Good afternoon ladies, Eleni here.
Hope you had a great time during the holidays – today is judgment day!
No, don’t worry, I’m not going to demand a Xmas caloric intake chart! All I need from you is your wise opinion on our great contestants. You know we love you all too much to make a choice, so we’ll leave it up to you.
We have picked seven wonderful ladies that all did their best in expressing their love for! Greenie changed her Facebook Profile Page to her wearing her t-shirt!

1. marcellacharlotte that made an entry on her myspace and on her facebook and on her blog and on her twitter!
2. BrklynBek that wrote about on her twitter
3. prettykitty1423 that wrote on her blog why she loves us
4. natalia315 that informed her blog readers what we’re all about
5. ls820 that wrote a poem about!
6. bluedevilkitty that made a very cute drawing about and put it on her blog
7. BeautyAllThat that made a very detailed entry on her blog on why we’re awesome!

One of these ladies will receive an amazing makeup palette!
Our URBAN DECAY VOL II and our LORAC DOUBLEBOOKED are ready to ship!

We have gathered their efforts, made screen shots and posted them all up on the link below for you to see and make your pick:

Leave a comment and tell us which entries are your absolute TWO favorites.
No, you can’t give two votes to one contestant.
Yes, you can only vote for one contestant if you like one much more than the rest.
No, you can’t vote for three contestants, two is the maximum.
Yes, we need your votes.


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earthangelMissRo here! This is a reminder that it is your last day to receive 50% off ANY Cosminology purchase. Use code MEG50. And with that said, if you want to try the Cosminology line, the best thing to do is to get one of their collections.

Your best deal is the Earth Angel Cluster Cosmic Combo Collection. For $199 you get the following: So Universally Clean You Can Eat Off My Face, Cosmic Ray Shield SPF36 Your Skin’s Solar Eclipse, Fault-Line Defender Twilight Anti-Oxidant Cream, You Rock My Cosmos-Clinical Mineral Coverage, Kosmic Kabuki Brush, with complimentary Kharmic Khameleon-AstroKoncealer. I know $199 is not cheap, but when you are trying a line for the first time, you usuallly get a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a eye cream or a night cream and believe me that adds up quickly. At least with this collection, you get to try a bit of the skin care line and the makeup line, including a brush. That’s pretty good!

There are other collections of course. You can chose from one of the following: Essential Goddess Gear, Galactic Goddess Gear, Universal Goddess Gear, Cosmic Mineral Collection, Mineral Orbit Collection, Cosmic Collection, and Earth Angel Galaxy Collection. They range in price from $60 to $369. Some are more focused on the skin care line, others on the makeup line, and of course some that combine both.

What I like about the Earth Angel Cluster is that you get the three main skin care essentials, cleanser, day cream and night cream with the makeup essentials, concealer, foundation powder, and brush to apply. You can easily add your own mascara, eyeshadow, etc to create your look.

The Universal Goddess Gear Collection is also a great deal and a good introduction to the line as well. It focuses on the skin care line and you get the cleanser, exfoliator, and mask, with a complimentary makeup remover for $120. Another one I recommend is the Mineral Orbit Collection which is more focused on the makeup line. You get the You Rock My Cosmos Astro Orbital Hues, Line me Up, Line Me Down Astro Orbital Accent, Global Debris Remover Get Cosmically Naked with a complimentary Obscenely Overweight Astrolash Mascara for $79.

Well, there you have it! A good overview of the Cosminology collections and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

What collection entices you the most?


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drdima50%offMissRo here! And if you can believe it, there are more discounts! It’s definitely “tis the season!”

Dr. Dima is offering all of you a whopping 50% off all your orders for Cosminology. This offer lasts until Sunday, December 13th.

Now, beyond this great deal, Dr. Dima came across a great question from the one and only Ruthann J. a.k.a. Goddess Granny. Her question was (in a nutshell), “the difference between ‘clinical vs. cosmetic’ when it comes to your products”? Dr. Dima has been so gracious as to answer. See below!

Dear Ruthann:

What an insightful question!  It really shows me how Megheads and consumers in general are increasingly “tuned in” to where they choose to spend their hard earned money.  It has a fairly complex answer but I will do my best to clarify.

Actually the essence of  your question can be traced back to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act enacted by Congress in 1938.  To summarize, this law was intended to distinguish between products that were meant for “adornment” purposes and those that were meant to prevent or treat disease.  In the case of “cosmetics,” it was clear that such products would only be used for beautification and would not alter the structure or function of skin.  

Unfortunately, ‘is it a drug or is it a cosmetic’ has become outdated with the increase in studies of the effect of topical ingredients on the skin.  We now know that almost anything applied to skin, whether alpha hydroxy or avocado, peptides or petrolatum or even straight up water can effect skin physiology.  To help clarify this conundrum, Dr. Albert Kligman came up with the term “cosmeceutical” in 1998 to help elucidate the vastness between the two extremes.  But within the cosmeceutical category itself, there is again a large degree of discrepancy.  Some cosmeceuticals lean more towards the cosmetics end and some veer more towards the drug end.  In my opinion, it is within this category that the most confusion occurs for consumers (and doctors alike).  

Clearly, we are beyond seeking “hope in a jar” and are becoming increasingly focused on finding products with biologically active ingredients that have been proven to effect a visible (and lasting) difference in our skin.  In general, the more “biologically active” the ingredients, that is, the more they function to prevent and/or repair DNA damage, promote collagen synthesis and improve the appearance of skin, the more costly they are.  In the absence of regulatory guidelines, the term clinical (or cosmeceutical/dermaceutical/ medical skincare etc.) is used to distinguish such products from those that cannot make claims of altering skin…or they do but then get sued for false advertising (ex: L’Oreal).  Fundamentally, cosmetics camouflage whereas products containing active ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, peptides, alpha lipoid acid, dimethylaminoethanol, and vitamin E to name a few can, in the right quantity and vehicle actually alter the structure of skin.  A simplified example of this would be the use of optical properties to make topical creams and powders that reflect light in a certain way as to create the illusion of more youthful skin.  Such products,  depending on the manufacturer, probably have stringent quality control in terms of purity and batch size but are and will always be classified as cosmetic products.  

So, in order to further distinguish the “cosmetic vs. clinical” conundrum, how efficacious (and stable) biologically active ingredients are on effecting skin changes and how they are formulated to achieve visible end results are two of the most important distinguishing characteristics.  The focus should be on scientific, “clinical,” results that are reproducible (a change in skin texture or pigmentation), as well as preventive and long-lasting results.  Remember that an ingredient may be potent with indisputable skin health benefits but such ingredients are often comprised of large molecular structures.  A lot of research goes into maximizing the penetrability of such ingredients into the skin barrier where cellular change needs to occur without the irritating side effects.   Moreover, a little known fact is that the active ingredients can become essentially inactive if formulated in an inappropriate vehicle.

A great example of this is Vitamin A, aka retinoids.  Tretinoin is a well known biologically active, evidence-based, FDA regulated ingredient and something that I have to write a prescription for.  Although it works, it is not well tolerated and many people find it extremely irritating and caustic.  This side effect, however, is actually proof that it is working to promote collagen synthesis and stimulate DNA repair at a cellular level.  Unfortunately, not many patients remain compliant with such a skin regimen.  Moreover, there is scientific proof that the synergistic combination of first generation retinoids, while not labeled as “active” ingredients, and not FDA regulated, can be extremely effective when combined with other anti-aging, intracellular free-radical scavengers without all the side effects.  How is this achieved?  Suffice it to say that, in general, manufacturers of clinical grade products put the equivalent R&D into the products as would go into a pharmaceutical, prescription only product and, as you so eloquently stated in your question, “you get what you pay for!”

It’s so very confusing to patients/consumers as companies spend millions on the clever marketing of “cosmeceuticals.”  They are sold in department stores by people in white lab coats with a “clinical” almost lab-like atmosphere with medicinal looking bottles and pharmaceutical sounding names.  I mean even I get drawn in!  At my office, my patients bring me bags of products (literally), some paying upwards of $500 for an ounce of nothing but “hope or the hopes of a facelift in a jar.”   Simply put, it’s marketing madness but, as is usually the case, the proof is in the pudding.  When you find the right product that works for you, you’ll know it, right Ruthann?  So, if you’re spending $8 on an anti-aging cream or $12 on a mineral foundation and you think you’re getting a good deal…think again.

Dr. Dima

Thank you Dr. Dima for taking the time to answer that question. It always helps to hear straight from a professional when we are shopping for beauty products.

Ladies, use code MEG50 at checkout to get your discount. Anyone else have a question for Dr. Dima?

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bglowsaleMeg here! I promise not to start this post off with “In this economy…”
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Ruby’s Beauty Ebay Store Fellow Meg Head Ruby is offering 25% OFF everything on her online store Today! Check it out!

That’s a decent kick off! I’ll be updating as I get sent more specials! If you’re a reader let me know! If you’re a PR person or beauty company let me know!!

What deals have you gotten? Fill us in! Kiss

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Any HSN Beauty lovers out there? Who do you buy from them and how do you find the shipping and customer service? The balm, Urban Decay, Stila-All at pretty decent markdowns! Enjoy! They also have a lot of hair products on there which leads me to my next question! I know you’ll know the answer to this one! What is the best Hair Thickening Spray?

A girlfriend of mine is not around a big city and she is out of her “Peter Coppola and really liked it but can’t find it around here. Do you have any suggestions? I’m going to try to head to the mall today to pick something up. It’s a spray that you put in your hair when it is dry and it thickens your hair. I’ve tried gels and serums and don’t like them that much but really like sprays”.
What suggestions for HSN or Thickening Sprays do you have up your product heavy sleeves? Kiss

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