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Meg here! It’s my 33rd birthday! Wow! the same year Jesus died! Alexander The Great took over the world AND I am renewing my license tomorrow. Huge accomplishments all the way around! Thanks to Elisabeth Caren for taking this photo of me!

Thank-you very much to all of you that made this year wonderful and I appreciate all of you very much.

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times”. — Charles Dickens (A Tale of Two Cities, 1859) Yes, that could sum up year 32 for me. A lot of hardship and tragedy-but a lot of laughs and love. I’m hoping next year will be a bit quieter…

#1 Stop trying to please everyone.
I’m always trying to do favors and get people jobs and places to live and just always put myself out for other people. At the end of it I am drained and tired. It just kind of shocks me that after I’ve completely gone out of my way-I receive little to no thanks. Something that I would have sent an appreciation gift for or at the very least a hand-written Thank-you card. I’m not saying that I’m turning into some sort of rude ingrate. I’m just saying I’m not going to keep banging my head on the same wall!

#2 Go Somewhere. When I was 20 years old and I first moved to Los Angeles, a neighbor had all these cool rugs and pots. She told me that she got them in Mexico because there were all these great deals there. I hopped into my car and drove..I DROVE TO MEXICO BY MYSELF. Once I had crossed the border and saw chickens running across the road I was on I realized diving alone in a country I..
 A. Knew nothing about
 B. Don’t speak a lick of Spanish.
It hit me. Driving around a thrd world country looking for a rug and pottery discount store may not have been the smartest idea.Surprised Thankfully, I made it home safe and sound! My other travels out of the country have included Europe. London to be specific. Once.
I am not exactly a well traveled person. Another thing I am going to work on in year 33!

#3.Take a Class-This may shock some of you…I didn’t enjoy school. I was bored out of my head and would only show up for my English Lit class. High School English Lit. College was completely out of the question. It was all I could do to get out of high school. I was ready to start my life and was all finished with classes. Reading goal #2 is making me think “may not be a bad idea to take a Spanish class.” I’m going to have to balance that with a fun class-make-up artist class here I come!

#4 Be More Appreciative to Megheads!
The amazing stories that you share! The hysterical wit, the insane support and the all around welcoming feeling of acceptance and love is just beyond! You ladies are the bees knees! The Makeup Points packages are going to be mailed Thursday. If you have turned your points between June 29th and July 10th you are in this mailing! Keep tight! We got a TON turned in so we are keeping on it!! We haven’t forgotten you!!

#5 Work On My Patience! Love, Money, Luck-Heck-SANITY will all come. I have to just relax and remember I can’t really force things to “hurry up.” So be patient with me as well ladies! I promise you’ll get your packs-we just got slammola’ed (see have to take a Spanish class 🙂

Thanks for all of your love and support and making 32 great! On to 33!!

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Meg here and I have a whole new family!
I grew up in not the best circumstances in a very small town outside of Boston. Let’s just say my parents were/are “absent”
It’s fine-life happens to everyone! Let’s just move on!

I say that, and I whole-heartdly believe it. Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone.
So many of you have emailed me that I must have gone to a fancy school, I must “know people” I’m just “so lucky!”
I am not from any family that anyone would do favors for.  I never went to college. I walk under ladders and step on cracks…I’m not very lucky.
Why would anyone want to help such a loser?
Here is a tutorial for all blog writers. I beleive you must pay it forward and here are the keys to my success….
In the beginning I begged for product, no one would send it without a very formal email on how I would help expand the brand.
This led to getting to know every key product placer. As the site grows the community learns,
It’s very hard to throw the party and build a community. Who knows how it looks from the outside. I feel like the party was a success so I am lucky enough to have Stylemama report from the field! Here she is!
 What do you get when you combine make up, energy drinks and the press?  A meg’ re-launch party for the record books!
The Madame of Makeup does not disappoint.  The word of the night: Flawless!  As expected, Meg was a total knock out and of course her hair and makeup looked gorgeous!  She was dressed in a fantastic pink cocktail dress that just happened to be the same color as the gift bags and the cocktails!  What else would you expect?  The girls from “Her” energy drinks hosted an open bar, featuring their light pink concoction.  Vodka chasers optional.  Ironically, it looked as if each carbonated cocktail was purposely chosen as the perfect pink accent for Meg’s entire look.   Too cute! 

Impressed?  Me too.  But the thing that touched me the most was her heart.  Not knowing anyone at the re-launch was a non-issue.  Meg embraced me like a sister, offering her friendship as if we had been life-long friends.   Shortly after our introduction, I met the infamous megken!  Meg is one lucky lady.  Megken is as awesome as all of think and if possible, even more hilarious!

The entire event was created in classic Meg’s Makeup style, women supporting other women.  In this case, women with internet based businesses.  Meg and a panel of 6 others (including Catherine Hickland) participated in a question and answer forum allowing guests a glimpse inside the minds of these successful women.  Meg kept everyone laughing, while impressing us with her down to earth, tell it like it is approach to the beauty industry.   Next came the fashion show, beautiful women dressed in eclectic and tempting styles. 
After meeting LAFred in person, I discovered he produced one of my favorite movies, Napolean Dynamite.   He is such a cool guy.   Got a technical glitch on the site?  It’s LAFred to the rescue.  Meg introduced me to many people and I am excited about the gratifying new friendships.  (Hi Marianna!)  We are talking about a room full of seriously cool people.

All the while, you can see Megken going out of his way to welcome guests.  Giving loads of special attention to my husband John (stylepapa) and me.  For a good time, call 1-800-megken!  He is effortlessly kind and Meg’s biggest fan!   Megken and stylepapa just might surprise us all with male reviews in the near future.  Wouldn’t that be something?

It would have been party perfection if the rest of the Megettes could have been there.   However, you can be certain your presence was felt, because there was an energy throughout the room that could only be attributed to your love and unwavering support.

At the end of the evening, each guest left with a fabulous pink gift bag that like our hostess was generous to a fault.  Featuring brands like Organic Apoteke, Juice Beauty, Urban Decay,  Lip 20 and Cat Cosmetics.  We all left with far more than we came in with.  The gift bags were a huge hit with all the guests!  Even the bag made the perfect tote.  The gifts just kept on comin’……..


In the end, I left with new friends, great products and the knowledge that Meg can throw one hell of a party!

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Fine. I was a little drunk. I was happy and drunk and in a very hot, hot celebrities Porsche. I was living the life, fine champagne, gorgeous trips, impecable dinners. Then he grew tired of me and it stopped. No really, it completely stopped.

I wanted to stop caring but like a rubber-necker at an accident scene I couldn’t. When most people break-up there is a period to heal. There is a period to stop obsessing, to stop wondering “Why” it didn’t work out. You get a break, you get a breather, you get a chance to start completely anew. If you need these simple things then do yourself a favor Do not date a celebrity

You don’t need to stalk the new girl on MySpace or Facebook, the tabs will do it for you.Want to get away? OK, then move to a cave because every glossy has his arm around a new girl.

It’s Los Angeles, every girl I know has been in a relationship with some sort of “star”.

I’ve known Lindsay Zir since high school and I can tell you she is a force of nature!

She was thrown into the lion’s den of celebrity. Then she was thrown out. Then she was thrown in-then out. She knows the pain, the raw and the true.

She has always kept her dignity in tough times and has always looked at every experiance as a growth opportunity. Instead of hiding out, she’s letting us in on her break-up reality. That is why, with extreme pleasure I welcome you to the world of Celebrities Anonymous. Enjoy!

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Glass Ceiling Boys Club

I am so flipping sick of women that complain of the GLASS CEILING BOYS CLUB

They are too dumb to create a barrier that keeps women out, who keeps us out? We do! I would like to relay two stories that are very current and support this theory. Story #1, A make-up publicist that Meg’s has been extremely generous too. Really flipping good to her and her brand. I guess I think too much like a man because I thought “I scratch your back….

Cut to the chase, not only does this woman refuse to help me but then has the nerve to complain that I asked her for a favor (while I have done plenty for her.)

The worst betrayal? The one that comes from a “friend”.

This is a pro-women’s site and I love sisterhood but I am alarmed at how far and few it has become. We’re just never, ever going to win. There is a boy’s club. They’re hiding from us. They should.

Until we can support each other, until we can look to the size 2 girl and sway our jealousy and understand she has issues with her breasts or lack of curves and relate and try to empower we will never grow.

We need to wake the fuck up. You know as women we are classified as a “Minority Group” We’re half the flipping speices and the only gender that can continue to populate this earth and we are categorized as a “Minority Group.”

We’re so busy looking in the mirror, feeding our own insecurities, always trying to be thinner, hotter, younger that we don’t see how we keep on perpetrating the cycle.

Stop the competition, we’re all women. We’re all trying to make our own way. We are the ones that stop us from being a “minority to the Majority.

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I’m not going to be so broad as to say “We all do this!” because I do believe there are some women out there that are able to graciously accept a compliment. I am not one of those women.I have tried so hard to restrain but then I always do it. I always undercut the compliment. It’s like I have compliment phobia or some strange self-esteem issue. I like to think I’m together but then, if I am, why when someone pays me a compliment do I always feel the need to explain why I really wasn’t worthy of it? I’m sure it’s as annoying to hear as it is annoying to come up with the reasons “Oh, it was so not a big deal.”

Meanwhile if someone had asked me to scale Everest for them and then thank me I’d say “It’s really not that much of a hike. Don’t worry about it.”

Men compliments are the hardest. They really are, especially if you’re naked and vulnerable. I remember the first time I had a guy say “you have the perfect body” I lectured him. What? Was he blind? My tummy is fat, then I demanded “No, really, look here. See this is cellulite” I then proceeded to point out everything that I felt could be improved. I pointed my faults all out at great length. For some strange reason he never told me I was “perfect” again. Bastard. Clearly this was all his fault. Maybe I shouldn’t have drawn the diagram and used a pointer to show him where I felt I was sagging. Again, a simple “thank-you” could have covered it.

Women? Yeah, I’m no better there either. If a women or even for that matter, a close friend tells me she likes my a. shirt, b. shoes, c. anything I’m wearing, I tell her how I got it on clearance, or downtown or it’s a knock-off or “Oh no, I paid $15 at a cheapie place on Melrose. It’s nothing. They have tons of them. It was 90% off” Again, the thank-you would surmise.

Because this is a Meg Post, I am allowed to drop names. I drop so many names someone should follow me around with a broom. The Queen of England once told me not to drop names (joke).

When I was modelling you were suppose to wear clothes that showed off your figure for go-sees. It was NYC, it was flipping freezing. Instead of doing a short skirt and heels I went down to the Danskin store and bought myself a turtlenecked, one piece, black catsuit. That way I could be warm and wear a heavy coat over it and my stick legs would not turn pink.

This was 1995 and I loved Kate Moss. I was at The Bowery Bar and she and Naomi Campbell were sitting at a table next to me. I saw them both get up to go to the ladies room. I decided I would go into (stalk Kate Moss) the bathroom and tell Kate I loved her.

I got to the bathroom and waited for a stall. Naomi came out of a stall and Kate was still in hers. So I didn’t look like a total stalker I had to go into the open stall Naomi just left. As I went in Naomi looked at me and said in her Brit accent “Love your outfit.” I was stunned and had verbal diarrhea ” Oh this? Oh no. It’s just a dancesuit, just a catsuit I got at Danskin. I think it was on sale. Yeah, it was on sale, I paid $80 for it, it’s not that great.”

She looked horrified at me and just said “Next time, say “thank-you”. Washed her hands and walked out.

So 13 years later and I still haven’t quite learned how to digest a compliment. I really appreciate all of you ladies that write and say you love Megsmakeup. I love that you think the site is fun and informative and a bonding experience. I would like to say that it is more fun for me then it is for you. No, no, no it’s not that hard. I learn as much as you do. I take so much away from the entire experience.

Instead, I would just like to say “THANK-YOU!”

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I am so disgusted

I am so absolutely disgusted by this I don’t even know where to start.

This is completely like bombing women’s clinics or blowing yourself up on a crowded bus in the name of “God”. I’m sure the Christian thing would be to find forgiveness in your heart for these morons. It’s just amazing to me that someone could not only be filled with so much hate but then try to blame God for it.

I grew up Catholic and have friends of all sorts of religions and I’ve never asked what someone was doing that weekend and got the answer “picketing a funeral”.

I’m going to wait for the head of the “Westboro Baptist Church” Fred Phelps to kick the bucket and write “picket funeral” in my datebook for that weekend. Unbelievable. Here’s his wisdom “Fred Phelps leads the church, which demostrates their strong conviction against gays, lesbians and soldiers by picketing. The Topeka, Kansas based group has made headlines in the past after picketing at the funeral’s of soldiers carrying signs reading “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” and “God Hates Fags.”

“God hates the, tacky bucket of slime seasoned with vomit known as Brokeback Mountain and he hates all persons having anything whatsoever to do with it,” the church writes on a flyer.

I’m probablly going to get into trouble for writing this, but, you know that’s never really stopped me before. I don’t get some things about this country. I think one of the rights we have should be reeled in a little bit..How is it illegal to yell “fire” in a crowded theater but legal to taunt and protest at a funeral? Can someone please rewrite or add some addendums to that whole “right to assemble” bit. I don’t really know what the difference between what Fred Phelps does and how hate crimes are any different.

The “Westboro Baptist Church” has already been sued for 11 million dollars for picketing a soliders funeral whose body was sent back from Iraq. Why the picket? Well you see “God hates the leniency our military has shown gays”.

God can be very insensitive sometimes, can’t he?

Yikes, this makes me so angry and so sad. Fanaticism isn’t just found overseas. Welcome to evilness found right in Topeka.

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Stop The Spam!

First of all, I don’t have a penis. I get so many emails a day and half of them are for cures to fix my erectile disease or to be “stronger, faster and harder in bed”. I don’t want viagra or cialis. I don’t want a penis pump or a cure to end early release. I’m married, early release seems less time consuming.

I am a Republican. Always have been always will be. I’m into the whole “less government” aspect. It’s not popular in LA to be a Republican. It’s more popular to be a Scientologist. I don’t care. Think what you think-great! Let me have my views and please stop trying to recruit me to either Obama or Hilary. It’s not going to happen-stop filling my inbox.

Then there are the wonderful Meg’s readers that take the time to write me about their problems or issues. I don’t mind these emails at all. I am happy to help. If my opinion actually means enough that you’re going to unload your burden on me then do so. I really want to help. I just want everyone to know that I 1) Have no college degree. 2) Am a bit of a mess myself, it’s blind leading the blind here. 3) Start cocktail hour at 6pm LA time, chances are I’m more then half in the bag while doling out my genius advice. So buyer beware.

Then there are the dear friends (assholes really) that wish you magic and love and harmony and cheer. You read the entire bit about how much they love and care for you. Not that much though. You have to fwd their message to 15 friends and your wish will come true. Is it wrong to wish the person that sent me this gets the clap?

There’s my 2 cents. I’m off to buy a penis pump. As a holiday gift for my mailman.

The image is a sick joke. I have 3 dogs. I live for them. No matter how much crap comes through the inbox they still want their treats. I love them. It just shows how desperate I am to get relevant messages!

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If you need to get famous see your therapist!

I have a confession to make. Before HOM I dated very high-profile men. The type of men that could arrange to have a private plane waiting for me on the tarmac in a few hours. God, typing that makes me sad I use to choose fabulous travel over fabulous men. Love you HOM. The best (I feel, glamorous) feeling is having a private car whisk you along the airport to your waiting plane. I’ve discussed this with others and they don’t feel the same way. “I enjoy my alone time in the airport” they say. I enjoy my alone time in a hot, steaming shower. I think. Who am I to judge?

That’s all I want (I know I’m very reasonable. I just want a plane). There’s so much freedom in that. The ability to leave at any moment, go anywhere you desire and quickly-with-out any hassle. That to me is Utopia, the bird has its wings!

Fame? Never! Not one single bit. A close friend and I were at a dinner with many a billionaire. They asked us what would you two rather? Fame or fortune? My friend shouted fame and I looked horrified (I’m from New England). I always think to Bill Murray when he says regarding money and fame,”To people who want to be rich and famous, I’d say, “Get rich first and see if that doesn’t cover it.”

I agree, the money covers it.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Celebrity is now Currency.

Every lady in the picture above is a nice, beautiful girl. They have this forum and they play to it. That’s not what they’re made of.

Be happy you don’t have freaks running your every picture. Be happy (God knows I am) they’re not following your every move.

Get rich!! If you need to get famous see your therapist!

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I was going to be so productive today! Let me just go with that. I have a very big week coming up Rachael (Beautyzilla) is coming to stay with me for over a week on Friday! It’s very hard when your best friends live on the East Coast and Rachael and I spend about 90% of our time when on the phone together plotting. How can we get her to LA? Maybe I can do this out in NY?

Rachael and I have a mutual friend in New York. When I told Mark that Rach was coming to LA Friday he just said “Be careful, I know how you kids are when you get together, don’t end up in jail”. We have some friends with their foot strongly grounded in reality. Unfortunately, Mark is one of them.

The only other friend I have like this is Greenie and since she’s had two kids she’s a little bit too tired to still be climbing through windows at 31. I had to do this last week-long story.

So, it is probably a good thing that we don’t live down the street from each other because these are actual things we will say to each other.

Me: Oh, you know what we should do? Insert something risque (at best) here

Rach: You think, Naah, no we should so not do that Meg.

Me: I’m going to anyway!! Will you drive?

Rach: Fine, but only if you’ll go do this with me…Insert something risque at best that benefits her.

Me: Deal!

Cut to ensuing chaos. This is why HOM hides out of town most of the time. He seems to be able to extend his out of town work once visitation takes place. This is fine. When Rachael arrives we install a disco ball in my livingroom.

So it is easily the hottest day of the summer in my neighborhood, 105 outside, thank god for A/C or I would be in big trouble. I go to the fridge to get a cold glass of water and then I see it. No fridge light. No power, no A/C.

Hottest damn day of the year and DWP decides since everyone is using their A/C at full blast to just give us all one of those rolling black-outs.

I also was waiting for the Humane Society to come pick up a car I was donating so I couldn’t leave the house. They gave me a convenient pick-up window between 8am -5pm. They rolled by at 4:45.

So no chores have been done today. I have just been dreaming up all sorts of trouble to get into for next week while fanning myself with my US Magazine. Please send me your email address if you live in the LA area and can quickly come up with bail.

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I know we are a make-up site but we’re also a women’s site and sometimes being a women isn’t always being able to feel beautiful. After I put up this post (meant to be a salon) I reieved 40 emails from our readers with the same type of story that I had below. Today I got 6 more long, personally written emails. So sometimes I think “God, did I really after go there” to myself and then when I read letters from 11 year olds to 57 year old ladies I think “yeah, I guess there is a reason I did”.

Also, for good or bad I really could give a rats ass on whats appropriate. I think by pretending these things never happen we create a silence that turns to guilt.

It was so heartbreaking to read those letters. I was shocked (even though I should know better) at how many of our community deals with the same issues daily. If that’s not a wake-up call to talk to your daughters I don’t know what is.

The worst part of it all was reading letters from women who could not talk to thei family or fiends about their situations. They felt better just getting it off their hest and writing to me about it. So I try to keep Salons light and airy but sometimes something will bug me and once it does…

Below is the Post that I wrote that sparked so many of the same stories. When I look back at my life I sometimes see me at nine. I know that seems strange but for me it’s not. You see, I was sexually abused at nine. I was abused by a math teacher, sometimes I am unable to add without a panic attack.

I know the numbers of sexual abuse is very high. We seem to find each other don’t we? It’s not anything we should feel bad about yet we carry the shame throughout our lives

My parents meant well, they told me “Megan, if you do not stay in for recess and get extra help and have your homework signed off then no privileges for you. I was desperate to please my parents, I stayed in for “extra help” I tried so hard to concentrate as my teacher would move the number line up my shirt and down my skirt. I was terrified but needed him to sign off on my extra help page.

My parents were very concerned as I would beg to not go to school and throw up everyday before the school bus came to get me. I would be so ill that they had a neurologist come see me because they were so afraid I had a brain tumor.

I stopped it all, I am so proud of myself for that. It is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life and I was 9.

I had an unfortunate “tutor” incident where my abuser tried to get sadistic with me. I grabbed the number line and hit him with it as hard as I could. Then I ran. I ran into the principal’s office barely breathing and yelled “I need some help”. I was the only one to come forward. Once I had come forward, 28 girls over 15 years decided to testify.

This was a verdict read in 1985. No one really thought about those cases then.

His verdict came in. He was not allowed to teach in Massachusetts at this time. My parents moved schools for me. We built a new house, we moved to a new town.

I was in my new school and in my “new safe town” apparently the abuser got a job selling software to my new, safe school.

I was all of 11 yrs. Old, When this creep decided to reintroduce himself to me in a hall way. I can still hear the screams from me until Greenie pulled me aside and got me out of there!

Emilie will remember, I was 12 years old and terrified this animal would get me. Em stayed with me until I could get safely back. She rubbed my back and told me “breathe, I’m here, you’re fine”

That was a terrifying incident in my life and I still have the same support guide to help me through.

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