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Liquid Palisade! The No More Mess Liquid Nail Tape by Kiesque!

nailartMeg here! I never can paint my own nails. I keep them short since I spend so much typing and usually get the nailpolish everywhere! I a simple “Why-Didn’t-I-Think Of This? Liquid Palisade comes to the rescue! I had some great Nail Art done on me by my local salon Green Nail. @ms.nailsbyliz (her Instagram) painted me pink with yellow tips in honor of my Easter outfit.

She did a really cute job! How Easter Egg perfect! I was really happy with my results.

And then I went home and packed for my Easter weekend and promptly chipped them.

Great job Meg!

What am I do to to fix them? How would I get those perfect yellow lines straight? Liquid Palisade sent me some of their nail polish barrier and I finally could use it! I just bought some polish at the drugstore and voila! See my little Youtube (and I am going to try to do more videos so please subscribe if you could!! THANK YOU!!

End result? IT WORKED!! If you are a nail artist or nail technician or manicurist or anyone that does their names-GO GET THIS!

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mandarinorientalvegasMeg here! Have you ever decided to just throw caution to the wind and say “Yeah, it is really expensive and not at all responsible but you only live once? True, you could live to be 100 and die broke but you could be hit by a bus tomorrow and you’ll really wish you booked that spa appointment.”

If you decide to indulge and be all hedonisitic and just plain crazy. Do it in Vegas. There are two ways to do Las Vegas. The first way we all know, party hearty, dance the night away, drink your head off. Recover in the morning with a Bloody Mary and start all over again until Sunday at the airport home.

The second way to do Vegas is better for those of us approaching or over the Big 4-0. Fabulous (quiet) restaurants and top notch shows. Smoke free, casino free- 5 Star Resorts. No hotel gets it more right on a more consistent basis the the ultra luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Every time I go to NYC (and I go there A LOT) I make my way to the lounge at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel. There is no better view in the entire city. True, one cockatail is about the same price as a lunch meal but in this case, you definitely get what you pay for. Overlooking the park is noth short of breathtaking. At night it’s all zen and just perfect. Trust me.

Know this about The Mandarin Oriental NYC, I would have to try the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas. It’s new, it’s chic and it’s quiet. I needed a place to take my boyfriend for his birthday weekend. He would rather cut off his own arm and beat himself to death with it before he would go to a Hard Rock Hotel. He’s not exactly turning 21. Which is fine. Been there done that.

Joe is not exactly into being (his words) “all fluff & buffed.”

I think when people say those things it is because they haven’t been to the right fluff & buff..I was determined to change his mind.

Welcome to The Spa At The Mandarin Oriental. Your mind is about to be blown. The ultimate in “The Fluff & Buff.”

I booked a day there, because I am THE ULTIMATE GIRLFRIEND. Also, I wanted to go myself so I’m not as altruistic as I may appear.

First of all, it’s totally beautiful. I’ve been to a ton of spa’s in Vegas and this one is, hands down, the winner by far. The actual space itself is spectacular. You are high above the Vegas strip, sorrounded by windows. Each room is more state of the art, than the last.

I booked The Art Of Romance, a Suite Experience. It was not only a Suite Experience but a Sweet one! Talk about turning someone into a “Fluff & Buff” fan. Everything was beyond fabulous. From the foot scrub to the massage-World Class. The spa technicians were so beyond accomodating. My boyfriend is very claustrophobic and the masseuses went out of their way to make him feel comfortable.

That’s right! We were in the suite for over 3 hours! That’s a lot of treatments. The women were experts and did everything to make us feel like Royalty.

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This is a re-post because My Solemate is now available on AMAZON! This is an AMAZING PRODUCT and FANTASTIC STOCKING (get it) Stuffer!

mysolemateMeg here! I’m just watching the Grammy’s and building myself an egg to incubate in.  I hope you all had a great weekend!

This next product is wonderful for someone who’s Indian name would be “Chief Stinkfoot.” No, really. In Los Angeles, everyday is strappy heel day. When we’re not running around in strappy heels we’re running around barefoot. It’s a weird mish-mash of casual living and back breaking stiletto’s. 

I’m guilty of it, I have judged people by the shape of their tootsies. There are few things as off putting as chipped polish, dry cracked feet or toe callouses. I mean, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit typing that.

I stay on top of it. I go get a mani-pedi 2x a month but I honesty hate having my feet touched. I also hate that weird cheese grater/knife contraption that my pedicurist asks “Callous removal?”It’s an extra $5 on top off it. I’m lucky because now I can reply “I don’t need it.”

As with every single problem in life, prevention is key. You’re in the shower everyday anyhow so why not take care of your footsies with my solemate? I use my lemongrass one everyday and “Chief Stinkfoot” has left the building. Picture a bar of soap backed by a handy piece of plastic. That’s the first part. The second part is a pumice that snaps onto the other side. So it’s a dual tool that gently exfoliates off dead skin. It gets rid of callouses and cracks and it prevents new ones from appearing. Once I’m all pumiced I then lather up with the refreshing lemongrass scented soap. Easy as 1-2-3  and I’m in no fear of impromptu walks on the beach!

Here’s what My Solemate says “infused with shea butter, aloe, and vitamin E complimented with our unique pumice nourishes and exfoliates feet safely and effectively. The two in one component saves time and money, providing for less trips to the nail salon which can cost up to $60 for a pedicure. The refillable soap cartridge is a great feature that saves money too so you don’t have to buy a new pumice stone every time your soap runs out! Choose from two amazing scents Lemongrass and Silk Blossom. Works great on hands and elbows too!”

Another wonderful idea I didn’t come up with!

What tricks do you have for keeping your feet open toe ready?

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Meg here! Social media is here and here to stay (LIKE). You can try to “go off the grid.” When I do, it means I left my iphone in the kitchen while I slept in the bedroom. I’m the type of person that would probably last an entire 15 minutes in The Witness Protection Program. Facebook Status Update “Can’t believe the FBI put me in Birmingham. Any fun places to go out?”

By the way, if you need a Social Media expert, check out my buddy Jen Mathews who runs a great firm Top Tier Media. She dreams in #hashtag.

I spend more time than I care to admit scrolling about the newsfeed and I always am intrigued by the postings on Margarita Bloom. When someone tells you to “Eat Diamonds For Breakfast So You Sparkle All Day.” You know already they’re giving you sound advice.

With my expert sleuthing skills (It was really difficult πŸ™‚ I was able to find out Margarita Bloom is a luxurious world of retro bath and skin care. It is really hard to go on this adorable site and find a collection that doesn’t “speak” to your inner pin-up. Categories like “Hollywoodland” all the way to “The Bakery” make it more like an enjoyable peep show than an e-commerce experience! Let’s be honest, I get sent just about every beauty product that comes out. Me buying a beauty product is like an Eskimo buying ice, a China man buying tea, a Kardashian acting authentic. Yet, I couldn’t stop myself. I pictured Miss Margarita Bloom next to her surely claw-footed tub (most likely under a chandelier or next to a candlelabra) sipping champagna and whipping these potions just for me! In case you were wondering, I also had her dressed in a fluffy pink robe with marabou and crystaled, high heeled slippers. 

Maybe, if I placed an order she would invite me over for caviar crepes the following Sunday?

Without further ado, I placed several orders! 

In no time at all, a lovingly wrapped packaged came to me with a beautiful note and inside were items so pretty I didn’t want to use them. It felt like using the hand towels in the guest bathroom. Then I remembered I didn’t have a guest bathroom…

Margarita Bloom did not dissapoint. The inside of the products felt as good as the outside labels suggested. Just today I used my Malibu Body Oil (LOVE.) The Irish Catholic in e felt guilty about enjoying all of these wonderful items for myself. That’s another plus about this company. The WOW! Factor for gifts. These are not some body items that you can pick up at your local Bath & BodyWorks. They really look like someone put actual time and care and LOVE into each item-because Miss Margarita Bloom did!

I was so excited with my Facebook find! Some other women I have gotten to know over Facebook (I’m a sucker for a funny post) also run wonderful sites. I’m adding them here because I know you all love to click as much as I do! They know all things BEAUTY! Here (in absolutely no order) are the women that inspire me! I’m sure you’ve heard of them but if you havent-I’ll send you my address foe where you can mail my “thank you” card off to!

What beauty products has the interwebs lead you to that you would not have heard about before? Let me know what I’m missing!

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Stacy B here! Happy fall! I can finally say it. I am not good with the end of summer, but once I get a whiff of crunchy leaves, have my first pumpkin muffin, dig out my boots and scarves and realize how cute and comfy jeans and swaeters are…I accept it. πŸ™‚ Now, I am all things fall!

The house is decorated, pumpkins are out, Halloween costumers are purchased, closets are changed over, leaves are piling up and apples have been picked. I am full-on fall. So much, that I’ve switched my kitchen lotion to a pumpkin scent. A few months ago, I wrote a review about Stonewall Kitchen’s Grapefruit Thyme Lotion and how much I loved it. It’s almost gone and it’s not easy to get (mostly online only) so I was using it pretty sparingly.

Then I found out they have Pumkin Harvest from the same line!  I was so excited. I love this lotion. The brand is great, and keeps your hands so soft. The nights are getting colder around her and I’ve found myself waking up with some dry skin spots as my skin adjusts to drier temps. This lotion has kept my hands and nails healthy and yummy yummy…..It smells so good. Like your favorite pumpkin bread mixed with cinnamon, spice and fall leaves.

The best part about this, when I ordered it, I got a free pumkpin pancake mix with it! My boys loved it. They ate those pancakes up so fast I didn’t have any leftovers!

The bottle is really big, too, so this will last a long time. Probably too long. I’ll be wishing for Christmas scents before I even make a dent in this bottle. I keep it in the kitchen so I can share with everyone. Which normally I don’t do. I am in a house full of boys and if I have a nice product I really like, NO ONE TOUCHES IT BUT ME. πŸ™‚ Mom’s rules. If I have to live among trucks, dirt, frogs and soccer balls, I get my pretty products to myself. But this bottle is so big, I’ll share. Besides, the scent is really soft and lingers in a good way. It makes the boys smell delicious. For as long as boys can smell good.

I will be watching this brand for more yummy winter scents. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a winter peppermint or frost scent and with it, a hot chocolate mix, or a gingerbread recipe! Stonewall Kitchen, you never disappoint me!





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Meg here! I do a lot that’s not exactly putting me in the running for “World’s Healthiest Beauty Blogger.” One thing I do is drink a ton of water. The eight glasses a day rule still seems to be the medical professions standard advice and I’m easily there. I’ve never needed anyone to twist my arm to enjoy a beverage.

I’m not calling out my diet coke obsessed friends but you know who you are! Some people just don’t like the taste of water. This is bizarre to me, I don’t even think it has a taste. I am allergic to caraway seeds. I guess that’s bizarre so who am I to judge?

Stur Liquid Water Enchancer is a new product designed to get you to enjoy more agua. I know parents are really loving this product since kids need lots of things, more sugar not one of those things. Stur has 0 calories 0 sugars and comes in great flavors. It tastes like Vitamin Water and strawberry seems to be the group favorite.

It’s easy enough to use and with 6 flavors (each bottle is great for 18 glasses) you should be able to find the perfect match for your buds. Right now, you can buy 5 bottles for $19! Thats a $100 value and gives you a chance to try all of their flavors. I’m more of a bubble/fizz water girl so I squirt a few drops into my soda streamer and it’s like a custom soda. A healthy custom soda. Oh Lord, what’s next? I’m going to start ordering the salad?

Anyhow, if you’re on the hunt on how to get more water now! Give Stur a shot. Be honest, how many glasses a day do you drink? Water people water. I would never be so rude as to ask how much of the fun stuff you drink!


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mor blackiris

Meg here! I work with a lot of different cosmetic companies and one of the messages I try to drill into their heads is “MAKE THE PRODUCT PRETTY. MAKE THE PACKAGE BEAUTIFUL.”

You can have the best product in the entire world but I’m not putting it on my vanity if it’s going to bring the look of my powder room down. Pretty products are my downfall but decor is my passion! I spend every free dollar on end tables and vases. You think I’m going to bring down the glam factr of my house with an unsightly tube? Never.

You think in an aisle of hundreds of choices, I’m going to pick up your lipgloss/bodywash/shampoo/compact to even give it a chance if I’m not excited to grab it? Nope.

So yes, it does matter the most what works ON THE INSIDE but if I don’t believe you can make your package beautiful then I don’t believe you can make me beautiful and that’s a real problem.

If you want to be looked at then you have to make it into my shopping cart. Getting into my cart is 90% of the battle.

I mean, you’re in the BEAUTY BUSINESS. This should be common sense. It’s the same as “It’s not your personality that he’s going to notice across a crowded room.” It’s a creepy, superficial world out there and no one is going to want to see what’s on the inside if the outside isn’t cute.

MOR Cosmetics doesn’t need this explained. They can teach this pretty confidently. MOR consistently delivers beautiful products, both inside and outside. Today we’re going to point to MOR Hand Creme with Black Currant Iris.


Sure, Keri Hand Lotion may work but do you really want that pump sitting on your desk at work? Or on your vanity nightstand? Are you a chic woman or well, what exactly does that scream? Practical? Who wants to be called that. That’s one step below NORMAL (I shudder.)

The tube is non-greasy, has a fabulous yet not overpowering fragrance and contains:

– Contains the conditioning agents Glycerin & Coconut Oil
– Shea & Cocoa Seed Butters for superior moisture
– Sesame Seed Oil to help soften & rejuvenate the skin
– Vitamin A & E to nourish & reinvigorate tired skin
– Affordable for everyday use
– This hand cream product is not tested on animals



The Fragrance
Rich Black Currant & soft Iris marry with seductive Rose & warm Woods

OK, I just lost my font size. Sorry for the mini type.

It is a feminine design without being overtly “girlie” My main gay loves it! It’s non greasy yet moisturizing . It went out into a lot of makeup point packages so I’m really interested in what you ladies think about it! I have to stop typing because the strain of my eyes trying to write this damn piece this small is giving me a headache!!

How do you feel about the importance of the way your cosmetics are packaged?


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Stacy B here! I’m still wary of this whole ‘spring’ thing. New Englanders out there, you know what I mean. Spring happens in odd fashion around here so it takes a few weeks for you to really let go of that ‘but it really COULD snow one more time!’ feeling and actually do spring stuff, like change over your closet.

I did that this week and it was equally exciting and depressing. I love having new clothes in my closet, even if they are already mine. It’s nice to have something else to look at, another choice to ponder and more brightly colored options. However, I was VERY pregnant, and very post-partum last spring so I didn’t really wear any of my spring/summer stuff until about July when I went back to work. Even then, I was still losing the baby weight so I stuck to my more flow-y shirts and dresses and kept it neutral with some fun new accessories. Now, I’m seeing all these clothes that I can fit into (yay!) and they are 2 years old!! Luckily my style is fairly classic and I don’t overindulge in trends unless I see long-term potential, but still, it was a lot of outdated stuff!

And with two kids, my clothing budget is nearly zero! Spring panic! Luckily, I got a nice first quarter bonus from work and have been promised an outlet shopping and dinner date this weekend for my 7th wedding anniversary. I can’t wait to restock my closet. And the best thing is, **bragging alert** ….I feel pretty good this year since I am officially  4 pounds below my pre-baby weight. And not my younger son, my OLDER son! That’s right, with hard work, low calories, healthy recipes, and pinterest workouts I can do at home, I am under both pre-baby weights and only 3 pounds over my WEDDING weight. Let’s get shopping!!!

Another thing that inspires spring panic? Besides bathing suits in a month (let’s just skip right over that. I look good, but not THAT good!) is open toed shoes!! It’s been a long, cold winter and my piggies are in rough shape. Neglected, dry, wintery and bare toes. I can’t get a pair of peep-toes to even look my way. For Mother’s Day last Sunday, I’m got a nice spa pedicure at a place in town but my toes are so bad, I had to start prepping them at least a week before!

I found this great peppermint foot scrub from Kiss My Face and have been using it every other day for the past week or so. It’s been a big help! It smells SO good, which is not surprising. I’ve tried a few other Kiss My Face products to mixed reviews but the one thing I’ve always said is how good they all smell. This is a true peppermint smell and it fills the bathroom up and makes it smell like a really nice spa.

The scrub has natural pumice and walnut shells that you can really feel when you are rubbing it in. It’s not too hard, but you can definitely feel those little bits working at smoothing the rough parts of your feet. I focused on my heels and toes and gave it a good 2-3 minute scrub/massage in the shower and I really noticed a difference. I was far less embarrassed to go to the spa on Sunday and have them give me the heavy duty ‘summer’s coming’ pedicure.

This is a great product that I recommend using 2-3 times a week consistently. My feet softened up a bit, and looked a little less rough and tumble. They felt smoother and moisturized too. I used an old favorite foot cream (not Kiss My Face brand, but I’d like to give their lotion a try sometime), at night and am very pleased with the results. Now that my closet is changed over, my spring/summer shoes are perched on my shoe-shelf where my boots once were, and my feet feel smoother, I’m ready for open toe season!

What are you ladies doing to prepare your tooties for summer?

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Stacy B here! Bangers and Mash! Fish and Chips! Jolly good time! Throwing out some British phrases because I just got back from London! What a city, and what a trip we had. Girls only, so my husband and boys stayed home. I had 5 days of quiet, making my own decisions, peeing by myself, waking up naturally and not by sticky hands touching my face, and carrying a small bag with ONLY my stuff in it! It was great. But I did miss those little buggers.

It was a rough week, we were there to watch my cousin run the London Marathon, and after what we went through with Boston, we were nervous and emotional. We wanted to unplug the day we got there and just enjoy, but with the lockdown and the manhunt and news happening so fast, were glued to our TV or iPad for a lot of the day. We did our best to get out during the days and walk, shop, sightsee and wander but as soon as we got home, it was BBC and iPad time.

We tried to enjoy while keeping our thoughts on those left at home in Boston. I think we succeeded, we had a great time and met a lot of locals that had so much support for their neighbors across the pond. And my cousin ran a very emotional PR in the marathon (personal record for those not in the running world) and funished in 3:53. Her fastest time by more than 10 minutes. WOW!

 I was proud of myself for being able to fit all my stuff for 5 whole days in a small suitcase and carry-on that was pretty easy to manage while taking the Tube all over the place. I’m a great packer and I love to find small products in the drugstore that don’t take up much room but still pack a punch. I hate packing shaving cream because I am always afraid the can is going to explode in the plane and get shaving cream all over my stuff. Which has happened to me once. Not fun. I had it in a plastic travel bag, but it still leaked all over everything.

This trip, I went with a shave cream that came in a tube, not a can. I brought Kiss My Face Moisture Shave in Key LimeYes, it smells that good. This is in a tube that’s like a lotion containter, not a steal can that can’t bend or move in the suitcase. I got there, unpacked, and no product explosion incidents!

 Plus, it was not a big tube, so it didn’t take up as much room or weigh as much. The formula is so good for you, no parabens, gluten free, no animal testing, all essential, natural oils, ingredients I recognize and can pronounce and nothing artificial. Good for my suitcase, good for me. And it really does smell so yummy.

 It moisturizes, so I didn’t have to pack a huge tub of lotion. I wouldn’t completely stop moisturizing, but at least for my trip, I didn’t have to worry too much. It held enough skin essentials in it that for the few days I was there, I didn’t need to layer on multiple products.

 My only dislike is that the lather doesn’t bubble up much and it washes away really easy. Which is great for when you are done, but I need the lather to stay put so I can see where I’ve shaved already. I’m no artist and staying within the lines has always been trouble for me. So when it washes away, I’m not sure where I’ve shaved or where I haven’t so I usually end up having to apply a little more and start over in some spots.

However, like I said, it washes away quickly and cleanly, so if you are better at remembering where you shaved and where you didn’t, you probably won’t care if it’s all gone already. There’s no sticky or oily residue left over.

This was a great trip, a great travel product and while the timing was terrible for us to be so far away from our friends and family in Boston, we were so glad we did it. What shaving lotion do you prefer?

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Meg here! I have just been looking at the weather channel and good Lord, is this spring? I thought this post was going to be timely. Everyone was going to be so eager to learn about my new fantastic faux tan! Then I saw that the country was blanketed under weather misery, let’s hope you can use this advice sooner than later!

The weather here is starting to get warmer and the limbs are beginning to come out. It’s L.A., it’s not like we’ve had a difficult winter. I hesitate to even call it “cold” since there may be some of you that are actually in weather less than 48 degrees (brrr!) 

I went to the dermatologist 2 weeks ago and I asked him “What’s this brown freckly type spot on my cheek?” I then pointed to my lower face. I don’t know how the next sound wasn’t “thud” as I wanted to drop down and faint on the floor as he casually replied “oh, that’s from the sun. Just an age spot.” AN AGE SPOT? On my face. I immediately thought of my friend Emilie, her 85 yr. old Grandmother called her 88 yr. old boyfriend “M&M Head” because of all of the sun spots on his face. I really am not ready to become “M&M Head.” Speaking of age spots, there also seem to be a few getting ready to make their way on my hands. Yup, you can tuck and lift and inject your face. You can laser it and bleach it and peel it. What can you do with spotted, ugly hands? You can buy fancy gloves. You better sunscreen those hands now, unless you’re into telling people that you like to work part time as a chauffeur, and you’re just in uniform.. 

No one that knows me would believe either! With my amazing, pasty Irish skin, the only choice I have is to sunless tan. Sure, I could sit in the sun but the fear of age spots has me paralyzed and I can’t actually move.

All of the Oompa Loompa fear has been taken away by the beautiful Sinead Norenius and her fantastic tanning line, Beautisol! I’ve always been rocking the faux tan. With more success some times than others. Since I have been introduced to the Beautisol line, I am streak-free and have a super gorgeous glow. It’s so easy, dries fast and they even have a product made just for your face! Not only is Beautisol’s “Need I Glow More?” specifically targeted for your face, it targets for your skin type! How awesome is that? I used it yesterday and not only do I look “glowy” it also camouflages skin imperfections (Ahem, like the above mentioned “age spot.”)


How about Beautisol Summer Glow Self Tanning Lotion? I used DARK TAN (but don’t be afraid, the color is buildable. On first application, even my Casper butt looked sun-kissed, not unnatural.) 

I look healthier, I look sexier, I look thinner! It did not make me humble. But who needs humble? When was the last time you put on a pair of short shorts and thought “do these make me look humble?” Never, that’s when. 

How did I achieve limbs that I am proud of? Ones that make my body smooth and fake something people call “toned?” How am I streak free and fabulous? The boobs to the left? Those are mine. Well, I mean, they were paid for, so yes… Anyhow, look at the tan color? That’s after one application! Pretty darn great right?


SHOWER: The first step to a gorgeous tan is to exfoliate.

#1 Michael Todd True Organics Walnut Grapefruit Scrub: I applied this to my body in the shower, I let the shower steam up and I grabbed ths tube. 

 Michael Todd True Organics Walnut Grapefruit Scrub $19.00 You have to exfoliate or else you’re going to have a splotchy tan. Dead skin cells don’t soak up the pigment of a self tanner. I love how this scrub isn’t so grainy, it doesn’t hurt but it exfoliates. You have baby soft skin, skin that is ready to drink up pigment. You’re smooth and your stems glow. It doesn’t leave any residue and the bottle is HUGE.

After the shower, I towel COMPLETELY OFF (water can streak!)

#2 Kiss Streaks Buh Bye! No more messy palms!

 Beautisol Applicator Mitt Want to have as super smooth application, no need to wash your hands?

This applicator mitt cuts self-tan time in half. It also takes out the annoying step where you have to scrub your palms! It is easy peasy and I have enlisted Nick Stern into Self Tan back applicator. He’s not exactly happy with this new job, but he still manages to breeze through it in 2 minutes and it looks like a professional did it. I swear, I am really building his resume of “special skills.” 

#3 Beautisol Summer Glow Dark Self Tanning Lotion

The Grand Finale! The final step. It dries fast, is cruelty free and STREAK FREE! Looks naturally amazing. Like, I’ve never had a REAL TAN this GREAT! All of my friends are in awe and buying their own bottle!

The first thing you notice is there is no stinky scent, it’s clean. Like fresh linens or like you’re Fabreezing your body. The pump distributes just the right amount. I like 4 pumps and then I fold the mitt in half so the tanning lotion is evenly distributed. I start from bottom to top. Sinead recommends you do this after your shower before bed. I have done that and I find it is also the best way. However, you are literally dry in about 5 minutes. Knowing this, I have also done this before I start my day. While I am drying my hair I let my body dry. I throw my clothes on and have had no issue with streaking. It is really so easy, it looks so nice. I can’t tout this product enough!

To make it even easier for you to give this a shot (DON’T FORGET THE MITT!) Sinead is offering 25% with code MEGSTAN. How great is that? 25% OFF BEAUTISOL! I posted my boob picture all over the social networks and interwebs so let’s hope she got some sales coming in!

What’s the weather doing in your parts and how are you staying “tan” but keeping out of the sun?

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Stacy B here! Despite the fact that I’m a suburban mom (ugh, that even sounds depressing), I am far more city than country. My husband and I have this dream of retiring – independently weathly of course – to a brownstone in Boston with a doorman, a personal shopper and a heated garage for the winter. And maybe a little beach condo somewhere warm for winter getaways.

 I have no desire to live off the land, or retire to some field somewhere where I can feed birds out back or listen to the crickets while I churn butter or whatever. Bugs are gross, butter isn’t all that good for you and peace and quiet make me restless. If that’s your thing, then good for you, enjoy it! But, give me city lights, shops within walking distance, excitement and entertainment and good food….made to order and served to me on demand. I like more excitement and action and feel more comfortable when there are lots of options, things to do, things to talk about, things to explore. I don’t even like country music or cute, farm-y decor. So, I was really suprised when my mom introduced me to a product made by hand from the backwoods of Maine and I fell totally in love.

 Have any of you savvy all-nautral, country loving ladies heard of Stonewall Kitchen?  If not, you have now and you can thank me for it!

 I’m taking a break from my normal drugstore product because you can’t get this stuff in a drugstore. In fact there are only about 10 stores on the East Coast that sell this brand, so you’re better off ordering on line. This place started out with jams, jellies and other country-esque gifts and recently branched out into things like body lotions, cleaning supplies, cookware and gift soaps, all natural, of course.

 My parents (who are a little more into this stuff than I am) always grabbed some of their jams and jellies whenever they were up near our vacation home in New Hampshire (which I don’t go to very often, way too remote!!)  The Red Pepper Jelly is a favorite, and so is the Apple Cranberry Chutney. I have no idea what chutney is, but it’s great on a cracker. I never thought twice about this stuff until she came home with this amazing Grapefruit Thyme lotio n.  


This has saved me from grossly cracked and paper-cut-up hands this winter. This lotion is the perfect product to keep right by your sink so when you finish the dishes, you can slab some on and avoid dry and cracked skin and knuckles. It starts out really liquid and oily and when my mom insisted I try it, and practically poured it on me herself, I instantly said how slimy and wet it was and how it would never soak in. She just looked at me and said, ‘just wait’. I did, and in less than 30 seconds, I was hooked. My skin was completely moisutrized, felt smooth, soft, silky and touchable. Every bit had soaked in. My mom just looked at me with that knowing motherly smile and said, “I know. I’ll get you some next time we go to New Hampshire”. Moms always know.

 I kept stealing it every time I went over there until I finally got some under the Christmas tree and was so excited. Even my husband uses it a lot. The scent is very neutral, with the thyme offsetting the citrus of the grapefruit so it’s not too girly for a guy to use. I really want to try the antibacterial gel from this line, and the soy candle, too. They have so many interesting sounding scents. The only drawback to limited stores, is you can’t smell something online. But, the scent I have really does smell like a grapefruit with some thyme in it so I’d trust the title. And yes, I had to dig into my mom’s spice cabinet to sniff some thyme to verify that. 

 This lotion is great and has gotten me through a long, cold winter! Now, one last bit of advice…I know this is a makeup site and sugar should only be in scrub form, but if you have some extra cash, get the Chocolate Peanut Butter Sauce for your next dessert. YUM. Any of you have some great, secret gems that aren’t hugely known?


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