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zoyaStacy B here! Trends come and go: grunge, go-go boots, slap bracelets, the expression “psych”, lava lamps and plastic see-through handbags, to name a few. Some are gone forever, some jump in and out of popular culture (high waisted pants, mini skirts and blue eyeshadow just keep coming back) and some just never go out of style, like LBDs, suits with classic lines and a good pair of pumps.
One thing that’s extremely trendy right now, that I hope becomes iconic and never goes out of style, is creating good quality products that are good for us, good for the environment and actually work. It was tough for a while there, a lot of products were hitting the market that were all-natural, no chemicals, no animal testing and nothing that was bad for you, but they didn’t really work. Your choice was a product that worked but could possible kill you or the ozone layer later in life, or something that didn’t work but made your conscience smile. Tough one. Big companies barely paid attention because they knew the all-natural stuff didn’t work so why bother to try to make their chemical-filled products safer if they were still making money?
Slowly, things started to change, and products because better at doing what they were supposed to do without any harmful additives. Some of the more proactive companies had the foresight to throw some money into researching ways to make good products that aren’t hurtful. Now, we’re seeing so many products made from stuff from the earth, not a lab. Companies are reducing their carbon footprint and people are eliminating toxins from their routines.
This week, I found a great natural nail polish that I love. This company, called “Zoya”  offers over 300 shades of polish that are incredibly long lasting and aren’t full of things you can’t pronounce! Zoya Nail Polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor. Wow..the only one of those I know about is formaldehyde and that gives me the creeps. All I can think about is high school biology and funeral homes.  And regular nail polish companies let you put that on your nails?
It’s only available on line and in salons so I’m deviating from my normal drug store routine, but it’s worth it. The bottles are about $8 each, which is a little on the high side if you are comparing to a generic drug store brand, but one of the other things I love about Zoya is they offer tons of deals. If you ‘like’ them on facebook you get great alerts! For Earth Day back in April, Zoya offered to send up to 6 FREE nail polishes to you – your choice of colors – if you promised to send back 6 of your old chemical-filled, half empty bottles and they’d dispose of them safely. All you had to pay for was shipping! I got $48 worth of safe, natural polish for about $20 and was able to get rid of some old bottles. Very ‘green’ Zoya!
This polish really lasts too. I put two coats on Monday night and I haven’t seen a chip yet and it’s Thursday. I can usually get about four or five days out of an application and I can stretch it to six if I apply a third coat on day four. A couple tricks though…. First, clear your nails with nail polish remover first. The oils in your nails can break down this natural polish a little faster than a regular bottle. Second, don’t use a regular base or top coat. The chemicals in them don’t play nice with all-natural Zoya. Either don’t do a base or top coat, or buy one from Zoya. I never use a base or top coat and I still get four to six days out of it.
I’ve read on other blogs that some people don’t like this polish because it breaks down easily and almost every time I read that, I see comments about not using regular top and base coats so it’s really a good trick. Zoya offers a whole ‘color lock system’ that included base and top coats and promises 10 days of color. I haven’t tried it yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it works considering just the polish itself can last almost a week.
I really like the variety of colors and they are constantly offering two for one deals, collection specials and discounts. You can’t beat a polish that is good for the world and your wallet! Anyone else tried Zoya or a green polish?

Buy It here!

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lustblushMeg here! I just had the most relaxing/stressful evening! My friend has an amazing house up in the Hollywood Hills. The thing I miss most about owning my own house? My garden and my bath tub. There are few things better than a nice hot bath. My friend has a hot tub that overlooks the city, a sauna and an amazing bath tub. I’ve been sore and so he said I could have at his place and chill out. Awesome.

I was driving my rental car home all nice and relaxed when I saw police blues in the rear view mirror. I wasn’t doing anything wrong so when I pulled over, I asked “did I do something wrong?” Apparently my rental car’s expiration is expired. I explained it was a rental car and gave them my rental agreement, insurance and license.

They asked me to get out of the car. I removed my wet bathingsuit at my friends house and threw on a sweatshirt and shorts for my 5 minute drive home. They frisked me and asked me to remove my sweatshirt. I explained that I couldn’t do that because I had nothing on under it. That I had been in a hot tub.

I just got back from spending 30 minutes in the back of a police car where the police (yes, plural police. They called in back-up for some reason so it was me, three male police officers and one woman) were telling me that the rental agreement dates were off and had I stolen the car?”

My response? “Do I seriously look like a car thief? If I was going to go to jail for stealing a car it would not be for a light blue Hyundai sedan.”

The car did indeed not come up as stolen and after a stern warning about having better paperwork I am now able to finally get home and write this review at 1am. I am now going to go to my Facebook profile and in the “about me” section write “suspected car thief.”

I don’t know when the world got so crazy and complicated but I wish sometimes we could just get back to basics. The thing about common sense is that’s not really that common. Not around here anyhow.

I am happy to be writing my review on a natural company founded on both getting back to basics and common sense!

Ecoglo Minerals
is 100% natural. The line contains no parabens or anything that you can’t pronounce. I know we had a lt of Everyday Mineral’s fans on here that were very unhappy when the company changed so you may want to check Ecoglo Minerals out.

They have fast shipping and extremely competitive pricing. Seriously, some of the items are even below Drugstore pricing! They also have a really cool “loyalty program” everytime you make a purchase you get points that are converted into dollars so you earn money while you’re getting great products at a fair price.

I tried Ecoglo Mineral’s blush in “Lust” (7 points!). I loved how the blush came in a cute cloth drawstring bag (that now holds my hair elastics) “Lust” goes on smooth and I love the color. This is going to last me a long time because all the biggest make-up artists have told me “Only apply on the apple of your cheeks! We’re not doing the whole pull-back with blush across the cheek bone anymore. It’s too eighties!”

This blush is pretty pigmented so you only need a small dab and blend away! I found it to be easy to blend and that it had great staying power. I love companies that reward their customer’s as well, that’s going above and beyond and the people that work here are great as well! They put a lot of care into their products and it shows.

So when I’m not hot-wiring cars I am reaching for my Ecoglow Minerals in lust. I love it, it’s great and the price is right so you know, I don’t have to steal it.

Have any of you tried Ecoglow Minerals? Go check them out and learn about their mission and how to earn loyalty points

Check them out here!

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yestocarrotsbabyBabyLove here! A big thank you to everyone who commented on last weeks article.  I don’t feel so alone now knowing that a lot of you are as boring as me. I’d like to announce that as of tonight, I am officially done shopping.The stress of the holiday season has forced me into an eating frenzy, but thankfully I’ll take these next few weeks to decompress.

I’ve gotten another drugstore baby product that is affordable to everyone, and can be found almost everywhere.  I have to admit, that I’ve been dying to try this line, and with unsuccessful attempts to get some product for my list, I decided to buy it myself.  Hopefully, I’ll sweeten my proposition to their pr firm by reviewing them anyway.

If you haven’t tried a Yes to Carrots, Yes to Cucumbers, Yes to Tomatoes, and recently added Yes to Blueberries product, then you’re probably living under a rock somewhere.  All three of these lines combine high quality fruits and vegetables with a mineral elixir from the Dead Sea to create quality products that nourish and hydrate skin and hair.  100% natural, Yes to Carrots baby carrots line is also tear free, hypoallergenic, paraben, petroleum, and SLS free.  It’s super affordable at $7.99, and convenient since it’s another 2 in 1 product that us mothers love.  The line is a perfect gift set for a mother to be where it includes a lotion, diaper cream, and bubble bath.

Yes to Carrots is a gentle foaming cleanse.  I love products that foam up instead of getting all soapy dish water looking.  It makes for an easy rinse, and where William has such sensitive skin, I’m assured that there’s no residue hanging around to irritate him.  Like a lot of the natural products we review here, the wash does smell really citrusy with just a hint of baby powder.  It comes in a sturdy pump, which makes it easy for Calum (he ¡s 2.5) to manipulate.  He’s really pleased with himself when he does it all by himself just like William.  I already mentioned that this is both a shampoo and a body 2 in 1, so it’s really nice to be able to expedite the showering process.  Neither of the boys showed any signs of irritation from using this, and their hair was really silky.  I’ve said it before, but it always surprises me when a 2 in 1 leaves hair feeling soft and conditioned.  Every time I use a 2 in 1, my hair feels like hay.  I guess my next purchase will be their baby lotion, which I unfortunately failed to give that a sniff test when I was at the store.

Although this is my first experience with Yes to Carrots baby carrots, I have used their facial towelettes from their Yes to Cucumbers line.  They cleanse, and remove make-up fantastically.   A package of 30 wipes cost $5.99, and can be picked up at any local drugstore and should be on your list for this holiday season.  I specifically have my eye on Yes to Blueberries complete age refresher regimen for my 30th birthday!

With four sub-lines for skin, hair, lips, and baby you can choose Yes to whatever you want and be really happy!

Drugstores Everywhere!

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badgerbabybalmBabyLove here!  I’m pleased to announce that after a year of begging Badger for products, I’ve finally succeeded!  We’ve done reviews on Badger before, and you all have raved along with us when we sang the praises of their lip balms and #1 rated sunscreen.  Since I blog mostly about children’s products, it seemed fit that I add them to the line up.  Everything we’ve sampled from Badger has been fanfreakintastic, so I wasn’t shocked to find that their baby products are awesome too.

Jentri, from Badger, was kind enough to not file a restraining order after all of my “badgering” (oh, ha ha I am so creative) for baby products.  She sent over some organic baby balm, some night night balm, and badger baby oil.  I kept the baby balm for my babies, and passed on the other two goodies to some friends.

Calum is getting his two year old molars in, and has been nothing short of a whiny disaster area.  He’s drooling non- stop, and has had a raw bum.  I’ve used this on him to protect and soothe the area.  It took only a day to see a huge result, and at every diaper change I’ve been applying a little bit to protect him from the moisture.  It keeps him dry, and keeps him smelling good.

Made from extra virgin olive oil, yellow beeswax, castor oil, calendula extract, and essential oil of roman chamomile, this balm is the greatest.  From spending almost everyday of the Summer at the beach, William’s heels are super dry and cracked.  The sand, water, and sun has definitely taken a toll on his toddler tootsies.  He hasn’t complained about them, but they look sort of unsightly and painful at the same time.  You can clearly see deep cuts in his heels.  I’m really shocked that they haven’t bled yet.  At bedtime, I have been coating his heels with this and putting his socks on.  His feet aren’t entirely healed yet, but Badger is definitely helping them get there.  This balm is seriously so versatile.  Badger’s site suggests using it for some skin conditions, so I’m wondering if this would work on helping to soothe some of William’s less severe eczema breakouts.

Badger Baby Balm
comes in a cute, 2 ounce tin.  Our reviewers who aren’t super crazy about earthy smells need not worry, since even though Badger balm is certified organic, it doesn’t smell that way!  I love the smell of this balm.  It smells like a touch of chamomile and lemon, and I’ve received quite a few comments about my new “perfume,” after using this to moisturize my dry hands, elbows, and even my lips.  At first look, I thought I’d have a little bit of trouble working the balm into my skin, but looks are deceiving.  I had absolutely no issue or greasy remnants left behind on my skin after using Badger.  It takes just a minute to work in, and you see and feel IMMEDIATE results.  One tin won’t be enough, because everyone will be hooked.

Moms and Dads listen up! Don’t be like me and steal your baby’s balm, get your own! Badger carries a variety of balms for all different reasons.  I promise, if you’ve never heard of, or used Badger, get some now because you’re missing out!  BADGER IS THE BEST!

Any other mom’s on the verge of being issued a restraining order away from Badger?

Buy it here!

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Meg here! Babylove is off this Friday and she asked me to do a “Baby Love” article in her place. This could be difficult seeing I don’t have a baby. I also don’t have any friends that live near by with babies. I also just get freaked out around them in general as well. It occurred to me there had to be someone better to write this article. Like, anyone other then me.

Today my baby butt was saved! Today was the day that WMBF aired a clip of me from being on their news show. The segment was “Best Baby Products!” Fortunately, we have many baby mothers and many baby lovers that read and offer their opinions on our Baby Love articles. All I had to do was go back and look at the comments that the Meg Heads had left under the posts to chose the most popular items.

They filmed this segment in my new enemy. Hi-Definition Television. Damn you HD! While I don’t have a baby I do look like I was up all night with one!

Here were my picks-

Zakias Argan Oil: Mineral Oil is a no-no! This is a great mom and baby item. Instead of “baby oil” (mineral oil with scent) Zakias Argan Oil is the safe alternative. Better yet, it prevents stretch marks and makes mom’s hair and skin look amazing!

Circle Of Friends: Lice Defense Shampoo and Conditioner. Genius. Use these products on your child (camp is coming up!) and spare the bug pick through. This prevents your from child from getting those nasty gnats. The Circle Of Friends Organic Cooling Spray Lotion is just fabulous for treating sensitive skin and eczema. Great company!

Erbaviva! Organic Lip and Cheek Balm It your little one has dry spots on their face then this is the soothing go-to lavender balm. I must warn you. Mothers have been know to use it a lot more on themselves. Balm junkies go crazy for this huge tube. I used to have one. Now I notice it has been in Megken’s car. This is where the term “Like stealing from a baby” must have come from!

Little Twig Travel Basics Bee Calming Lavender  If you have two kids then go to the site and buy two bee mitts and a separate bottle of the little twig body wash because 2 Kids + 1 Bumble Bee face cloth=FIGHT My sister bought an extra because her boys loved these mitts so much they wanted to take baths all the time with them. Arguing over who uses the bee was driving her insane but the plus side was they were loving bath time. So, small price to pay for clean and harmonious boys.

100 Percent Pure Yummy Ice Cream 2 in 1 Body Wash and Shampoo! They are not joking around on the “Yummy Factor” Wowsers do these smell absolutely delish! The bottle is huge, the pump is so convenient and one less product to have to take up bath real-estate. With scents like “Mint Chocolate Chip” and “Strawberry” What kid wouldn’t beg to be bathed?

I hope you like my choices and I hope you like my segment. Have you ever tried any of my picks and what are your favorite baby products?

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