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zoeorganicsBaby Love here!  I love products that are designed for children by parents who either experienced sensitive skin issues themselves, or had to watch their children suffer through them.  These are the products, the ones born out of necessity that really work.  There are no gimmicks with these lines, and it’s great.

Two weeks ago, my husband, boys, and I were in Florida visiting my father in-law.  If you subscribers think that the weather here on the east coast has been bad lately, I urge you never to visit Florida in August.  The only way it is possible to be outside is if you are in a pool or at the beach.  My husband loves the ocean, so that’s where we went.  We’ve all been in the salt water after shaving our legs, or skinning our knee.  We all know that salt water heals skin beautifully, but it also hurts like hell.  It didn’t dawn on me while we were at the beach, that the majority of William’s body is raw.  He cried and cried from the pain, and spent the afternoons playing with me in the sand, or dipping his feet in to cool down.  The sunscreen he was coated in was aggravating his skin, and the salt water was burning.  It was not a good day.  It really broke my heart when he asked me, “Why doesn’t Cali’s skin hurt like mine?”  Even though Calum has food allergies, they have not manifested into eczema.  It was the first time in a long time, that we hit a speed bump with him, and I tried my best to explain his situation to him.  For the most part, even with all of his allergies and skin issues, William lives a very normal, blessed life.  There are substitutions for the foods that he cannot have, and we make every attempt to find them.  He understands that there are things that he can’t eat, and very rarely brings his allergies up.  His eczema flare ups are the worst.  Is skin becomes red and raw from the constant itching, and sometimes there is really no relief.

I was very lucky to have packed one of my very favorite products that have come to me via  I had never heard of Zoe Organics before this past spring, but it has become a necessity in my home.  Zoe Organics Baby Bath Tea are little tea bags full of super safe, and effective ingredients that combat inflammation of the skin.  As a child, Zoe Organics founder, Heather Hamilton, suffered from allergy induced eczema and asthma brought on by “safe” children’s products.  When she became a mother, she focused her energy on filling the major gaps in the market of products for children.  After losing her sister in-law 12 weeks after she had given birth to her baby girl, Zoe (means “life”), Heather Hamilton named her company which focused on “celebrating the lives of family, community and planet.”

The baby bath tea bags are filled with oatmeal and lavender which cleanse the skin, calendula and chamomile which work as anti-inflammatory, and coco butter shavings to moisturize.  At bath time, I drop one of these tea bags into the water and wait a few minutes.  The tub smells like lavender and chamomile, but it’s not to earthy.  The water clouds just a little bit, but it does not soap or suds.  It is the perfect way to soothe William’s raw and irritated skin, and it doesn’t hurt or burn his little body.  Despite the fact that these bags don’t cause suds, his skin still feels like it’s coated, but in a good way.  It doesn’t leave his skin feeling slimy, just moisturized.  We’ve had no breakouts from these whatsoever.  I stand behind these 100% and I am so pleased to have had them. They’ll be a staple in my treatments for William.

Zoe Organics has a great line of products.  Please check the site out, and find the product that will make a difference in your life!

What bath item are you never without? Bath bombs, bubble bath or salts?

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