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HEY THERE AND HAPPY MONDAY! I’m still on vaca and internet access has been spotty so thanks for going with the flow on our unusually timed posts. The lovely and hip Jodi from Zents sent Megsmakeup out some of their Petal lotion to try. Desertdoll turned me on to this brand and as usual, she’s a smartie. Zents is one of those companies that makes all the frilly things that anyone would love to bring to someone as a decadent gift. If your friend loves the way your petal scent fragrances a room then you could pick her up a Zents petal candle. They have all complimentary products.

Zents comes in 10 scents, the scents have simple names like sun, water, ore and so on. On the site you can click the product you’re interested in and Zents will give you all of the notes and the story of the inspiration behind each product. The packaging of the body lotion was beautiful and everyone that was handed one did the obligatory “ooh”.

Desertdoll sent me a suspicious email about two weeks before my birthday. It said “Hi Meg, Send me your 5 most favorite scents-Love Stef”

That was the easiest question I had to answer all week! My reply? Gardenia, Tuberose, Jasmine, Freesia and Johnson&Johnson Conditioner (the one that’s a peach color)

The day before my birthday the most beautifully custom blended perfume oil came to my house! Gee, wonder who sent it? Thanks Stef!

Why did I just tell that tale? Well, fragrance is such a personal thing. Look at my list of favorites! How could I not love a lotion called “Petal”. If Zents had sent..A warm and spicy scent-their Fig, I don’t know how great a review I could give it. Not that it wouldn’t be great, it just wouldn’t

So when we review this item I’m going to ask the girls to focus more on the texture, absorbency and packaging then the overall scent. If you love the scent then tell us! If it’s not your favorite then let us know what you usually wear? Fruity? Musk? Sporty?

Here’s what Zents says about their Petal lotion“Each rich ZENTS lotion is highly fragrant with aromatherapeutic floral extracts and essential oils. ZENTS lotions are handmade with the finest ingredients. Use ZENTS lotions in combination with other ZENTS products. contains shea butter, green tea, chamomile & elder flower”
BLEND: Light floral
NOTES: Lily of the valley, freesia, lemon, Fresh Rain Accord
STYLE: Uplifting and innocent

Ladies please let us know if Zents body lotion in Petal made you feel like a flower! If you were asked to list your top 5 favorite scents what would they be?

Buy it here ZENTS Buy It Here

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