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zakiasmorocconblacksoapI am freaking out that it’s already mid-November: it’s like time speeds UP a the end of the year and try as I might, I can’t get my brain and feet to catch up! Goddess Granny feels the stress like everyone else although I tend to hide it under an extra layer of mascara whenever possible…

We all have our unique ways of “coping” and some tend to rather creative: I for one am looking forward to an afternoon with my glam-girl friends drinking wine in a dark theater watching two AMAZING diva’s in “Burlesque!” Who cares if the movie may not have an award-winning  script? The makeup, costumes and sets alone will inspire me for months! I also tend to bake cupcakes and bask in the tub more this time of year!

Some I know LOVE to have a “spa day” and while I have sampled what spas have to offer in many places with many ways to spoil and encourage relaxation! !I am still torn as to whether or not I love the process. It’s great to go with a group and really indulge for an afternoon but I find that’s a “party” and not relaxing and I won’t even get into the cost. My favorite “spa” in the US is near my small hometown and it’s rated among the very best if you can believe  it!

One of the things I love most  about this place besides the breathtaking grounds and gorgeous interior is that they offer “specials” for some of their amazing spa-services that INCLUDE all taxes and gratuities and I think it’s brilliant: I get TOTALLY stressed out when some spas hand you a selection of tiny envelopes for “gratuities” after I’m stripped naked and who wants to do math in your head when you’re supposed to be relaxing?

So, for the most part unless I get to indulge with some of my favorite people! When I’m not visiting NY, I do my own “spa services” at home: with everything available, it’s really easy and the results can and do rival some treatments I have paid way too much for  in the past.

We adore Zakia’s here at and I’ll tell you why: this company is committed to the beautiful products they offer !The owners are lovely people and their products which include the amazing original “Argan Oil” (you NEED some of this during the winter months-trust me!) are held to the highest possible standards of organic purity. They continue to support women’s co-ops and provide jobs as well as promote the social-responsibility of sustaining their resources in their native Morocco! I am a ridiculous fan of the Argan Oil and shampoos and now I have yet ANOTHER incredible Zakia’s product on my list of favorites! They also love Meg’s back and we are very thankful for their support.

“Moroccan Black Soap” sounds rather mysterious doesn’t it? Based on the traditional and centuries-old “Hamman” spa treatments the gorgeous woman of Morocco have held dear for centuries, this is a unique and absolutely INCREDIBLE way to indulge yourself a bit right in the privacy of your own bathroom! It is a cleansing treatment-soap named “BELDI”, a 100% natural plant product that is naturally rich in in vitamin E and has the restorative powers to regenerate your skin like nothing else! It removes toxins and I can’t imagine what it might cost to experience this sort of luxury-treatment in an actual spa! It’s low-lathering and can be used to cleanse but that’s not the “best” way to reap the benefits.They refer to it as a “wondrous body treatment” and it really is so here’s how you use it…

Prep with a couple of towels, maybe a book, music, and some wine or other beverage: get yourself all warm and moist in a shower or bath first( I soak in a hot tub,s urprise,surprise!) Get out and smear this creamy, earthy-smelling, beautifully-textured “soap” all over yourself including your face…Yes, it’s a bit messy but who cares? Wrap yourself up and let it set for 10 minutes or so…I sit on my tuffet and read while it works it’s magic. Now rinse it off and scrub all over with a loofa (kassa) which releases ALL the toxins and gets rid of every single dry flaky skin cell. Rinse once more and MARVEL at yourself: I felt like Cleopatra prepping for a hot night on the barge when I did this and it’s very much worth the time and effort involved for such professional “spa-like” results!

I wish I had the time and enough “Moroccan Black Soap” to do this every single day…I LOVE the smell, it’s primal and organic! More importantly, my skin felt like buttered- satin with less effort than I expected! This is one helluva’ way to relax and rejuvenate and you don’t have to worry about “gratuities” and/or how you look waddling around a spa in paper slippers. I felt a difference in my skin for days after using it so it was time well invested!

Visit Zakia’s and buy it here:

I can see how this, maybe combined with some other bath goodies and a pretty towel would make THE perfect gift for anyone who has everything! I love this company and am proud to be able to write such glowing reviews about their incredible products! EVERYTHING they make is superior! DON’T FORGET 30% OFF EVERYTHING WITH CODE MEGS2000!

Do you also love to indulge in your own “home-spa” or do you prefer to leave it to the pros?

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