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Meg here! So I have moved in to my new place (video up this week-promise!) and I really like it. I think it is going to be good for me on a whole bunch of levels. The apartment is really gorgeous and I am very happy with my new roommate and fur friends. We probably wont be eating out together all that much though.

My diet is a disaster. I was just reading that section in InStyle Beauty Magazine where the dietary experts breakdown your day-to-day menu and tell you what they think of your intake. I am always pretty impressed with what the subjects they analyze write. Salmon, hand full of almonds, spinach-they write all of this great stuff down and diary themselves for a week. The experts remarks then always shock me…

“Well, pretty good but she should try to get more calcium in.”

I’m always totally blown away by how great these women are at having a really decent balanced diet and the experts are still finding holes in it? Aargh. I’m really glad they don’t ever ask me…

Monday: 2 cups of coffee, pizza delivery for lunch, leftover pizza for dinner, wine.

Yup, that’s pretty much how it goes for the rest of the week only I do go out for dinner and lunch a bit and what I order there isn’t all that healthy or impressive either. As type this I hear my roomie taking her vitamins.
She even remembers to take vitamins!

Once I was all moved in, I went to grab some milk out of the fridge for my coffee. There’s not milk. There’s almond milk. I then looked closer in the fridges contents everything is organic or exremely healthy down to the “Organic Marinara Sauce” to the “Organic Split Pea Soup”. She even has a cool bike in the livingroom that she rides everywhere. Like, she pedals places!

Yesterday we did some shoppping and got hungry and it went like this…

We pass Vegan Glory…

We’re not going to Vegan Glory are we?
Roomie: No, we don’t have to there. Have you ever been to M Cafe? Do you like it?
Meg: The macrobiotic place? Yeah, I have been there. I walked out.
Roomie: Hmmm, how about Whole Foods?
Meg: Ok, yeah, I like Whole Foods.

Cut to me in Whole Foods, Hot Pocket free eating an Organic Green salad that I made myself so I was sure to put ranch on it! It was, however, Organic Ranch so I am already getting healthier!

I am going to work on it! I don’t know I’ll ever be able to look forward to macrobiotic dining but I am off to the grocery store to buy some veggies today. As Martha says “It’s a good thing.”

What about you ladies? Vegan? Veggie? Macro? How strict are you and how would an expert rate your diet?

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