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Gigi here! What’s worse than “Turkey Neck?”  “Shar Pei” dog hands!  Women will often travel to the moon to have their faces lifted and address wrinkled necks, but your hands tell your age–quickly.  I examined mine in the unforgiving, harsh light of day and learned that I am 1,000 years old!  However, I think I still look fairly good, depending on what treatments I use to disguise my age.
Here my pale, rough, thin skin and age have caused me to be mistaken for these sagging Chinese pets.  It is difficult to discern my hands from the crevices.  I receive lots of attention when I am out and am seen by others, who politely pat me on the head and say, “How cute!” and then head for the hills as quickly as possible because they are repulsed.  (Okay, so I exaggerate a tad, but not by much. You get the point.)
Lady Macbeth could have changed literature forever as she continually washed her hands and said, “Out, damned spot!”  What was she missing?  What could have removed her spot, alleviated her guilt, and calmed her?  What could have ceased her untimely suicide and the filth she could not hide from herself?  Yes to Carrots Pampering Spa and Nail Manicure.  Feel for her—the ingredients in this were available in her time, but Carrots hadn’t combined them until this century!
You may want to make this part of your daily routine.  Or perhaps you are going somewhere and looking drop-dead gorgeous is important (which is everywhere).  Make short work of raggedy hands in just a few minutes!  This all-natural mixture of Dead Sea salts, rich sweet almond and jojoba oils, and extracts from figs and carrots is nothing short of a miracle.  It Carrots are replete with anti-oxidants which detoxify and enable skin to repair itself.  The hands of time are turned back. Obviously, the salt exfoliates rough skin and sloughs off dead layers to speed up nature’s way of doing the same.  The gentle baby-powder smell of all Yes to Carrots products, included in this one, soothes the senses and the soul.  The oils seep into skin, hydrating and protecting.  The cost for all of this luxury?  Only around $10.99 for a large tub, enough to see you through an entire season or more.
Wash hands.  All you need is a teaspoon in a damp palm to allow the magic to begin.  Enjoy the massage and work this formula into the front and back of hands.  Dry elbows?  Watch them disappear with this treatment.  Scrub gently—the salt particles are large and coarse and you don’t want to wreak havoc on skin.  Also concentrate your massage on nails and cuticles as well.  Gently rub them around the nail beds so that they may be softened.  Afterward, use an orange wood stick to gingerly push back unsightly cuticles.  I continue to be amazed at the number of women who spend a fortune on nail polishes and base and top coats but paint over cuticles from hell!
Be careful to wash well, as an oil residue is left behind.  In fact, you may want to do this in the shower to prevent any spillage, but a word to the wise:  Please exercise caution so that your hands aren’t repaired and your leg broken from a fall.  I would normally eschew so much oil, but the absolutely glowing skin I experience is well worth it.  My hands become satin and literally glow.  Water beads for quite awhile after this treatment.
Ah, I can smell it well.  The entire room where I am typing is sweetly scented.  But be suspected if large areas carry the fragrance.  I had the tub on its side next to me as I was typing and had left the lid slightly ajar without knowing it.  Wait—it works as furnish polish as well!  I didn’t expect to be cleaning here right now, but I’d rate it right up there with Oil English Oil!

Who else loves Yes To Carrots? Also I AM LEMMING OVER YES TO CUCUMBERS! Love a refreshing cucumber! Anyone tried that line yet?

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