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here! It is time to announce the winners of our Invicible Scar giveaway! It was hard to pick a winner with all of the deserving stories. I picked two ladies to try (and I hope report back) how the product worked for them.

Onecool8 said “I would love to try this product! I have 2 discoid lupus scars right below my lower lip that NOTHING seems to cover. I have tried camouflage makeup for all brands and types, have tried Nicole Paxson’s products (lotis concealer) to no avail. By the way I love Nicoles products (big sis turned me on to them), but it just doesn’t work to fully cover my spots. One spot is about the size of a dime and the other about 1/2 of that. They can range in color from red to dark brown. If this product did actually work on lupus scars, I would scream from the top of every building singing its praises. I am very self conscience about the marks knowing that people look at them and probably wonder what they are and how I got them. Even covered with concealer they still resemble cigarette burns, which never go away. I have never photographed them however, I would be willing to show before and after pics – that is if the product worked. Even my husband has never seen these scars without markup coverage. Only me and my dermmy”.

That entry made my heart go out! Your husband can see you without your makeup! He’s your husband! It just shows how much this scar bothers her that she feels like she has to have makeup on 24/7! Onecool8 I hope Invible Scar gives you your confidence back and I am sure you are beautiful!

said “I have so many scars that I want to get rid of. Most are from the 40+ surgeries I’ve had since I was born. Now I know I can’t get rid of them all, but I’m hoping to make a few a lot less noticeable! I have a few on my face- a very long one on my nose which is incredibly hard to miss when you’re looking at me head-on! I would love to see if this stuff actually works because I’ve tried everything under the sun and nothing even seems to fade them.” 

Elsielee!?!?! I don’t want to just give you InviCible Scar! I want to give you a hug! 40+ Surgeries? Yikes. You look gorgeous in your picture and I’m so sure you’re feeling better. Let’s get rid of that scar for you!

I attached a video so that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting!

I am all moved into my new place so thank-you so much for all of your well wishes! I just have to get organized now! I’m taking tomorrow off and going on a little road trip. Yes, I have been in L.A. for 14 years and never taken the four hour trek to check out Hearst castle. I’ll let you know what I think. I’m sure my new place is much nicer! Undecided

Congratulations to the winners! What historic site is on your list to see?

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