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wiiTop of the green mountain ladies! It’s Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 and do you know where your Leprechaun is right now? Jeanasina here! Don’t be surprised if you suddenly hear the sound of shattering glass and it turns out to be a green, beer-filled, out-of-control, jig dancing, Leprechaun inside your kitchen cupboard! Dancing can be dangerous you know! That is why it is important that all dance moves, including the Irish Jig, be monitored going forward!

Who’s going to monitor YOUR personal dancing huh? Now, along those dancing lines ,I am going to relay to you that recently, in my never ending quest to try and find my old body, I purchased the Wii Just Dance DVD! Oh I know, some of you will grump and say “That’s SO last year!” but it’s THIS year for me ladies! I’m excited about something new in my little house that gives me the urge to move!~ I’m sure that had other connotations all over it! I am talking physical exertion here and not blockage of the intestinal track.

I have been wanting to talk about this since I got it! I saw it advertised on TV for the first time recently and I thought “THAT LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!” I used to dance when I was young, I mean, REALLY dance! Every weekend I went dancing at clubs and I NEVER had to worry about not having anyone to dance with! Truth! That was a long, long time ago. I never dance much anymore; I am sad to say. You know how you kind of automatically squat down a bit to move when you dance, well when I do that these days, it’s a BAD thing! If I could wish on a rainbow for luck today, I’d wish I could be as healthy and vibrant as I once was!

As my story continues, I went on to and watched with my semi-Irish eyes, the advertisement for this video which SOLD me totally on purchasing the Wii Just Dance! Look at link below and then tell me you are not tempted to want to try this! This is SO much fun all by yourself – a mood lifter – a dance challenger, and it’s even more fun with your friends!

In “Just Dance” you learn dance moves to songs you have mostly heard of (depending on your age of course) (current and from the past) and then you try to copy the guy/girl image on the screen and see how YOU compare while holding the ‘wii’ remote in your hand! OMG! I used it for two solid hours the first time and I didn’t want to stop! Up to four people can dance! It was just me in my living room but let me break it down for you so it will be just like you were in the moment with me!

There IS a warm up in the beginning. There is a female image in a disco outfit working you through a nice stretch before you start your dancing leg frenzy! It was clear that it had been years since I had purposely stretched. When I circled my neck you could hear cartilage snapping repeatedly. I kept it up though since the girl on the DVD didn’t seem to be concerned about my neck noises. I was doing intense shoulder shrugs when my Harley Husband walked by and said, “Are you having a spell dear?” Anyway, I made it through the entire wii dance stretching maneuvers with my 1970 dance leotard and hot pink leggings still in tact!

I hit the ‘lets-do-it’ button after that and away I went! Oh of course I thought, AT FIRST,…‘Hey, I’m still pretty good!‘ Then I learned that each dance move you do is RATED pretty much in three categories. You get points if you do it perfectly, that earns an ‘EXCELLENT’! You get points if you do it sort of close to how it’s supposed to look, that earns an ‘OK’. But the third and final category is ‘You didn’t even come close to the dancer on the screen’ for which you earn an nasty ‘X.’ Well I’m not even going to tell you just how many X’s I started out with! I just kept looking at me now and at the screen and thinking “Exactly when did the dance knowledge removal people come into my life and secretly steal away my former dance skills?

Still, undaunted, I was determined to make that blasted screen give me some ‘EXCELLENT’ scores! And I did. There are 30 songs (you’ll wish there were more!). The songs range from 80’s, 90’s, Disco, Rock and more! I have definite favorites I manage to do quite well and if you ever do watch them, you’ll say “Well Jeanasina!! How hard can THAT be?” I love Hot N Cold and Womanizer and Who let the dogs out and Wanna Be by the Spice Girls! But I also was having a blast trying to keep up with “U Can’t Touch This” by M.C Hammer! Wouldn’t it be a funny St. Patrick’s Day joke if I made my husband’s Leather Harley Pants into Leather Hammer Pants! Let’s do it! Kiss

OK, the point of this narration dear lassies, is that I find that dancing, elevates my mood, brightens my skin, gives my cheeks a much envied glow and improves my health and burns calories! The Just Dance Wii makes me smile and when I smile, my skinny-assed lips look fuller! There is no down side here! Any age will have fun with this! I’m including a link below so you can get ‘fired up’ like I did and maybe the Wii Just Dance will be just the thing to get you motivated to move too! There are short and long versions of the songs so you can practice with the short ones and then ‘click’ on the ‘long’ versions and just look straight at that colorful dancing icon on the screen and say “Bring it Baby!”

When I was a little girl, I had a life size doll with elastic straps on her feet that attached to my shoes. I’d hold her hands and she was my ‘dancing doll’ partner and we’d dance for hours. I can’t get that to work with my Harley husband. Every time he sees the duct tape circles I have creatively attached to his Harley Boots he says “This is b-ll—-!” Happy St. Patrick’s Day you lively laughing lassies!

Just watch these fun snippets of others who have tried “wii Just Dance”!

Share YOUR love of dancing with us! Are you a dancer? Are you a wii dance lover?

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