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Stacy B here! Some things just bring you straight back to your childhood, like when I bought Mr. Bubble bubble bath for my son a few months ago. I knew I used it when I was little but the second I opened it up and smelled it, I was immediately 6 or 7 years old and back in my tub at my parents house playing in the bubbles. We didn’t get bubbles every time, only when we had time to play, so these bubbles meant a lot to my childhood self! I think I need a retro Mr. Bubble T-shirt or something.

I’m sure you all have something like that that brings you right back to a certain place, time or situation. It could be the smell of a product, the tune of a toy or just a memory of using something that stuck in your head as a significant moment. When I was in second grade, I wanted a beauty birthday party, which consisted of some cheap make up, dress up clothes, my mom’s heels and nail polish. Wet ‘n Wild make up to be specific. We had so much fun dressing up like grown up ladies and putting make up on each other. My mom had bought several glitter nail polishes and I LOVED them. I layered them on top of each other to get the max glitter effect (huh, even as a child I knew how fun layering products can be!) and kept redoing them over and over.

I kept those bottles for so long. I’m sure they were totally dried up after a while, but I just couldn’t let go. Then I started getting older and I grew out of Wet ‘n Wild products. They always seemed sort of like a starter kit for make up. Good for young, inexperienced make up experimenters with little money. I think everything was $1 or something. I graduated to the expensive stuff and left Wet ‘n Wild to the younger girls.

Until now. Enter new Wet ‘n Wild Megalast Nail Polish. Wet ‘n Wild grew up a bit and got a make over!

 These colors are great and they are so cheap, you can’t not buy them, there’s no risk! Prices vary by store but I looked around and didn’t see any listed for more than $3 in my area. Totally worth it.

I tried a really cute light purple-taupe color called Bite the Bullet. I skipped the base coat, I am still home taking care of a newborn so it’s not like I have an hour to dry multiple layers of polish! I used two coats and it went on thick, smooth and even. If you’ve seen or tried Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure polishes (at $8-10 each!), this is the poor man’s version. Or in my case, the poor mom’s version…diapers are expensive!! 

 The best part about this is the brush. It’s just like the Sally Hansen one, very thick, soft bristles and the spread out really well. For some of my nails I only needed one swipe because the brush spread out and covered the whole nail. That shaved a few seconds off each finger for me, worth it when my little guy still eats every 2 hours or so and I never know how long his naps will be or when he’ll need a diaper change.

 It’s been 4 full days and I don’t have one single chip, bubble or streak. It doesn’t say if there’s a built in top coat, so I put a clear coat on after day 2 and I think that bought me another few days. The website claims 5 days of chip free polish and I’m almost there.

 The way I see it, the only difference between this and Sally Hansen is the price. The color selection is decent, the brush is great, they last as long as they say they will and they are toluene, phthalate, and formaldehyde free.

I’m so proud of Wet ‘n Wild, they’ve really grown up! I can’t believe that 25 years later, I’m using Wet ‘n Wild nail polish again. If only they had those glitter colors from the mid 80s… 

Who else is loving the new Wet ‘N Wild Line?

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