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Hey, it’s chichi again. This Green Chi Tuesday I’m bringing you Weleda’s Wild Rose Deodorant.

So, I’ve been reading on the site how everyone has that one item in their beauty arsenal that they continue to buy over and over again. No matter how many lip glosses you already own (I’m looking your way Desertdoll) every time you go shopping you pick up another one.

I also have this problem with clothes. By far my biggest obsession is the Black Tank Top. I have multiple black tank tops for every occasion. Long and lean black tanks for layering over or under other tanks. Form fitting black tanks to wear under my sweaters in the winter. Cozy black tanks to pair with pajama bottoms. Fancy, sparkly black tanks for nights on the town. You get the picture.

I realize this is one addiction I will never conquer, so I just need to tackle the one flaw with my beloved black tank top – white, chalky deodorant marks. I’ve tried every type of “clean” and “clear” and “invisible” deodorants. They all lie. It is near impossible to escape without the telltale marks. That, my dear readers, is the beauty of Weleda’s Wild Rose Deodorant. This deodorant leaves absolutely no white marks or residue on my clothes!

This rose scented deodorant is in a recyclable glass bottle with a non-aerosol pump, which distributes a clear spray of liquid that dries almost instantaneously. I adored the pump action; it’s quick, cooling and mess free. The fragrance is pretty strong but I love rose and this doesn’t give me any “Nana” vibes. One thing to note is that this is not an antiperspirant. Weleda states the deodorant works “by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria that can accompany the body’s natural detoxification. They therefore do not prevent perspiration or disrupt the body’s natural functions. But I didn’t notice any out of the ordinary wetness (it is August in Los Angeles, afterall). Besides, who can tell on a black tank top?

Here’s what Weleda has to say:

“Delicately fragrances the skin, while eliminating unwanted bacteria. Exquisite scents of organic Wild Rose and organic Orange Blossom provide a feeling of freshness and well-being. Free of antiperspirants such as Aluminum salts. Non-aerosol spray.”

So ladies, let me know what you think. Do you use a natural deodorant? Have you tried other Weleda products? And do you share my obsession with finding the perfect black tank top?

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