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Sweetassgal here! to bring you the best natural and organic products our Mother Earth has to offer us by the way of Green Chi Tuesdays!

There are many things about myself that are far from perfect. However, body odor and profuse sweating has never been a problem of mine. I could even go one day without wearing deo and not worry about offending B-O. In recent posts I mentioned that I’m looking for an all natural deodorant that not only treats our earth kindly, doesn’t infuse our bodies with ick and still keeps sweat and odor at bay. I followed the advice of many and lead the way to Weleda all natural spray deodorant…my scent of choice of course was Citrus.

It just so happens I was in my home town of Weed (don’t laugh…I’ve heard ALL the jokes!) the weekend I got the advice to try Weleda. My mother, sister and I went into neighboring Mt. Shasta City to buy a few things from our favorite local health food store Berryvale Natural Foods. Being a fan of Trader Joes and Whole Foods I can still appreciate patronizing the local market and supporting the little guy. Should you ever find yourself on I-5 just 1 hour from the Oregon border, do yourself a treat and stop off on South Mt. Shasta boulevard and take a peek inside. Of course the food selection is great and the people are small town friendly, but they also have a wonderful cafe and a small corner of the shop devoted to adorably hippie chic clothing at great prices. I personally found a white sundress that could fetch upwards of a Ben Franklin at a San Francisco boutique and snatched it up along with my Weleda deodorant and some organic ice cream. Perfection!

Over the course of a month I’ve faithfully stuck to the Weleda Citrus Deodorant. Realizing that the thought of an all natural deodorant that works as well as traditional deo’s is a bit of a stretch I decided to put aside my preconceived notions and just try it out. I liked the cool feeling of the spray on my skin…about 3 or 4 pumps and I was adequately covered. It seemed to dry fairly quickly if I applied the “Tune In Tokyo” method. For those of you who don’t remember…tune in tokyo consists of a teenage girl standing with her hands on her head, waving from side to side (that’s how it dried my pits) and some pre-pubescent boy tries to “tune in” by adjusting her boobies like radio knobs. Silly I know…but we didn’t have the internet back then. Boys had to get an education somehow! Anyway…I liked the scent and wore my new find with confidence. But it didn’t last. I almost always had to re-apply a second or third time and by the end of the day I swear it actually amplified any funk…and I’ve never been stinky in my life! My husband demanded that I toss it out and never use it again. I persisted and went month long trying to see if my body would adjust to the lighter protection. It never did and halfway through the bottle I tossed it out. When you catch yourself saying “what the heck is that smell” and it turns out to be you…its time to throw in the hemp towel.

So sadly for me, the search continues. Though I’ve read lots of positive reviews and many say it works for them, which I find wonderful, it just wasn’t a go for this gal’s pit protection. But fear not, the quest continues and I will find an earth friendly deo that doesn’t ratchet up the funk factor. GLAM ON!!!!

Meg chiming in, I didn’t tell Sweetassgal that we had already reviewed the Weleda Rose Deodorant. It shows how a scent or even how different our ladies opinions are. The girls really liked it in the Rose Scent. Maybe it is scent, maybe Weleda tweaked the formula or just different body chemistry. This is a big debate!

Ladies you be the tie-breakers! How do you feel about Weleda’s Deodorants?

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