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violettemarketHave you ever dreamed of creating your OWN unique to you scent? Goddess Granny here who is over the moon that the fabulous and previously reviewed “Violette Market” is mentioning Meg’s in their New Year’s message! For a fee SO much less than that of a Paris-perfumer’s,you can have any scent your little heart desires created for you by one of the true greats in the world of perfumery. I’m trying to think of what someone who is a cross between Cinderella and Bella Swann might smell like for a special date and I KNOW that the genius’s at Violette Market will be able to make it happen for me! Sweet and dark at the same time…that would be me! Undecided

Be sure to check out the newest offerings and think about how you’d like to smell if any scent in the world were at your fingertips: the power of scent to inspire, define, excite and delight is one of the most powerful and I can’t imagine having one that no one else can copy: Violette Market can and will make that happen for you-promise!

My biggest issue is in wondering if Cinderella would look twice at a Cullen? Kiss

Have any of you ever made your own fragrance? What are your favorite scents?

Check out Violette Market and get creative here:

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