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Meg here, so you all know I love flowery, girly scents and I love pricey scents Creed Spring Flower runs around $200. I’m going to be reviewing the brand new scent from Victoria’s Secret it’s limited edition Heavenly Kiss a “Limited-edition Heavenly Kiss Eau de Parfum is a sweet and flirty with romantic red berry, soft vanilla and freesia petals. Domestic.
Fragrance type: fruity vanilla-oriental.”

Top notes: red berry, red currant, watermelon
Middle notes: freesia petals, guava, apricot nectar, jasmine
Low notes: soft vanilla, creamy woods, english toffee, marshmallow, sensual musk
This runs $50.

So I use to have a life and be popular and like to go out. Then I got married. HOM worked all the time and so when he wasn’t working he wanted to stay in and watch a movie and lie on the couch. This is very understandable. He works like 19 hours a day. I am a social creature and me wanting to go out would lead to arguments and resentment and stuff. So now I have a great place back in Hollywood and I want to go out and mingle and have fun and be social again. I got the book The Secret on Rachael’s recommendation and I did everything it told me to do. I put it out into the universe. I wanted a fun man, someone to laugh with, someone to go out with. Someone that reads US Weekly and likes to talk about hair products. I put it out into the universe, I said my thanks, one month later I met Tom.

The problem was not that I married “The wrong man”. The problem was I married a straight man!

That’s a picture from last night’s party in Hollywood of the launch of VS’s Heavenly Kiss Parfum. The picture is on “the pink carpet” of me and my main gay, Tom.

We arrived around 9:30 and there was a bunch of celebs, passed nibblers and cocktails. It was great to be in the loop again and it was great to be with a hysterical sidekick that wouldn’t be embarassed to crash the carpet so I could put a photo on That’s love.

At the end of the night we collected the Hollywood standard “THE GIFT BAG!” and inside was a full sized bottle of the new perfume. Having a finnicky nose, I was afraid the $50 floral version would smell like a cheap knock-off of my beloved Fracas or Creed. With much hesitation, I open and sprayed. It doesn’t smell cheap, it was right up my alley. I give it two thumbs up. Tom smelled his bottle and quickly spritzed himself-he gives it 2 snaps up.

J.D., is Tom’s main gay. Back at Tom’s place J.D. smelled it too. J.D. is a fancy pants and you know what? He really liked it as well. We all were not that crazy about the bottle though. The spritzer got stuck the first few times we tried to spray Tom’s bottle. Other then the package it’s pretty much a ringing endorsement, one beauty queen and two real queens say “YUM!”

Any other VS Parfum devotees?

Heavenly Kiss-Buy it Here!

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