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Sweetassgal here! Fewer things are sexier on a woman than a gorgeous pair of delicate, strappy heels. The way they accent your toes, arch your foot and extend your calves…its all perfection and I should know because I own about 30 pairs of strappy sandal heels in a rainbow of colors and embellishments. It’s a sickness and I’ve wisely chosen NOT to to seek treatment. Sometimes a new pair of shoes is all the therapy I need and in my humble opinion keeps me as happy as a kid with chocolate cake. Through the years they’ve always stuck by me and never let me down. No matter what’s going on in my life or how I feel above the ankles, if I can look down at my feet and see two shining hot pink metallic strappies with rhinestone encrusted buckles staring back at me…all is right with the world!

As with all things in life we must pay for the labors of our love and for any girl who has spent a night clubbing in four inch stilettos, they can attest that no one reaps the rewards of wearing such stunning footwear without paying for it with aching, swollen and tired feet. But hey…that’s the way the Christian Louboutin crumbles right? Well ladies…I’m here to tell you not to ditch those toe pinching pumps yet because I’ve found the perfect antidote…Vickery and Clarke Foot and Leg Spray! This relatively new line exclusive to CVS pays homage to Alice Vickery and Isabella Clark, two pioneering English pharmacists in the 1800’s who utilized fresh herbs and flower botanicals in their science and research. The Vickery & Clarke of today is a modern blend of old fashioned sensibilities paired with up to date ideals. Made of 94% natural ingredients and Paraben, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate, Phthalate, and Petrolatum’s free, each item in this collection of cleansers, masks, body washes and more is a true indulgence and a steal at under $15 or less. Though I’m sure I’ll be trying many more items from the line my interest was peaked by the foot and leg spray and I gave it a try after a long day of standing on concrete at a company event. I have to say just a few sprays of the sumptuous smelling concoction and my feet were like new again. It immediately cools and refreshes tired feet and I will definitely keep this baby around for any time I spend more than just a few minutes in my oh so favorite but turkish torture chamber Via Spiga Mary Jane’s. It’s a shoe imperative!

So to everyone out there in Meg’s land, check out Vickery and Clarke at CVS and give this lovely little spray a shot. You’ll love it and will find lots more reasons to break out your prettiest pair of shoes from the way far back of the closet. Don’t save them just for special occasions…glam it up and head to the grocery store. The world could use a bit more style in the produce aisle! GLAM ON!!!!

Any other fans loving Vickery and Clarke being at CVS?

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