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Many of you have been wondering where I have been lately, so I decided to tell you about a very serious infection that I contacted called facial cellulitis; it is exhausting, painful and extremely contagious.

A year ago in June, I was going to do a follow up on Meg’s columns regarding the girl’s days out at different spas and makeup counters at the South Coast Plaza, except do it where I live.  My friends and I started our first day at an all natural cosmetic store and received an exfoliating facial and makeup application.  That evening I noticed that I was getting a really painful pimple on my chin.  By morning this pimple had multiplied and was extremely painful.  I thought I would use my metal sterilized blackhead zapper and express them.  Nothing but oil came out and in no time they spread even more.  By lunch time my whole chin was broke out and I was starting to feel tired and achy for no reason.  Still not thinking it was anything more than an allergy to the new products I tried, I ignored the breakout for another day.  By the third day I knew something was wrong because I was running a low grade fever. My family doctor looked at the sores, took a sample of the oily discharge, a blood test and diagnosed it as facial cellulitis.  I was given an antibiotic shot right then and scripts for oral and topical antibiotics to combat the infection.  It did finally heal up in about a week; however it left scarring on my chin.

A number of weeks ago after washing my face with an exfoliating face wash, which can cause minute breaks in your skins surface, the same thing happened.  I have been extremely careful about hygiene hoping this would not happen to me again.  This time I went to the doctor immediately and am again going through the whole routine except for longer amount of time.  One thing of note is that if you get this infection once, repeat infections will come back with a vengeance.  This time the sores are taking a lot longer to heal and I have been so run down, doing anything more than reading tires me out.  Because cellulitis is so contagious I decided to write about it on this site.  I talked to my doctor and he gave me a link to this article that briefly describes this condition and how to spot it.  In a different article, dermatologists state that mortality is approximately 5% and about 37% of the population does carry the bacteria which causes cellulitis.  I suggest everyone Google this infection so you can learn more on how contagious and dangerous this can be.  

Cellulitis is an infection that is caused by bacteria. When it affects your face it is called facial cellulitis. This infection can affect both children and adults. Cellulitis is caused by three types of bacteria, namely, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and Haemophilus influenzae.

A person with facial cellulitis experiences swelling, redness and pain in the skin on his or her face. Apart from the skin being infected, the person also has swelling and pain in the tongue. The other symptoms include fever, irritability, body aches and decreased appetite. Once you notice these symptoms it is mandatory that you go to the doctor to get the symptoms diagnosed. This is because this infection can present considerable risk factors to the person. Once diagnosed appropriate treatment can be provided to the person and the infection can be quelled.

There are a number of ways which the doctors employ to diagnose cellulitis. One simple way is to touch the affected are. It will be tender and warm. When this is combined with the redness that the doctor can see, he can include cellulitis in the possible infections list. To confirm this, he check if the person has any open wounds or cuts which may have facilitated the entry of the bacteria into the blood stream of the person and thus causing the infection. Even if the doctor does find an open wound or cut, he cannot be conclusive about the infection. The sure-shot way of confirming cellulitis is to conduct a blood test. If bacteria are present in the blood, the doctor can confirm Cellulitis.

Once the infection has been diagnosed as it posed considerable threats to your body. Facial cellulitis can infect your brain which results in meningitis. There are some other rare conditions that can develop when you have cellulitis. These are thrombophlebitis and Gangrene which are rare and you do not have to be too concerned about it. But you have to realize that, if you do not get cellulitis treated quickly then you are at the risk of developing the above mentioned conditions too. If you have diabetes, then your immune system is not in very good shape. In this situation if you are infected with cellulitis, this will balloon to other potentially complicated problems that can put you in a great deal of difficulty.

There are various treatments available for getting rid of cellulitis. This is a recurring infection and hence the foremost form of treatment should be preventive in nature. You should be generally hygienic and should avoid contact with food that is spoilt. If you have diabetes, you should take extra care of not cutting yourself and thus exposing and open wound or cut through with bacteria can enter. You should regularly clean the affect area if you have already contracted the infection and take the prescribed medicine regularly. As the infection is caused by bacteria, the best form of medicine is antibiotics. You can take antibiotics orally or intravenously. If you have an open wound or cut and are susceptible to bacterial infections, it is a good idea to take antibiotics to prevent the infection.


Have any of you ladies eve experienced or hear of this? I hadn’t before but it is somewhat common and extremely contagious!

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