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vagisilIt’s Jeanasina’s Body Beautiful Wednesday and today we are going to get very personal! If you are shy, skip this review and come back tomorrow. So here’s the deal…at some time in your life, you are going to suddenly discover that you have an ‘itch’ down there between your legs. If you are young, you probably won’t want to tell a soul because you’ll think something is wrong with you and certainly won’t want to mention just ‘where’ your ‘itch’ is to anybody! If you are older, you are already familiar with the itch and may be fantasizing about naked men in textured, studded or ribbed condoms trying their best to relieve your itch! You will do anything to get relief from feminine itching!

So as a preface to my topic today, allow me to tell you about the first time I ever had an ‘itch’ down there. Strap on your giggle outfit because this is a doozy of a personal story.

I grew up without a healthy mother figure in my life, so I was pretty much on my own with learning about personal things that had to do with my body. My story starts when I was just out of high school and working my first job. One day I came to work and I felt an itch within the confines of my underwear. I tried to ignore it and didn’t tell a soul. On the 4th day of this living hell of an itch that I had, I could barely stand it. Whenever I could, I’d go in the back room and find a counter just the right height to my personal area. Much like a large bear scratching it’s back on a tree, I’d literally work my crotch on the corner of a counter for relief and pray nobody would see me! Finally, after days of this itch I was pretty much going out of my mind so I asked one of my female older co-workers if they ever had an ‘itch’ in a private area. Of course the woman had and my first round of advice from her was to go home and give myself a douche with a vinegar and water concoction. I had never performed a douche before and … this is true … right after I did it, I fainted, because I was scared and clueless! The itch persisted and so did my agony. Finally, after almost two weeks of this living female hell, I went to a doctor and he took one look and said “OMG! Why did you wait so long to come and see me?” Immediate medicine was supplied inside, outside and orally and I was rid of the itch at last after a few days. That was my very first yeast infection. I never forgot that particular itch, so in the years to come, if there was even a glimmer of an itch in the nether regions, I was all over it the first day!

These itches come about for various diverse reasons. If you are younger you probably have gotten or will get a yeast infection which causes this type of itching inside and out. If you are older like me sometimes you get an itch from a lack of hormones etc. You can also get an itch from wearing tight clothing such as pantyhose, thong underwear, too tight underwear, tight jeans…all these things can trap moisture and cause itching. Other causes are wearing synthetic materials next to the skin that don’t let skin breathe, wearing a wet bathing suit, excess perspiration, your period, wearing pads or panty liners, the hormonal fluctuations of your menstrual cycle, allergic reactions to soaps, detergents, spermicides, condoms & deodorants, vaginal dryness (often experienced during menopause), sexual activity or dermatological causes like eczema and psoriasis!

Now if you have an inside itch you need to probably see a doctor (at least for the first time) until you understand your own body and can readily identify what’s happening within you! The doctor will give you a prescription and these days you can purchase some of the same products over the counter that the doctor writes a prescription for.

I’m focusing today on the itch that’s on the outside. I’m currently experiencing vaginal outside itch symptoms and my best friend during vaginal itch-a-thons is Vagisil! I have been using the Original Strength Vagisil anti-itch cream for some time now and it really does the trick in bringing instant relief when I need it. Sometimes in the middle of the night, the itch prankster wakes me up out of a dead sleep, but I’m ready for him. I reach over to my night stand, pick up the vial of Vagisil and within a minute of application the Vagisil says to the itch on my personal area…”You are dead to me.” and the itch stops and I fall right back to sleep.

I have seen the ads on television for Vagisil Satin so I thought I’d give it a try too! It advertises that it’s also a great anti-itch cream and has patented odor block protection as well! This is a high purity cream with Vitamins E,A & D plus aloe to bring relief from your most intimate itching and irritation. It’s a white creamy lotion what is dispensed with a little pump and has kind of a soft gentle fragrance.

Vagisil products can be found at most drugstores as well as the big retail stores such as Target and Walmart. I’m still a fan of the Original Strength Vagisil. The new Vagisil Satin doesn’t seem to work as fast to stop itching, at least on me.

I’m also impressed with the Vagisil website! You can learn a lot about feminine itching from the website! There is a wealth of information for all ages! I could have used their website back in the day when I had my first itch! Now for those of you who are going to ask, what does Vagisil have to do with a makeup website! Honey, let me say this…nobody is going to notice your lipstick, your eyeshadow or your amazingly tight facial skin if they see you straddling the arm of your couch and riding it frantically like a mechanical bull to try and relive your feminine itching!

Have any of you tried the new Vagisil Satin? Feel free to share your own personal itching story!

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