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Jeanasina and today’s topic is going to be SO MUCH FUN! Ladies, start your engines please….This is one smokin’ hot product I‘m about to share with you! Today’s product was created by Urban Decay and it is an absolute smile-inducing lip gloss called POCKET ROCKET! The minute I pulled this baby out of Meg’s shipment from the her star-studded relaunch party, I LOVED it! First of all, this is a good sized lip gloss container – one you can really get your hands around! THIS is the mother of all fantasy lip gloss containers out there!! Competitor lip gloss container designers can forget about it! They don’t stand a chance next to this hot commodity! When the Urban Decay creators and inventors of Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss were sitting around at their board meeting talking about this new product line…I just know they were all in various states of undress, sipping on champagne, and probably watching 8 male strippers perform one by one up on the boardroom table while applying this lip gloss on one another! This is not your mother’s lip gloss! 5 champagne flutes ladies! FIVE! This lip gloss fits in your hand and you won’t want to put it down and do you know why? Here’s 8 reasons: David, Eric, Jesse, Kirk, Doug, James, Julio and Timothy! These men don’t wear lip gloss but they DO play a huge part in the enjoyment of this product! The top of the container, the part you have to turn and unscrew in order to get at the prize within…there is the image of a man.

Much like those trick pens that were around for men-if you moved it just right there was a woman on the pen who’s clothes came off! In this case, men, in various attire get undressed for your viewing enjoyment over and over again!

That’s right my lovelies…this is just too good…not only are these delicious men disrobing for you on the front of the pocket rocket but also on the back so you get to watch clothing removal both from a full frontal as well as a nice rear view visual! There are 8 different men you can chose from that come with 8 different lip gloss color assortments! Which ever guy/color combination pleases me most in any particular week-that guy and his color will be having a 3-some with me over the weekend!

Imagine your top lip covered in sheer true red with Eric and your bottom lip sparkling in hot pink ultraviolet glow from James. When you put your lips together and blend them…It would make for a very exciting evening!

There are different categories of men on the tubes so you can find (see website photos) just the type of man who rings your bell! The idea that you look at these hot men while putting on lip gloss…It’s sure to stir up your imagination as well as create an instant mood! I haven’t even touched upon the actual product yet!

Apply the lip gloss and see what you think right! You gently turn the top of the applicator a couple of easy turns and ‘ZING’ that little applicator just springs into action right there! No pulling or prodding, just ZING!!! It’s ready for you within a second! Again…let me repeat, this is not the same-old, same-old here! The wand just springs right up like it can’t wait for you to latch on to it and use it baby! I’m not making this stuff up! This is more fun than any make-up product I have had the pleasure to try! It’s a long applicator with a little tiny soft brush on the end and the gloss is very shiny and all the shades have a crème brulee flavor! Come on! Could it get any better?

If all of this isn’t enough to fill your make-up routine with a little extra flare…the tube actually says “RUB ME FOR YOUR PHEROMONE FIX”! If you give the tube a rub it releases pheromones into the air! The pheromones are undetectable to the smell but enhance mood and sexual attraction!
Ladies, you’ll want to buy several of these for yourself and you’ll definitely want to buy these for your friends! In case you are wondering, I am spending my evening with Timothy tonight…”An all-American and future Senator, Timothy is your mother’s dream come true. Skilled at fencing, rugby and sailing, he is valiant and fun. Undress him and he’ll make you the next Jackie O-oh-ohhhhhhh!”

 My fiance’ is at work tonight and I don’t know how to tell him about my sensual encounter with Timothy but when I tell him what an extraordinarily great evening we had, I’m sure he’ll be quite happy for me! He’s a good man! What more can I say?  I smiled through this entire review ladies – how fun was that??? A++

Ladies let us know what color you got and if it made you ready to blast off!


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