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Jeanasina here! Body Beautiful Wednesday gets busy with Christmas Magic and Urban Decay’s Marshmallow Sweet Body Powder! Oh ladies, welcome to a total smile inducing experience at the home of Jeanasina! Urban Decay’s Marshmallow Sweet Body Powder is sooooo bewitching, enticing, delightful, special and absolutely awesome! This little box of magic has proved to be one of my favorite products to reviewso far!

The powder comes in a sweet little white box with a white tassel on the top! When you open the box there is a indented plastic section on top of the powder where you rest one completely adorable, square leopard powder puff which is even more off the charts in the cute department as the puff is topped with a little black ribbon which you can hold on to when using the puff!

NOW. For the fun part…oh ladies…inside the box, is this ultra whimsical almost fairy like silvery white dust power – the sparkles are infinitely teeny so it’s just magical and when you glide it over your skin it leaves magic traces which stay and stay and STAY on your skin until you wash it off and even then, ladies…we are talking lasting magical power! Now, have I mentioned the fragrance? Oh….it’s like being inside the very middle of a marshmallow – it’s heavenly and you just want to cram that sweet little powder puff all the way up your nostril because you will just adore the smell! This stuff makes me smile! The Urban Decay Marshmallow powder is fun incorporated for SO many reasons! You can add sparkle over the holidays or whenever you are feeling extra enchanting over your makeup- on your chest when wearing a low cut dress – glide is across the top of your foot when you wear those strappy sexy shoes of yours for double take feet! Imagine lying provocatively in a situation where your significant other looks you in the eye and then dips the leopard puff in the enticing powder and then begins to slide that puff up the inside of your thigh…hypothetically of course. In my mind you would both love this! LOL!

Ok…on a completely different note…you know who would have days worth of fun with this puff and magic silver fairy dust…KIDS! Listen carefully…little girls especially or any kids would have a total ball putting this powder on themselves and each other and they just would be over the sky with the fragrance! This would just give hours and hours of enjoyment to a child for sure! It’s just so much fun in one little darling white box!

I read that some people like to put it in their sheets just because they love the smell and it makes you feel so feminine! This stuff rocks on every level and Urban Decay – let me just tell you – YOUR MARSHMALLOW POWDER is A#1 FABULOUS – everything about it is wonderful and anybody at any age could enjoy this – especially if they have an element of magic and whimsy within them! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Jeanasina says BUY IT! Have I mentioned the possibilities of what this powder could bring to your New Years Eve celebrations…Oh people! Get on the website and see if you can get this to your house now! For those of you wondering if you can eat it…if you don’t mind shiny sparkly lips…it tastes pretty good! I wouldn’t get a spoon out but…if a person were to be involved in any enticements and found themselves experiencing this lovely product via their taste buds…it would elicit a smile of that I am sure!

Here’s where you can order some:MARSHMALLOW BODY POWDER

Ladies, what do you think of Urban Decay Marshmallow Body Shimmer! Do you love it? Has anyone tried any of the other flavors?

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