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allaboutfeetSharond here talking about feet.  On a baby, feet are so little and cute, soft, cuddly and kissable.  As you grow up something seems to happen to them.  By time you get in your 40’s, those darling attractive feet you once had seemed to have disappeared.  I am not sure if this is caused by shoes or just plain wear and tear, but whatever the cause; they become high maintenance without great results.

I am one of those people who loved to run barefoot as a child.  I could hardly wait for the first warm days of summer so I could run out in the grass and feel it between my toes.  As I got older, my love of being barefoot stayed with me.  I never wear shoes unless I absolutely have to and when I am in a house, the shoes come off.  I went so far as to hardwood our whole house so I could feel the wood on my feet.  I felt carpet was too dirty for my precious feet.

I am one of the lucky ones because my feet are not bad looking.  I do not have big calluses, bunions, hammer toes or fungal infections on my toe beds that a lot of people have trouble with.  However, I admit, I am very diligent in taking care of my feet.  I PedEgg my heels, use exfoliating scrubs and moisturize daily.  As a diabetic, taking care of my feet has to be the most important; a cut could end up costing me a leg.  “How do you dare run barefoot?” is something I hear all the time.  I feel it is my one indulgence that I can’t give up.

Meg sent me All About Feet Peppermint Warming Foot Scrub to try.  This thick white clay rich scrub is made by Upper Canada Soap, a company that we have written about before.  Of course the first thing I did, as with any product, is read the label.  The ingredients in this scrub are exactly what they should be without all those additives:  two kinds of clay, sugar, glycerin, shea butter, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, spearmint oil, vitamin E, chamomile extract, green tea, licorice root extract and grape seed extract.

This scrub is one of the new “warming” products that are showing up on the market.  The secret to getting this and any product to warm is to use very little water. I started using this scrub about three weeks ago and have been using it every day since.  I put just a few drops of water on my feet and legs, put about a teaspoon size amount of scrub on my hand and then massage my feet, paying special attention to the ball and heel.  I found that using this product about 3 times a week on my legs did a wonderful job.  Every day was too much for my legs.  I did find the scrub to be a little rough on my hands, but in the end, they get exfoliated and softened up also.  The mint is refreshing and not over powering like some brands and the warming action is a nice touch, but can be difficult to get to work.  The shea butter and vitamin E help with moisturizing, the tea tree kills fungal infections, and all the extracts and oils are for skin care, making this a wonderful foot product.  My feet are nice and soft, yes even kissable.  I would highly recommend this product and as I said before, every product I have tried of Upper Canada Soap’s has been wonderful.

You can buy this 6.8 ounce foot scrub at many places on line.  I found it at Amazon for $25.98 for two.  I have not ordered this online so I can not comment on the packaging or shipping. This brand is also at Sears! How great is that!!

What do you ladies do to keep your tootsies perfect? Also who else loves warming products?

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