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Greetings to all of you lovely readers of! It’s Chichi here and I’m back with another Green Chi Tuesday. I have to say; I love writing this column for megsmakeup! I have been discovering so many new, green and cruelty-free make-up and beauty products. My newest discovery is this beautiful collection of all natural oils from Tsi~La Organics.

Now, once upon a time, (just imagine me as a cranky, elderly lady waving a cane in your face and lecturing you) it wasn’t as easy as logging onto the internet to find natural and organic beauty items. Back in my day (I was a teen in the late 80’s) trying to find and use natural beauty products was not an easy task. My drugstore was full of neon 80’s make-up filled with cancerous chemicals and tested on puppies. What was a new-wave girl with a heart to do? All of the natural beauty items seemed to scream out “hippie”. They where packaged straight from the 70’s (ie: ugly) and smelled of either patchouli, lavender or possibly honey. Forget about make-up, if you wanted something radical and awesome you had to buy from a “bad” company. Plus, the natural section was always tiny and dusty and hidden away from all the bright bottles and boxes you actually wanted to buy.

Rejoice that the year is 2007 and eco-friendly, green products abound! The trend towards natural and organic products just seems to keep growing. You can find anything your heart desires in vegetarian/organic/natural formulas from the drug stores to high-end department stores. Everyday, I learn of a new beauty company that is able to mix luxury, high fashion and earth-friendliness all in one little magical bottle.

Make that four little magical bottles! The enchanting Natalie of Tsi~La Natural Perfumes sent megsmakeup their exquisite Eau De Parfum Collection. This black box contains four of their beautifully bottled, flower based scents. This collection includes four petite bottles of their popular oils, Fleur Sauvage, Kesu, Ilang Ilang and Kizes. packaged in their signature black lotus box. Each bottle is its own little piece of art. I love the simple, square bottles decorated with a delicate flower design. They can be mixed and matched to create your own signature scent. Plus there is a roller-ball type tip on the bottle for a clean and easy application. Beautiful and efficient! These where too good to hoard, so I shared them with some other testers. They will be here soon to give their review of the individual scents.

In the meantime, you should know that all of Tsi~La Natural Perfumes are crafted in artisan size batches using only the world’s finest essential oils, active plant botanicals, rich exotic butters and organic ingredients to ensure the highest quality. These delicate and exotic oils are untouched by alcohol, preservatives, artificial fragrances or colorings and are made with a blend of organic and natural ingredients.The company was founded by two long-time friends, based near Philadelphia who share an interest in natural beauty, recycling and dog rescuing! As a fellow Philly girl, I have to say those are some good reasons to check out their up and coming company!

Ladies, please let us know what scent your magical little bottle from Tsi-La contained! Or if you just want to talk about what you purchased from the beauty department in the 80’s, I√Ǭπm dying to know!

TSI~LA – Buy it Here!

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