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Meg here, Happy Monday (aargh!) With the evolution of man (woman) I believe fully in the “hunting” and “gathering” instinct. I believe with me, it never went away. I of course pertain this to shopping. While beautiful boutiques and the highest end department stores are fun…They take the fun of the hunt away. My primal instincts emerge at outlets, discount stores and mid-range chains with sales. For me, there is truly no “high like a bargain”.

When women tell me they hate to sift and sort through piles, I hear them but I don’t agree. I have found at the bottom of a hasty, thrown together bin a 95% Off St. John blazer and I get dizzy with euphoria.

Thus my review of Trader Joe’s Lavender Salt Scrub. Oh, I wasn’t expecting much. It was a last minute throw into my basket. The price was obscenely low and I thought I would use it until I got around to get its pricier counterparts. TJ’s has shown me the light and after my hot morning shower I can say.. I’m scrubbing and saving and loving this baby!

I wish I could use an actual picture, I have to use of the same product but a different scent. If you’re a lavender fan though, this is definitely for you. An annoying thing on the TJ website is that, because they rotate their products there isn’t a catalog of their inventory. This Lavender Salt Scrub seems to be a very popular item for them though. I’ve seen it in the store everytime I’ve gone in.

The actual product left my skin incredibly soft, the scrub was really emolient yet exfoliant. The description right on the generously sized tub is “This product is so full of natural ingredients you could eat it!” (I’m not recommending you eat it by the way.) It’s chock full of vitamins and oils and it’s just fabulous!

So here’s my two-cents for the day! Because EVERYONE can afford two-cents! Go grab a tub of this the next time you’re in Trader Joe’s grabbing your Two Buck Chuck! You’ll love it!

m I right or what? Any other TJ Salt Scrub fanatics?

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