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Hello! Vexy here, your Friday fragrance fiend, bringing you the best in sexy scents and scintillating smells. I want to say thank you again to Meg and the rest of the bunch for giving me this opportunity to share my love of cosmetics with the world. I’m so excited to be part of the Meg’s Makeup family and to bring you the best in fragrance!

I admit, dear ladies, there have been quite a few times in the past few weeks where I have felt decidedly unladylike. I had a nice little slip and fall on a wet floor at a store- nothing more sexy then laying on the floor, clutching your knee, right? Long story short, I managed to dislocate my knee; which means not only have I been hobbling around on crutches (which means wearing a bra aslittle as possible at home to help with chafing), but I’ve been relegated to wearing sweatpants under this ugly-as-sin immobilizer that looks like something out of a bad Walgreens First-Aid nightmare. It’s this big blue and white foam monstrosity with white velcro straps and it goes all the way from my calf to my upper thigh. To make matters worse, it’s hot as heck to wear so the sweatiness doesn’t help me feel any prettier!

What does this have to do with fragrance? Well, for me, one of the most basic- and effective- ways of feeling beautiful is smelling beautiful. That’s why, when I got my bottle of Tova, I was excited beyond belief! I’ve seen it sold on QVC for years (by Ernest Borgnine’s wife!) and it always struck me as a kind of “sophisticated lady” scent. You know, one that the lounge singers wore in smoky 40’s nightclubs, leaning over a grand piano. The first thing that struck me was the packaging. It was perfectly simple and elegant, with just a white and gold box; and the bottle was just as simple: a frosted glass rectangle with smooth corners and a sleek black and gold cap. I was excited to try something that looked so elegant, especially since that seems to be something I’ve been lacking lately!

The description of the scent on the QVC website says: “A tapestry of rare bergamot citrus laced with a rich, romantic blend of absolute jasmine and lavender, combined with a lush undertone of sandalwood and a hint of seductive musk.” The top notes of this perfume are definitely citrusy, so much so that I was almost disappointed- I was expecting sophisticated and smooth, not citrusy and peppy (not that there’s anything wrong with citrus!). But the top notes fade quickly to leave behind the most lovely, sweet floral scent. It’s not over-the-top and the sandalwood and musk base notes give it a bit more depth than your typical floral perfume. I quickly felt so pretty that I actually hobbled out to my piano to start playing some elegant music to go with it! This scent is a definite for a romantic night out, calling to mind candlelit dinners and low-lit bars. Just be careful about going overboard- as with any scent, it can be very overwhelming if you use too much!

What about all of you superb, sophisticated scent-ers? Have any of you experienced the smooth, simple elegance of Tova’s Signature Scent?

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