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Sweetassgal here today opening my mind and my olfactory senses to one of my least favorite scents…lavender.  Love the color…never loved the scent.  Something about it just makes my nose itchy!  But it’s in everything nowadays and so I thought I’d give it another go.  Fresh lavender is just too much for me so I picked up a bar of Tom’s of Maine Moisturizing Body Bar in Lavender for me and unscented for my husband.  I popped his in the shower and mine by the tub since that seems to be where I spend most of my time lately.  My daughter Samantha too since she had arthroscopic surgery on her knee last Thursday and it’s tub time only for her.  Feel better baby!
First off I’m very impressed with Tom’s of Maine’s mission in the world.  They are, of course, 100% animal cruelty free, use the most natural (not necessarily organic) ingredients possible, they take excellent care of their workers, use sustainable materials and generally give back to the world.  Not only do they encourage all employees to volunteer but they also sponsor a dental program that gets care to those in need.  VERY impressive!  And I must admit…I’ve overlooked Tom’s because of a negative experience with the natural deodorant.  In hind sight I’ve learned the deodorant WAS doing its job…controlling odor.  I wanted it to be an anti-persperant as well (which is counter productive to the “natural” deo mission) and so I therefore disregarded everything.  Just like the lavender…I’m taking another look.
Tom’s of Maine’s Business Practices – “Our work begins and ends with relationships. We start by respecting and empowering each other as coworkers, and build on that to develop true ties with our retail partners and vendors. The ultimate goal is to create honest and open relationships with everyone who uses our products, and believes, like us, that a company can and should be both successful and socially responsible.” Tom O’Brien, CEO
Sound familiar anyone?  This is JUST the kind of forward thinking and respect for empowering individuals that Meg has managed to create here for us to enjoy every day!  Just goes to show great minds think alike!  You rock Meg!!!
So to the soap…I like this soap a lot.  Social responsibility aside its a great bar of soap for $3.00.  It lathers well, feels very creamy…almost buttery (without the grease, fat and calories!) and hydrates well.  I’ve tried other natural soaps (Dr. Bonners and EO) which were good but this is better.  I’m dying to try Pangea Organics as I’m hearing great things about them but I haven’t had the opportunity to come up on one.  And of course there is always my FAVORITE…Suki Lemongrass Bar cleanser.  It’s $11 and a splurge for me but it’s where I set the bar.  Tom’s comes in somewhere in between…kind of a “good solid 7 and a half” (For any of you who have had the pure pleasure to see the movie Beautiful Girls…this is one of my fav quotes.  Rent it to see an adorable Natalie Portman at about 13 and a hysterical rant from Rosie O’Donnell’s character on men’s obsession with fake women).  It’s a great soap for the price and won’t leave you disappointed.  Oh…and I also did the ultimate soap test this morning.  I bathed, used the lavender soap and left for work sans deodorant to see how I’d hold up.  It’s evening now and I’m getting a little funky…I’d say mini-funk but not reminiscent of my Weleda OMG-my-eyes-are-burning SUPER funk I experienced a while back.  That was funk on crack, on meth, on speed (are any of those the same thing?…I’m not up on the drug speak).
As for the lavender scent…I can see how it’s relaxing because this soap is delicately lavender and not over the top.  But it’s still not winning me over.  I’ll keep using the unscented until it’s gone, try the Calendula scent next time and when I’m a little more flush I’ll splurge on my Suki Lemongrass bar.  I could EAT that stuff…I won’t…but I could…but I won’t….maybe! 

What are your favorite natural soaps and scents?  Let me know.  GLAM ON!!!!!

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