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Meg here! Happy MLK day! Hopefully all of you ladies are getting to relax!I wanted to let you all know about a new, relaxing razor! This maybe the most fun I’ve ever had with something that can shave your legs! This razor is over $150.00 and I’m mailing one out tomorrow to a lucky winner!

“Meg, for $150 this razor better make me smile!” It will.

“Meg, for $150 this razor better give me a rosy, shiny glow!” It will.

Meg, for $150 this razor better make me shout out in ecstasy! It will and here’s why!

The Tinge Razor is multi-functional, yes it looks so much like just an electric razor but its not! you can leave it out to charge and not worry if anyone sees it. Fool everyone!

It is a high-end razor. How high end? Well, it’s 32 different speeds of massage high-end. It’s bring it on a weekend away trip without any embarrassment at the airport high-end. There’s no awkward Rabbit habit encounters with TSA! My favorite razor comes in a sleek box with Tinge pleasure gel,razor cartridges and the charger base. When I take my “razor” off the charger I have 3 hours of straight use without any “dulling of the blade!”

I feel very James Bond with my secret. No more throwing things into drawers or being mortified the cleaning woman got to the house before I did!

If men liked massagerss why do I think it wouldn’t have taken this long to come up with this secret idea? If men were a fan I think every pen BIC created would also be multi-functional! Also, don’t worry about hurting yourself with a crazy vibrating razor. The massager feature doesn’t work when you remove the smartcap to use the blade. This Tinge is just a genius idea and there’s nothing creepy, shady or pervy looking about it! It’s pink and beautiful and I can’t believe it, I already shaved today but I’m noticing some stubble on my leg…..

I showed my new secret razor to a girlfriend last night and she also thought it was a fabulous idea! My boyfriend doesn’t even mind my pink razor charging in his loo!

Want one? You have one day to win! I want the funniest “razor” stories to appear! This is a fabulous item, look how cool it looks! Make me laugh and this will make you relax! Get typing!



ge Here!

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