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The stunning Natalie from Thymes was so important in this review. She picked the product to send us out for review, Thymes Kimono Rose Body Creme. I had gone onto the Thymes site and picked another product and then I thought about it. Who better to recommend something to try then Natalie? I mean she knows the Thyme line inside and out. If she wants us to experience Kimono Rose then you know it has to be good!

The firstt thing is scent. It’s probably the most intimate and personal preference out there. Maybe you like musk, maybe it’s sandalwood or gardenias. To send us a scented body creme was pretty gutsy of Miss Natalie!

I love the reps that really think about what they’re sending us. When they do this they’re really doing their job and helping promote. We have 100,000 eyeballs a month. You’d think cosmetic companies would send us stuff they love. You would be so shocked to see some of the schlock they send. Sometimes I open a box of one product or 10 tester vials, I don’t know why those reps are sautéed in wrong sauce. Natalie doesn’t. She cares. That draws me to the obvious conclusion that Thymes cares enough to have a great rep so they probably care what you’re slathering on your body.

The Thymes brand has a great reputation. Did Nat go out on a limb by suggesting a scent or is it universally fabulous?

Here is what Thymes says about their Kimono Rose…“Embrace your softer side with hydrating botanicals in a rich, creamy base, beautifully layered with the sheer, sensuous scent of effervescent sweet clementine and voluptuous cassis on a bed of satiny rose, peony and jasmine petals. Apply all over, and revel in an aura of unabashed femininity”.

Ladies please post if Thymes Kimono Rose left you feeling like one!

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