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Meg here! I just wanted you all to see my powder room. I love languishing in my deep soak tub as I eat grapes and sip champagne by my roaring fire. Sexy music is usually playing as I stare out the windows of my slice of Heaven. I have a great, big cashmere blend robe waiting for me and my towels are imported from Turkey. Jacques is just a bell ring away. He’s so amazing at scrubbing my lower middle back.Every bath time should be an experience so I just wanted to let you not only know, experience and really see mine. It’s fabulous…And then the alarm goes off and I wake up. It was all a dream!? What?! Nooo!

Cue Dolly Parton

Tumble outta bed 

And stumble to the kitchen 
Pour myself a cup of ambition 
Yawnin’ and stretchin’ and try to come to life 

Jump in the shower 
And the blood starts pumpin’ 
Out on the streets 
The traffic starts jumpin’ 
With folks like me on the job from 9 to 5″

Sorry if now that song is stuck in your head for the rest of the day. I love me some Dolly. But, 9-5? She’s a little lazy. I’ve been working all day and now I’m blogging at 10:30 pm. Jacques!?!?

I love my shower time. My shower, while not a strung up hose, is not much better. I live in an older house and once the water is hot and steamy I hop in. I get a good 2 minutes before I’m cursing NICK! LISA!! SHUT OFF THE SINK!! (the kitchen sink.)

To where I get the reply “Oh, sorry! Didn’t know you were in there!!”

After 30 seconds water pressure resumes and I’m not left shivering in my 1930’s shower. Jesus, if I took this shower on Antiques Roadshow I’d probably be a millionaire.

So no, my powerball ticket has yet to give me the bathroom pictured above. But once that damn lottery pays off, it’s on my top ten of purchases.


I’m going to take lemons and make lemonaide! Or make Thymes NAIA. It is a floral/citrus fabulous lemon/flower invigorating scent. I love Thymes. I have yet to be let down on any of their products. When I grab my loofah sponge and pour this on, if I shut my eyes for a minute , while it deliciously lathers and suds up-I am transported.

It makes my limbs not only sudsy but silky and even though my tile has probably had Mary Pickford as a guest at some point. I feel luxurious and new.

The clear bottle packaging looks very lush and the scent? Well, this baby gets 5 out of 5 stars from independant reviewers and this sums it up Think of a cool morning in a lush garden after a rainfall and the sun is just starting to kiss the flowers and evaporate the moisture into the air with all the crisp and delicate aromas…this is what this product conjures up in my mind. What a glorious way to start the day or wash away all the stress at night! LOVE IT!!!!”

Don’t  take my word for it (but your here, so might as well.) It’s a really great gift for under $20 for anyone that has a shower. Even if the plumbing is from the 19th Century.

While it will make your wet body and your entire powder room smell fantastic. I did the test. I asked Nick  to smell my arm after I had dried off, put my PJ’s on and 45 minutes went by. “You smell clean but I can’t smell anything else.” It will not compete with your perfume. If you want it to? You can go “all Naia” Thymes has the complete set!


From bath salts to soap bars to cologne to even a home fragrance, you can become a true Naia Girl! I just might. I’d rather my house smell like Naia than “dog pee.” Yup, I just rescued another one! His name is “Chopper” pics soon!

Your husband’s weird boss? Give her Naia. Your mother-in-law? Get her Naia. The dog walker? Stay with me here…Naia

You don’t have to win the powerball to be able to do this but you’ll make the gifted think they’re in a powder room…With Jacques.

So tell me who else is a Thymes fan and your most favorite bath product. There maybe some Naia in it for the BEST DREAM POWDER ROOM SCENARIO! Get creative! ONE WINNER!

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