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TEATREEFOOTFor those of you who don’t know…Sweetassgal is in Human Resources as my daily living.  One of the least fun aspects of HR is dealing with sensitive subjects about employees offending other employees.  In the last 15 years I have counseled people about their bad breath, body odor, feminine odor, public farting, hocking loogies and once…hand to god…masturbating.  These are never easy conversations to have and I usually spend quite a bit of time finding the most sensitive way to let the person know what it is about them personally that is offending everyone.  So I found it completely hysterical the other day when I sat down behind my daughter on the couch to do her hair for a wedding when she gasped “Momma…your feet STINK!”  I had been wearing flats and of course I was embarrassed but at the same time I had to laugh at her candid and SO NOT HR way of dealing with telling me about my offending peds.  No PC euphemisms or gentle hints…just straight to “your feet stink!”  Kids are honest!
Being the sensitive and previously self aware person that I am (and continued flat wearer as well) I immediately went in to researching foot care odor prevention.  Funky Odor Eaters for my shoes and stinky medicated powders did not appeal to me so off to the health food store I went to see what I could find.  The first thing that caught my eye was a foot care line with Tea Tree Oil in it.  I am a HUGE fan of Tea Tree Oil for a variety of ailments and I personally love the scent so I grabbed up the foot spray and took it home to try it out.  Thursday Plantation Essential Care Tea Tree Foot Spray promises to deodorize, cool and freshen your tootsies and considering the fact that my feet are usually the temperature of the sun I found the cooling promises to be intriguing.  I wore my stinkiest non-breathing leather flats all day and really worked up a good funk to test this baby out.  So how did it fare?
First off let me say that I must attest to the straight nastiness of today’s particular foot odor.  I’m talking pre-teen boy who still refuses to shower and wears the same socks until they stand up on their own kind of foulness.  It was epic.  I slipped my shoes off under my desk for less than a minute and was forced to spray a little air freshener lest someone come by my office and think I’m smuggling limburger cheese in my shoes.  Once I got home I didn’t bother to wash my feet or even towel them off.  I went straight from flats to spray.  I can tell you it was nicely cooling and refreshing.  I could feel a little tingle and enjoyed the cooling effect as the spray dried on my feet.  This particular brand was very pungent and the Tea Tree Oil scent immediately filled the room (which was better than the scent that was lingering before).  I personally really like it but my husband did not like the scent one bit.  I think he’d have preferred I left my feet funky.  But I like the scent of tea tree and it didn’t bother me at all.  I gave it a few minutes and went in for the final test.  Foot to nose test.  
I’m pretty limber for my age and got my whole foot right up to my schnoz and gave it one heck of a whiff.  I have to say the odor was completely gone and my feet had not a trace of offensive odiferousness.  A few hours later I went back for a follow up sniff and still fresh as a daisy!  Can you imagine being a fly on the wall in my house that day?  What’s wrong with this crazy lady and why does she keep smelling her own feet??!!  One drawback to the product…I believe this could be drying if over used and that could be a minus if you have dry or cracked feet.  So I will monitor my use and only bring it out when I’ve been wearing flats and need a little refreshing.  Especially if my daughter is around.  Lord knows there won’t be any sugar coating with warning #2.  I can just hear it now.  “Momma…REALLY?  Your feet still stink!”  Ah kids…out of the mouths of babes.  
Thursday Plantation Essential Care Tea Tree Foot Spray was just $4 at my local health food store for a 1.69 ounce spray bottle.  I used about three sprays per foot and that was more than enough to do the job.  With just a few simple and natural ingredients my foot woes were solved and I’m now stinky feet free!  I guess it was a good lesson from my daughter and one I should have tuned in to myself considering how many times I was on the giving end of the difficult conversation.  The bottom line is, no matter how great our hair looks, how perfectly applied the makeup or how stunning the outfit…if your dogs stink to high heaven no one is going to want to get near you!  So keep wearing your cutest flats and keep a bottle of Tea Tree Oil foot spray nearby just in case you get invited to a game of beneath the table footsies!  GLAM ON!

What remedies have you tried to keep the stink foot at bay? 

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