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Vexy here, your Friday Fragrance fiend, bringing you the best in sexy smells and scintillating scents!

Rose has to be one of the most famous (and oldest!) fragrance notes of all time. The scent of rose evokes old-time romance- you know, the kind you see in old black and white movies where the woman always looks stunning, even in her boudoir, where the man brings chocolate and- duh- roses, where there are violins playing behind every kiss, and there are, of course, love letters written on beautiful, scented stationary. However, there are times when rose can feel a little outdated in our whirlwind electronic world.

Theme Fragrance’s Love Letter is a fabulous update on a very, very classic fragrance. Rather than being straight rose with other florals, Theme mixes it with unlikely topnotes. When it first hit my nose, I was shocked- I wholly expected it to be very romantic and flowery, but instead, there are almost citrusy-fruity topnotes that quickly blend nicely with the middle note of rose.

Theme Fragrance describes it as: “Sparkling Rose Notes with notes of fall fruit and summer berries. This is a delicious crisp and modern rose fragrance.” I couldn’t agree more! It’s still got the romance and class of the rose floral, but the topnotes take it into the 21st century- like getting a love letter through email!

The one small problem I have with this fragrance is that it seems to fade very quickly on my skin. But fear not! This fragrance comes in two forms- roll-on and a small spray bottle, both of which are perfect for portability. I now throw the roll-on in my growing collection of “purse fragrances” and it’s quickly become a favorite of mine. I dab a bit on the pulse point of my neck when I need a pick-me-up: seriously, this fragrance does wonders for my mood. Just a quick whiff and I immediately feel classier, more romantic, and a lot happier.

Another plus? The price! A lot of fine perfumes run expensive, but this one falls well under twenty dollars: 9.75 USD for the roll-on and 15.50 USD for the spray! I definitely recommend picking this one up if you love romantic fragrances!

What about you ladies? Any of you tried Theme’s Love Letter?


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