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G’day Sheilas!  Stylemama here, skipping through the billabong singing about Tea Tree Oil!     

Did you know we have the Australian Aborigines to thank for our beloved Tea Tree Oil? Long ago, they discovered that using poultices made from the soil and waters that surrounded Tea Trees produced “mystical” healing benefits.   Even today it’s still believed that such lagoons create magical healing waters.

Tea Tree Oil is my favorite essential oil.  The natural healing properties and the cosmetic benefits are endless.   Once you start using it you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without it.   (As with any health or beauty product, make sure you do a skin test to check for allergies or sensitivities prior to use, always use 100% TTO, and don’t ever ingest it.)  
The love affair begins…….

 – Minor cuts & insect bites:  1-2 drops directly to the affected area. The anesthetic qualities take the sting out (immediately) while the antibacterial qualities prevent infection.

 – Fungal infections:  no one likes the word fungal,  but into everyone’s life a little fungus must fall!  Whaaaa????  Seriously, TTO will treat Athlete’s Foot and nail fungus.    Several drops directly to the affected area 1-3 times per day, for two weeks.  It can also be used to prevent Athlete’s Foot after a day spent at the beach or community pool. Apply directly to the feet and in between the toes.   

 -Stinky feet!  2-4 drops directly to the entire foot in the a.m. or added to any moisturizer you would use on your feet.  When used daily it will eliminate odor.  Add a few drops to your smelly shoes, allow them to air-out and this will decrease odor there too.  The bacteria on our feet caused by sweating/moisture is responsible for that pungent scent.   TTO’s natural antibacterial properties kill the germs that cause the stench.  (Is that a commercial or what?)    

 – Body piercing:  A few drops to the belly ring and belly button, and your button will heal quicker and cleaner than traditional treatments.  For pierced ears, 1-2 drops directly to the area, twice daily for 4 weeks.  You should also swipe the earrings with it prior to putting them on.

–  Natural insect repellant:  combine 1 part TTO to 10 parts water in a spray bottle, shake and apply all over your hot bod before going outdoors.  Insects don’t like the scent, unfortunately some humans don’t either, but it’s effective and DEET free!

 –  Ingrown hairs:  1-2 drops directly to affected area 2-3 times per day until symptoms subside.

 –  Post-shave/waxing treatment (legs and pits): use several drops full strength if you like that super cool, tingly  feeling, think of the old Sea Breeze Toner on crack.  Or if you just want to prevent inflammation, ingrown hairs, and razor burn; add 8-10 drops to a large dollop of your favorite moisturizer, combine and apply all over entire legs, adjust amount for pits.  (When adding TTO to existing beauty products, I prefer to add it to natural or non-scented products.)

 –  Eczema:  15 drops to your bath water, soak 10-15 minutes daily until symptoms subside.  For maintenance, use the same system twice a week.

 –  Cold sores:  1-2 drops directly to cold sore at the onset of symptoms, 4-5 times per day for up to 5 days.

 –  Air freshener:  10ml of TTO to 1L of water in a ceramic plant spray bottle; shake and spray!  It’s a nice clean scent that helps to naturally disinfect your environment by preventing the spread of germs that cause the common cold.

(As with all application methods, you will find the system that works best for you; diluted vs. full strength. You can dilute TTO by soaking a Q-tip in water or other essential oils such as, almond, lavender even olive and then add 1-2 drops TTO directly to Q-tip prior to application.)

–  Hair loss!  Several years ago I began to detect an overall thinning of my already fine (but full!) head of hair.  I’m plagued with a few skin issues so I knew the scalp could be problematic too.  I was unable to detect any visible issues but I opted to treat first and ask questions later.  After much research, I selected Nizoral Ad for my base and mixed it with 100% TTO.

 After the first wash, my scalp felt very tingly and super clean.  After 4-6 weeks I thought I detected new growth, with a definite decrease in hair loss.  Not bad.  After about 4-5 months of using this mixture 2-3 times per week I was growing new hair!  It wasn’t my imagination; my hair stylist couldn’t get believe all the new hair sproutin’ all over my noggin!  It’s my humble belief that the TTO mixture “woke up” any hair follicles that were sleeping.  However, this treatment is not for those looking for instant gratification.  You must be exceedingly patient and very consistent.  It’s also really important that you follow up with a salon quality conditioner, this system can be very drying.

I’ll leave you with my humble homemade recipe:

Fill one palm with a dollop of Nizoral AD then add 8-12 drops of TTO.  Combine in the palm of your hand.  (I don’t add the TTO directly to the Nizoral AD bottle because I’m not sure how the TTO breaks down inside the shampoo bottle.)  Next shampoo and massage your scalp THOROUGHLY, do not skip any part of your scalp.  Leave on for 5 minutes.  Rinse well, finish with a salon quality conditioner.  

 Will this system work for everyone?  Will it work with different types of shampoo?  Maybe… hopefully.  I can only share my personal success and my homespun recipe.  I will say, I am very happy with the results and the fact that my children can’t stand the sight or smell of Tea Tree Oil means it MUST be working!

 So, are any of you terrorizing your friends and family with Tea Tree Oil?

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