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The fantastic and fresh Tami from Sweetspot sent Megsmakeup out some Instant Sweetification wipes to test.

A few months back we were lucky enough to try their Sweetspot Gentle Wash and I had so many women write me that they would love to hear about these travel wipes! Ask and you shall receive!

“Mom, do you, you know, ever get that not-so-fresh feeling”? PLEASE. Who came up with that jewel? Don’t we all have those loving mother/daughter fireside chats? I know I am really interested in my mother’s vaginal hygene (pause please while I taste a little vomit in my mouth). I love those conversations. They’re almost as frequent as “Mom, do you want to hear about how many sexual partners I’ve had”? Or even better, “Mom, do you know what position I like in bed”?

Would a little discretion kill these people? I don’t consider myself a vagina prude. I told four different people unrelated to me to leave me alone today “I’m on the rag”. I just think your mother doesn’t need to know about a stinky spell. Find a compassionate friend to tell about that.

That’s one of the reasons I like Sweetspot. I can leave the gentle wash in my shower and it just looks like a cute bottle. It doesn’t scream VAGINA CLEANSER across it. I don’t have to hide it. These wipes are whimsical and discreet looking. I can tuck them in my purse and not worry someone will see them and think I suffer from some sort of vagina dysfunction. Plus, I do like a fresh feeling. A fresh feeling to go? Perfect.

Here’s what Sweetspot says about Instant Sweetification…”Cleanliness is next to fabulousness. Alcohol-free. pH balance. A luxury wipette to keep your sweet spot set. You asked, we answered. SweetSpot Labs® on-the-go wipettes X 3, three wipettes inside a purse-size eascompanion “matchbook” for girls on-the-go. 3 wipettes. $2.50 .”

Ladies please post if Sweetspot Instant Sweetification let you feel fresh without a neon “VAGINAL HELP NEEDED” sign!

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