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The always sweet and sensitive Tami sent Meg’s Makeup some of their Sweetspot Gentle Wash to test! We’re a high-end cosmetics site, there is stuff out there to beautify every part. Welcome to Meg’s version of the Vagina Monologues, (that one was easy but I still crack myself up). You see, you wouldn’t wash your hair with toothpaste so why clean your sensitive sweetspot with harsh soaps when you can have a gentle formula crafted exactly for that sensitive area?

After I opened the Sweetspot package I saw all different scents for our reviewers. I wanted to learn more about the underground world of vajayjay wash (there, I am so 7 years old, I started to laugh again).

I went to the Sweetspot Labs website. I saw this offer that if you emailed 10 of your girlfriends about the product, Sweetspot would sent you a free gift. I love free gifts. I emailed 10 girlfriends the Sweetspot message. Basically, 10 of my girlfriends then had a message on how to better clean their chachi’s in their inbox from me. Being me, I never thought they would find this strange. I was still thinking about the free gift I was going to get. Then it happened.

I got a reply email from a nameless tester that went like this “Hi Meg, Hey, thanks for telling me my hoo-hoo smelled. I ran out and bought that Sweetspot wash”.

Oh My God!! It never occurred to me that I had just told 10 of my friends that their Sweetspot was sour! There’s nothing in Emily Post’s Book of Etiquette to fix this. Now I’m embarrassed that my friends think I’m some sort of Sweetspot hound dog sniffing them and judging their scent.

Since I always send kind of whacked out emails the majority of the receiver’s just brushed it off and checked out the site. However, I am now The Vagina Nazi.

Sweetspot labs sent our washes in different scents-geranium lavender, basil grapefruit and citrus galbanum. Being Meg, I get first pick. What scent would I choose? What image is my lady nether regions looking for? Am I a flowery garden? Maybe a fresh grapefruit, a healthy burst of energy with a side of basil? Am I a healthy citrus melody?

Please monologue vagina! Please say something other then “Oh God, him again”? How will I know what you need from me when there is no conversation?

I went with the basil grapefruit, I figured grapefruit is low-fat.

Here is what Sweetspot Labs has to say…“For pH balanced TLC using especially blended, mild cleansers, soothing botanicals with essential oils all formulated for sweet spot use. A lovely last step in your bathing ritual”.

Ladies please post if Sweetspot Labs Gentle wash has forever made you tend your lady garden!

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