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Sweetassgal bringing you some natural and organic love today via natures most perfect nut.  No…not Jeanasina (we love your nuttiness honey) but via the Almond…one tiny little piece of crunchy perfection that packs a powerhouse WALLOP of health and beauty power.  It’s the Demi Moore of the nut world and I’m loving it.
Am I over exaggerating?   I think not.  As posted a few weeks back I’ve begun adding essential oils to my bath for relaxation purposes.  Following the suggestions of many I also added a tablespoon of Almond oil to the water to help moisturize my skin.  What I have found has been absolutely remarkable.  Not only is my skin insanely soft after bathing (lotion isn’t even necessary so this saves me valuable time before bed) but it acts as a great natural shaving lotion as well.  The oil sits on top of the water and I simply rub my legs with my hands spreading the oil/water around and shave.  My razor glides over my skin effortlessly and my skin is left silky smooth and completely hydrated…and NO shave cream bottles to take up space around my tub or end up in landfills!  Not to mention the $ savings.  I’m skipping expensive lotions and shaving cream and feel great about both.  Though I do have to warn you it gunks up the razor a bit.  Just tap it on the side of the tub to remove.  
An added bonus…for those of us who don’t have Meg’s coveted “space” between their thighs and like to wear skirts in the summer you know how your bare legs rubbing together while walking can create some MUCH unappreciated friction.  OUCH mama…fire down below!?!  It’s like the 4th of July with all those sparks going off down there!  The almond oil creates a natural barrier that keeps that friction from building up and you are left pain free and cute as can be in your summer dress.  I bought three new summer dresses this weekend just because of the Almond oil!!  FUN!
Worried about the oil in the bath getting in your hair and looking greasy?  Don’t be.  Almond oil massaged into your scalp is a natural answer to excessive hair fall (the amount you lose in the shower), it nourishes and smoothes your cuticles making it strong and thick and adds beautiful shine to your hair.  Remember…you are only adding one tablespoon to your bathwater and this is being distributed ALL over your body and hair so excess is minimal.  Almond oil deeply moisturizes your skin, improves your complexion retaining a natural glow, smoothes skin irritation and inflammation (ahem…devil’s thigh burn), prevents aging, heals rashes and calms dry irritated skin.  They say it helps lighten dark circles too but I cannot attest to that.

But don’t stop there…get Almond oil from the inside by snacking on this delicious and SO good for you treat (plain unflavored almonds…otherwise you add unnecessary salt and calories).  Almonds reduce cholesterol, promote brain and nervous system health and enhance endurance.  They contain vitamin E and vitamin D and really help as a light snack between meals to keep you from overeating.  You see my friends…just a perfect little bit of natural and organic goodness for your hair, skin and from within!  I bought Aura Cacia Organic Sweet Almond Oil at my local health food store for $7 and you can get it online in bulk for even cheaper.  Get a big enough bottle that you can refill your bath side container and keep packaging out of our landfills.  
If you’ve got any more uses for this sweet serum let us know.  The more uses I find for my natural and organic products the better.  So for those of us who are “fire starters down below” drop some in your bath water and hit the streets in your favorite LBD sans painful thigh rubbing and irritation. 

It’s the REBIRTH of the sexy dress for our SEXY fuller figured Megheads!  GLAM ON!!! WHO ELSE IS IN LOVE WITH THIS NUT! Kiss

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