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I’m thinking about the first time I heard the term “sweet spot” and laughing not quite to myself: it was when this Goddess Granny was taking golf lessons and the instructor was describing to me how when you “connect with JUST the right spot on a golf club,aka the “sweet spot” it makes a very satisfying and memorable “thunk” and you can pretty much count on a decent shot once you hear that sound…”

Wonder how Tiger’s feeling about HIS lil’ “sweet spots” these days? Without saying too much on my end, I hope he’s ready to pony-up because BOY, did he ever miss his shot!Surprised

I refuse to even use the “hole in one” term at this point-we could go on for hours, right?

I am a girl who likes to be ready to rock and that also includes being ready for ANYTHING most of the time! I think that in spite of it all life is a fabulous adventure and you just never know what’s going to happen or when you’ll really want to be “at your best” in every possible way so I truly do try to keep an arsenal of products on hand and to really rely on when the world gets crazy knowing “they” have my back: Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil…Eos lipbalm…a great mascara…Julie Hewitt red lipstick…killer sunglasss….jeans that make me look skinny…Sweet Spot Wipettes…

Yep, if you’re going to be the girl with the glam and go attitude,you also need to know a few lil’ secrets between us girls, like how to run into the grocery after a workout feeling “fresh” and how to capture the “moment” after a night out that turns into a “maybe he’s the one” opportunity, or how to try on a bathing suit or pricey jeans with confidence! These darling and oh so fabulous little wipes make it SO easy and work SO well that they’ve become one of my personal holy-grail items of beauty and delight.

Like many of us, I live in my vehicle: we live on a rural ranch and I drive a LOT to get things done, to workouts, for shopping, basically I eat in it, freshen up in it, and even use it as a “dressing room” sometimes ! The cameras in the mall parking-lots have MANY tales to tell, no doubt! I’m just busy like you all are and sometimes, it’s simply easier to do my “thang” on the go than to drive 50 miles back home! Nordstroms has a fabulous ladies room,as do my gym/Zumba studio and damn it, even if there isn’t always time or equipment for a full-on shower, I’m going to get feeling “clean” if it kills me so these pristine little wipes that are especially designed not only to cleanse one’s “sweet spot” but to actually aid in the prevention of the horrible UIT’s we can get as well and REALLY helping a hot-chick get her girly-goodies all fresh!

Sweet Spot Labs has it’s act together and has TRULY carved out a distinct place in the “niche market”: they understand that woman DO have special needs and should NOT be expected to “make do” with a splash of water or a bulky, greasy baby-wipe…They provide beautifully-balanced,naturally fragranced (and unscented!) products that have only one goal in mind: to treat that most precious of places in the manner it deserves and to do it  with class! Kiss


That slogan sure works for me! We spend SO much time and money on the “parts that show” and I for one also believe and adhere to the notion that when one feels really fresh and nice,that those “glorifying moments” are a LOT more likely to occur!

I am using the “grapefruit/basil” scented wipes currently and honestly want to order a Costco-sized crate of the things! They are light, cool, wonderfully scented and I swear I feel 5 pounds lighter after using one! ONLY because I just feel so much more confident that I’m “good to go” and that those tender bits are now ph balanced, less prone to bacteria and irritation from opaque tights or tight jeans and that if that “moment strikes“, I will remain a Goddess in any/all situations! They are totally portable,resealable, they stay nice and moist and how super cute is their “logo?”

It sure keeps Mike from grabbing one out of the car to wipe off his hands after eating what he calls “city fries” on the run! He respects this “image” and everything it may represent at ALL costs!

I’m also a believer in “beauty rituals” and what nicer way to celebrate being a creature of pink and glitter than to spend a couple of extra minutes a day just treating ourselves in an intimate and special place and way…now that’s NOT to say that I am not also guilty of the “swipe and run” ritual (actually-it’s MUCH more common) and that usually these wipettes are in a gym bag, a car compartment, or purse close at hand when the need arises…they really do “get me by” in some instances when there isn’t the time or opportunity for a full-on shower cleanup!

I can’t say enough nice things about these products: we’ve chatted about the sprays previously but honestly, I prefer the wipettes and can’t wait to see the look on the Costco’s manager’s face when I request that he “stock Sweet Spot Wipettes” in wholesale volume” packaging next time I visit?
Might be a story in the making that would make even a tiger blush?

Get your “spot on” here: the site is fun and easy to navigate, the dog-barking drives me crazy but you can disable at will: lots of neat info and suggestions and I personally vote for these products as one of the “Best of 2009” in my opinion because they meet a need and go beyond the “basics” so that we feel spoiled and pampered while taking care of our girly-biz!

I LOVE that we are finally being treated like the precious-creature we are by a company who obviously respects and “gets” women…now we just need to work on some of the men out there, right?

Do you also think that this is indeed a product that should have been offered to us long ago?

Check it out Here!

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