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susanbrownBabyLove here!  People who know me, know that I have anxiety about things that will probably, in my lifetime, never happen.  I live on high ground in Massachusetts, but still, when Nashville disappeared underwater, I made my husband put an ax in the attic.

“Eileen, that will never happen to us.  God himself would have to flood us out.”
Me:  “Please, just do it.”

I don’t like to take chances.  I’m sort of like Ben Stiller in “Along Came Polly.”  I drive my husband mental, I don’t sleep very well at night because I worry about everything, and my anxiety is a major character flaw that my friends like to point out whenever they get a  chance.  So, when the H1N1 frenzy began last year, I immediately jumped on board.  Never once, before I became a mother, did I ever think about how frightening it is that the flu can kill.  I used William’s egg allergy as my excuse to get both boys vaccinated in their pediatrician’s office, during office hours, and early in the season.  Like the seasonal flu vaccine, egg whites are one of the ingredients in the H1N1 vaccine.  It was during this time, that I started putting hand sanitizer everywhere.  There were large bottles throughout my house, and small ones in my bags and car.  Before stores put their own sanitizer wipes out, I would grab a cart, and stand in the freezing cold to wipe down every inch of it with Lysol.  Crazy?  Maybe, but no one in my house got really sick.  I realize that kids get sick, and it’s a part of them growing up, but if I can help prevent it, I will.

Susan Brown’s Baby Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is one of my absolute favorites.  There is alcohol in this sanitizer, so it might not be for everyone, but for those of you who believe a good sanitizer MUST have it, then this is a MUST HAVE.  I use this on my boys, but they’re past the point of always having their hands in their mouth, eyes, etc.

You can definitely smell the alcohol in this sanitizer, but I prefer that.  While it’s not necessary for all products to smell like they’re working, I like when a hand sanitizer does.  Just like accents, I can’t figure out what the fragrance they used in this is.

  “Oh, you’re from England?”
Person: “No, Australia.“

Me:  “Oh, you’re from Boston?”
Person:  “No, New York.”

I know one of the other reviewers will be able to pinpoint it, so I’ll leave it up to them.  What’s super cool about this product, is that, there are Vitamin E and Jojoba moisturizing beads.  After you use it, you’re hands feel clean, and moisturized.  Not too moisturized, like you have to find the nearest sink to wash your greasy hands, but just enough to let you  know that the beads are counteracting the alcohol. Most people who use an alcohol based sanitizer complain mostly about the drying effect on their skin, but it won’t happen with this.  I gave this to my friend who is a nurse, and she loves it.

This product is $6, and it’s a little more than 4 fluid ounces.  I have been using this since February, and I’m about ¾ of the way through it.  Susan Brown’s Baby has an amazing line.  Anyone have a baby shower coming up?  You can buy a gift basket full of baby, or mom, essentials.  I, personally, love the idea of treating mom to a gift for her shower.  Usually, I’m the only person who has strayed away from the gift registry, so baby still gets everything it needs, and mom gets a little love too.  They also carry an entire line dedicated to stretch marks.  So if you’re newly pregnant, and looking to avoid them, or like most of the population, and already have some, I’ve heard rave reviews!

Anyone else have anxiety over things that are never going to happen to them?
No? How about any fans of Susan Brown’s Baby?

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