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Hello you mavens of makeup! It’s Jeanasina time once again! Meg and her delightful staff were kind enough to send me a smile-enducing small package filled to the brim with BIG surprises! Now that’s a “for sure” good reason to kiss your mail man! Somebody gag me – my mailman – not really interested..anyway

There is a fantastic product that I’m going to talk to you about today! Get ready…Say this with me…”Surgeon’s skin secret one step manicure!!!!” I’m telling you – it’s a very nice trip into a total transformation of the texture of your hands! I garden and so my hands – well you know – virtual road maps… with 22 pounds of dirt and bacteria under my fingernails…anyway…I opened the jar and a lovely lemony smell came forth and you just had to keep smelling it trying to decide if you actually like the smell! But you find that you do…so you follow the instructions and take a minute to rub this sugary feeling substance into your hands and then down to your cuticle and just when you really get into it you find that it’s been a whole minute and now you have to rinse the lovely substance off of your hands! NOOOOooo…

So then you grab your favorite towel, and you gently dry your hands, constantly examining them to see if anything looks different…and then you find yourself rubbing your hands up and down just thinking “Wow! Something GOOD just happened to my hands! And they appear to look pretty good don’t they? Maybe a little shiny but they are just about as smooth as a baby’s butt right? Oh yeah! I’d buy this stuff. Just do it one time and even if you end up throwing it out…you won’t forget the day you tried this stuff on your hands for just one minute! I’d give it an A+ however, after you use it – DO NOT IMMEDIATELY PICK UP YOUR BEST SILK SCARF!!!!

Here’s what they say “Surgeon’s Skin Secret One Step Manicure, a rich formula of sea salts, shea butter and botanical oils, will provide micro-dermabrasion relief in 60 seconds. Your newly exfoliated skin will be smooth, silky and healthy. It will not separate from suspension, or cause burning or skin irritation.”

Any other ladies had their hands transform by Surgeon’s Skin One Step Manicure?

Surgeon’s Skin One Step Manicure-Buy It Here!

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