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waitingMeg here! There will not be a long “Mondays With Meg” today because I am off to the gyno. Remember I told you to go get your paps and I hope you listened to me! I have to go in an hour and get a cervix scrape (fun!) Kiss

Eleni is grabbing me some water and xanax as I type this! I’ll be a little foggy when I get home (but not too foggy-I’m not even getting to get twilight-darn!) I will be a bit crampy and living on planet xanax so it is probably better to stay off the computer where I might go into an incoherent ramble-catch me on twitter @megsmakeup! I mean what’s a trip in stirrups if you can’t facebook and tweet about it right? TMI? What’s that?

Seriously, you Meg Heads better take care of your lady bits because it is so so important!! I’ll be back tomorrow! Lots of Love-Meg

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